Hey Beautiful Soul, how fabulous you’re here!

I’m Elise Carr, M.A., the Soul of StellaMuse.  

As the host of Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse podcast, I also light your journey of Awakening from Within through Sacred Guidance, Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul.

The blending of what I offer you is Like Psychology for the Soul – honouring your physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual layers; what has brought you thus far, where you are and, what needs healing and guidance to shift from darkness to Light, all ultimately in alignment with your Soul’s plan of fulfilment.

With unwavering presence, fierce dedication and spirited insight, I guide inspirational souls on a purposeful journey away from old patterns and illusion, and into Love, Truth, Wisdom and authentic Beauty. Healing, Balancing and Harmonising the physical body, emotions and heart with the clarity of mind. Guiding you deeper into 'Knowing Thyself as Soul'; part of the entire cosmic fabric of all that is.

At the entrance to your inner world I stand as a temple maiden inviting you to journey together, with me as the light bearer in your darkness. Illuminating the way for you to live life as your most authentic, unique self. Healed, Liberated and Aligned, here to serve the world with the skills and gifts that only you have, from a place of Consciousness, Heart and Mind united under the impulse of your very own Soul.

I am also a disciplined student of the Ancient Esoteric Wisdom/Occult Mysteries and a certified; Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master and Holistic Life/Health Coach, as well as a Writer, Speaker, Model & Artist.

The Sacred Guide who has taken the off road in heels and blissful bare feet, gathering an eclectic bag of spiritual and soulful mastery, nourishing  expertise and inspiring, hard won life lessons, knowledge and wisdom to share for you to shine.


Sacred Guidance

Like Psychology for the Soul. Choose to live in harmony and in touch with the power of your Heart, Mind & Soul connection, and that which is greater than you as you Awaken from Within to Know Thyself.


Yoni-Heart-Mind Power

The power of women’s essence; from sacred sexuality to soul. Join me as I guide you to reawaken and radiate your unique Yoni-Heart-Mind Power.



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I’m a…
I’m also…
At My Core I’m all about…
Elise’s Professional Bio
Elise’s Presenting/Speaking Bio
I’m a…

Mentor & Guide – Taking a ‘holistic’ approach to your life through Sacred Guidance & mentorships. This is a deep dive into your entire life; stripping back the illusions and glamour of your personality and ego to get to the essence of your authentic truth and unique quality that makes you you. Your purpose, relationships with self and others, your sexuality, spirituality and soul, as well as your innate Yoni and personal power; how you give it away and how you can take it back. I am also a certified holistic life/health coach.

Modern Mystic – A certified Reiki MASTER / TEACHER and facilitator of Guided Chakra Regressions & Intuitive Energy Medicine healing I am a student of the Occult Mysteries and have trained with Tantra teachers, The authentic White Tigress women, Qi Gong Masters, Medical Intuitives, Shaman, Embodiment workers, Yogis & Occultists to offer diverse and rich immersion breakthroughs for my clients.

Tantra Practitioner – Through the Sacred Sexual, Spiritual and Soul I guide and mentor on weaving and expanding your journey on the Unified Consciousness Path of Tantra. This approach takes you from genitals to heart and into the mind, soul, consciousness, Spirit and beyond. Tantra is a way of life, it is a path I have committed to and I am here to light the way for you if it calls.

Model – I shot my first campaign at 7 and since then I have worked internationally, from runways and TV commercials to campaigns and magazine spreads. Nearly three decades later I’m still collaborating with ethical, organic, conscious corporations and creatives.

Writer – I’m currently writing my second book Yoni Heart Mind Power and my first novel, Runway is on her way. I can’t wait to share with you super soon. Besides also creating and writing for StellaMuse, I’ve worked in magazine, online & newspaper journalism and as a foreign correspondent in Paris and Eastern Europe. From interviewing rock stars onboard planes to the Balkans, to running the streets of London to get the perfect quote, pen and notebook in hand. 

Speaker / MC – Whether I am holding the event or invited as a guest expert my message connects to releasing the illusions to emanate Truth, Love-Wisdom and, your unique Beauty. Inner Sacred Union as the harmony of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, Awakening from Within, and being your most authentic self. I have also hosted shows during Fashion Week, launches, commercial and private events!

Artist – With a love of drawing the female form, fashion illustration and custom oil paintings.

I’m also…

A Feminist & Equalitarian - devoted to harmony between all for the greater good

A student of the Occult Mysteries and The Ancient Wisdom

A student of meditation & spiritual practices for higher consciousness, Soul connection and service

A traveller with a love of culture – My longest time overseas was spent living in the heart of Paris. These were the most challenging and rewarding years abroad

Devoted to seeking and embodying Truth, Love-Wisdom & Beauty behind the glamourous illusions of this world

A water baby – Bath, shower, ocean, sea, lake, pond, floating. Take me to the water and I am in my element!

