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Mercury Retrograde: Prime Introspection & Reinvention in 3 Steps

  Mercury retrograde is more like Mercury in the Underworld. While we are urged by astrologers and mystics not to sign contracts, buy new electronics, start a new relationship, or share our latest creation with the world, it is however prime time to go within and prepare your Divine self and your Divine creations for…

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Life. Death. Rebirth & Being in Divine Flow

  My body is torn today, between ‘the show must go on’ and staying in bed. Death does that. It has this magnificent ability to shake your world like a snow globe.   What held such importance yesterday diminished in value by last night, And it brought a deep silence and stillness upon this space.…

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  I am that I am     What I do and who I AM are not the same. I was reminded of this today during a conversation with someone who was in my life for a very short time. Someone who I wanted to invite into my Universe but they were far from that…

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