Feminine Essence: The Power of Your Yoni, Heart, Mind & Soul

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While researching and typeing away at articles and guest pieces I was inspired by revisiting Eve Ensler's play, 'The Vagina Monologues', Naomi Wolf's novel, 'Vagina' and work by Dr. Christiane Northrup. This encouraged me to explore the 'Power of Your Yoni' (Sometimes also called your vagina)

Exciting, mysterious and still unspoken of (amid too many) I'm taking an angle that - your Yoni is the centre of kickstarting creativity and personal power and I want to help you and all women connect and radiate to this part of the body and beyond.

Beyond, especially. As while uterus healing to self-pleasure, communication with sacred partners to ancient Yoni practices is important I want to share the wisdom of the Yoni/Heart/Mind. The inner circuitry of the female on a physcial level, how the emotional and astral are connected, and also how the mind -in sync with this- leads to the way to real conscious intimacy with your soul.

This requires more than goddess rituals and yoni massage. I'm inviting you to go within to learn how to feel, sense, radiate and magnetise with the most vulnerable, beautiful, raw, real and unique essence of your femininity. Something that is not focused on, as the power of woman is seen in 'slaying' and roaring through life having and doing it all. Or, we are too caught up in gatherings and circles, workshops and retreats tapping into the inner Kali, jade egg (misuse too often) and new age goddess moon rituals to really BE connecting and awakening your unique feminine essence within.

The real yoni, heart, mind power, the authentic way of a conscious woman is to peel all of this external glamour and illusion away and do the big work. That is what I want to share in this book ...

Yoni Power bannera

I have interviewed women around the globe and recently spoke with some in Australia and the US. If you are interested in completing an interview about your personal yoni story or if you work with yoni's (vaginas) in any capacity and want to have a chat about your magnificent career by answering a few questions to support this research I would love to hear from you.

I am SUPER excited to be broadening minds, opening hearts and connecting women with our most sacred selves so we can each Awaken from Within through the innate Power of the Yoni, Heart, Mind & Soul!

With Love, Elise / S*M

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**I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia writing the ‘Yoni Power’ book and collating final interviews so if this speaks to you and you want to share your story don’t hesitate to connect. Together we can help empower each other and the generations to come.**
With Love, Elise / S*M

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