A Sacred Activist - Combining soul driven impulses with purposeful action for the greater good 

I completed a Master of Communications, Cultural Politics & Women’s Studies (Yes, I went back to university while strutting the runways to do post-grad after my initial degree in Communications; Journalism & Public Relations … I also went on to study French, art history and literature at École Normale Supérieure in Paris before studying and moving into certified professional coaching at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and also became a certified; Reiki Master, Tantra practitioner and Archetypal Consultant. Before further committing to a life of Esoteric studies and service while running Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse podcast and my private practice - seeing clients around the world in person and via Skype.


That knowing flame of unwavering Self-Belief in the centre of your heart-space is the most powerful fundamental life tool, and that is what I love guiding brilliant souls to awaken to. This is your integrity, your authenticity and the direct channel to your unique essence. Opening to Love is right in there too, and fully surrendering to receive as you give makes life so much more magnetic and radiant. When you break open and truly love yourself as a Soul a new world opens up. Truth & LOVE are my religion. I also believe pausing to create inner stillness for mediation, reflection and  review of your words, feelings and actions on a daily basis - this is essential on the Path. I see food as fuel and medicine (choose wisely, choose fresh from the earth), giving back is the new black - be of service wherever you may be, eco, green living is the way to go and the power of thoughts, words and actions in sync can change your life. I believe in the unification of all. I believe in opening and inviting a connection to something greater than us, to open the lines of Divine communication, and be the channel we are here to be so we can serve as powerfully as we can for the greater good of all. I believe in having the courage and strength to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ and honour that integrity and truth with laser sharp discernment. I believe in me and I most certainly believe in you. Together I believe we are stronger and together we rise!


Organic, Raw, dark vegan chocolate – I often make unique creations to share with my tribe, you can see my creations on Instagram stories. You can find several recipes right here on StellaMuse to whip up too. I also adore reading, learning and expanding my mind and consciousness along with my heart, soul and spirit. There is a continual stack of books on the go beside my bed and in the healing/meditation room at my practice, for morning study, review and research. Massage and body connection; to go within my Feminine self from the outside in. Creating; be it in my studio with paints and a canvas, indian inks on card, hand making clothes or cards – creativity and self expression is essential in some form daily!  Herbal tea, DIY body scrubs, bodybutters and every day products and holistic remedies, superfoods, fresh organic juices and smoothies, candles and essential oils, big beds, snuggling – especially when it is raining or any day ending in y.  Preparing delish nourishing organic and bio-dynamic food to share or enjoy in silence alone – this is a daily ritual, as is meditation, mindfulness, esoteric study & exercise – be it yoga, aerobics, barre, weights, barefoot beach jogs, bike rides or swimming. I also adore sunning at the beach 'til sunset on a balmy summer night or a picnic dinner anywhere in nature, Sex & The City for witty one liners, inspirational activist documentaries, outdoor cinema’s and sexy matching lingerie, always matching – even if it’s just for me!

At My Core I’m all about…

Image-20-01-2015-at-10.54-amEverything I’ve ever done has led me to this very moment, this space in time. Part of me knows I’m standing at before another veil of something amazing, that I can never go back to what was and there is still far to go, learn, embrace and evolve into. Present, in the here and now this awareness, of all that has brought me to this moment, is more powerful and important than any success I’ve dreamed of. It’s the realisation that I am more connected with my Truth and the Divine than ever, I love what I am here to do, I create what I love with the guidance of Soul impulse and Spirit and I get to share that with you, Beautiful Soul. For the greatest gift of all is service through Soul to "let Light, Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth".

StellaMuse is my offering as I stand here as the Light-bearer here to shine the Light in the darkness, like a star of inspiration for you, every step along the way wherever you may be along your unique path. To make a difference and incite the kind of inspired action and joyful, purpose drive, positive change that I’ve admired other great women do before me. Today, I stand with a flame burning bright inside, slip off my heels, and stand on their shoulders so you may embrace this space, and fuelled by inspiration and your own flame, come stand on mine.

  • Truth
  • Love-Wisdom
  • Beauty & Harmony
  • Service
  • Heart Communication
  • Joy & Purpose
  • Inner Sacred Union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine 
  • Centred, Grounded & Connected
  • Consciousness & Focused Presence
  • Strength, Courage, Persistance and Patience
  • Authenticity & Integrity
  • Embodiment
  • Creativity
  • Healing
  • Inspiration
  • Soul Connection & Illumination
  • Natural & Organic
  • Oneness
  • Open Hearted & Minded
  • Spirit, Source Divine

StellaMuse radiates Truth, Love-Wisdom, Beauty in all offerings and service. A dedication to service through selfless love for all, starting with the self from within. She believes in herself as part of the whole and she achieves her goals while surrendering and flowing with the journey for greater good … she desires the same for you.

