Knowing Yourself Beyond: Body, Heart & Mind

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It’s time we go beyond the familiar & comfortable and challenge ourselves to reach new heights and depths of truth, love-wisdom and innate beauty – to feel, sense, see, know what we really are. Which is not our bodies, not our feelings and emotions, not our thoughts.

But love and light, ultimately Soul. With a higher purpose to contribute to a greater good and light the way for all those we connect with who are ready to walk the Path with us.

To Know Yourself Beyond Body, Heart & Mind we first demystify the mistaken perceptions of these the ‘lower vehicles’ which govern us, then learn to clear the blocks that hold us back from higher consciousness. Are you ready to know yourself?

Together, We Also Explore

  • The 3 ‘lower vehicles’;

-Body on the physical plane,

-Heart on the emotional/astral plane

-Mind on the mental plane.

  • The commitment of personal growth
  • Change isn’t always comfortable…
  • Demystifying & Clearing your blocks
  • What are ‘Glamours’? & How do they effect you?
  • Examples of Glamours – from quick fixes & ‘magic pills’ to blind spots…
  • Glamours of the Physical & moving beyond
    • Obsessions with ‘purifying’ & ‘detoxing’ the body
    • Western interpretations of ‘yoga’
    • Social media
    • Stability, discipline & vitality of the body
  • Glamours of the Emotional / Astral & moving beyond
    • Drug states
    • Seeking ‘Bliss’
    • Is your Psychic truly psychic?
    • Astral feelings & Mind knowing
    • Balancing heart & head for inner harmony and beauty
  • Glamours of the Mental / Mind & moving beyond
    • You need the Mind!
    • Love & Wisdom
    • The Master of Love & the Master of Wisdom – The Christ & The Buddha
    • Learning the art of Discernment
    • Reading, studying, educating the mind…
  • Your opportunity for Growth, Healing & Spiritual Progress
  • Learning how you work – what is your strongest & weakest body / vehicle?
  • Learn how you relate to Divinity
  • Learn to spot you own Glamours and the Glamours of others / clients / friends / family…
  • Begin to better balance your heart & your head
  • Debunking ‘Love, Sentiment & Devotion’ – and which you drop into in your relationships.
  • Learn how Awakenings are opportunities and need Action to be taken for growth
  • The Path of a Lifetime – how to keep showing up and doing ‘the work’
  • The importance of psychological & emotional guidance
  • Where to from here…

Stella Excerpt

Check where you are strongest.

Where do you think your soul works from you best? 

Do you analyse and are you sceptical? – mental

Do you feel the beauty in the meditation? – emotional/astral

Do you do your practice religiously? – physical


Check where are you weakest

Is it your body and its pains?

Your erratic emotions?

Your short concentration of mind?


Takeaway Gem

Vehicles do not start divine, they become divine through progress on the Path – this can take lifetimes for some. It is not a race. We must remember the esoteric truism that tells us to “make haste slowly”

We’re all in this together to rise as one.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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