From the open pure heart and radiating out by stimulating your Intellectual, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual senses.

Inspiring through ethical and sustainable beauty, substance and soul, from the inside out. From art, psychology, occult science and literature to nourishing food, holistic wellbeing, spirituality and the mysterious and esoteric in between.

StellaMuse is here to assist in you Awakening from Within to Know Thyself as Soul by stripping away all that no longer serves to revel your unique essence and open you to connecting your Truth, your Soul, your Purpose -  your brightest most authentic, conscious self as a Unified One.

Radiant and magnetic, a StellaMuse Soul makes something of herself, for herself and ultimately for others. She focuses to achieve, and she aspires to give and receive. She is a unique soul though also a child of the earth, who knows where she came from, and where she shall return.

She is in harmony with her inner Feminine & Masculine seeing their equality in their difference and the strength of their unity. She is well travelled, educated (emotionally, socially and intellectually/mentally), cultured, sophisticated, loves life and embraces all situations with gusto and a positive outlook, knowing in the darkest of dark there is always a glimmer of light.

With an eye for the ethical and emerging, the ancient wisdom and the unspoken symbols – a StellaMuse woman’s life, is a masterful balance of being in this world but not of it, harmonising her personality to bring it under the control of the open heart and the awakened mind unified all under control of the Soul. Her interests are global and beyond, her mind is open to continual expansion and learning and, her heart carries an unwavering flame.

She embraces joy and sees it as a ‘purposive employment of energy in a self-chosen enterprise’ G. Greer, The Female Eunuch. Self reliant and driven by passionate determination, a StellaMuse woman also believes in the power of collaboration in the pursuit of the greater good.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give, which is everything.”

~ Katharine Hepburn

Elise’s Professional Bio

Elise-Carr-final-756x1024Elise Carr, M.A. is the trailblazing woman behind StellaMuse and Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse podcast. With an unwavering gift for guiding aspirations souls like you to awaken from within and, live a radiant and magnet life of purpose and joy filled service.

Elise is on a Spirited mission to shine the light bright for you to take back your personal power and live as the unique Soul you are here to be.

Whether through her TV appearances, radio spots, writing, events, transformational one-on-one deep Sacred Guidance and StellaMuse community Elise is lighting the way for the reawakening of women and men around the globe.

Elise teaches and inspires Souls to take back their own personal power and awaken their Body-Heart-Mind connection. She guides you to weave and expand your own consciousness through sacred sexuality, spirituality and soul; to shine in harmony with the Inner Sacred Union of Feminine and Masculine, in touch with your true self while living your soul's purposeful calling.

Known as "a temple maiden and a guide, inviting you to Know", Elise Carr is a Sacred Guidance, Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality and Soul Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Reiki Master, Tantra Practitioner, Model & Artist.

Elise believes connecting with your unique quality and essence within and to share it with the world is the most powerful fundamental life tool to start with, “I love guiding brilliant souls to awaken to this first and foremost. This is where the Awakening begin.” She is the Feminine Trailblazer here to guide your journey from within to knowing thyself as Soul.

Elise’s Presenting/Speaking Bio

Professionally media trained, Elise has a vibrant rapport with the camera and captivates an audience with her radiant and magnetic presence, natural charm and energy, combined with professionalism and gracious humour. From hosting and MC’ing gala events at the Crown and shows during fashion week, to interviewing rock stars on planes, presenting on national TV show Sweet and Sour and taking the stage at various events as an inspirational speaker, Elise has diverse experience and expertise.

Passionate about a career in media, presenting and performance Elise started public speaking, acting and modelling from age seven. With 27 years in the industry and having modelled internationally in Asia and Europe, Elise also holds a Masters in Communications, Cultural Politics and Women’s Studies as well as a Bachelor of Communications in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in Performance. She has worked as a foreign correspondence journalist for News Corporation and as a freelance writer in Serbia, Croatia and Paris as well as at TNT magazine in London and a placement at Marie Clare, Sydney.

Also a certified; holistic life/health coach and Tantra practitioner, Elise has been guest expert on national radio station’s such as Hit!92.9 and StarFM Coffs Harbour on relationships, women’s health and conscious sexuality. Elise has also been a fortnightly guest expert on 98.5 Sonshine FM talking holistic health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Having lived around the world and studied at the Ecolé Normal Superior in Paris, Elise speaks French, some Serbian and Indonesian. Currently writing her second book on the power of women’s essence; from sacred sexuality to soul, Elise is also the woman behind and Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse podcast.

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