6 Shifts Along the Path to Self Discovery & Development

There are six key shifts to be aware of along your path of deep self-discovery and Development. Being conscious of these allows your spiritual needs to be met and your body temple to thrive.


I created this video guide for you, Dear Soul. As the call to step into the life you choose, as the person you choose to be, is louder than ever.

You and I are experiencing dynamic, heartbreaking, soul enriching, exciting changes. What does this mean? That those deep parts of yourself that you have buried or ignored for so long are now unearthing as you move closer to the end of this ‘9’ year and prepare for the rebirth in 2017  -being a ‘1’ year- and the opening of a miracle filled, new nine year cycle moving forward.

In this video I explore the key shifts along your personal path to give you greater insight into discovering who you are here to be. So that before you walk with full integrity, authentic conviction and an unwavering inner flame of wisdom you will honour the depths and darkness within that you are called to experience; relationships ending, loss of loved ones, career changes, or shifts in your life so great that they lead you to confront your own shadows, to confront who you truly are.

These experiences will challenge you in ways you have never faced before. They will ask of you more than you have cared to give before and will likely come knocking on your door when you least expect, or when you have asked; but asked with naivety of what exactly you called for. But you are courageous enough to step up and do the work and I am here to guide you along the way…


Here is your written guide to the 6 Shifts Along the Path to Self Development & Discovery

It is a daunting time that is easily misunderstood for depression, anxiety or ‘losing control’, when what you are experiencing is a natural and organic ‘spiritual crisis’. A turn of your inner axis which cracks you wide open, rips you apart and often kills part of you off that you have outgrown so you may begin again on your authentic path. This time with unwavering integrity, walking to the beat of your own heart drum no matter what comes your way or who attempts to shake you. It is like seeing yourself as a majestic oak tree, strong and deeply grounded and rooted to Mother Earth while being able to sway and move with the breeze and wind. You are flexible but immovable. The harmony of Yin and Yang, inner Feminine and Masculine, is balanced within you.


So let’s take a look at the Six Shifts Along the Path of Self Discovery & Development

1. Loneliness
Whether you are physically alone or the feeling of ‘loneliness’ has become strong or overwhelming. This shift may seem like you are all ‘alone’ in your experience, that no one understands or can relate. That no-one around you ‘gets’ what you are going through. This may be the first time you have deeply felt this, or it is another start to a new chapter of peeling back layers of self inviting you to dive deeper. This phase is the start of something great wanting to be brought to life through you…

2. Unease & Discomfort in Your Environment
You then shift into a sense of unease where you don’t feel comfortable; in your place of work, the spots you usually go to, your home. You may feel uncomfortable around places with a lot of people, noise and commotion. Desiring instead to be in one sacred space such as the corner of the couch, your bed, outside under a large solid tree or by a body of water. The calling to remove yourself from environments that are not in alignment with you may propel you to venture even to places you have not travelled. You may find yourself dreaming or longing to go on a train ride far away, drive to the coast, leave on a plane or visit a faraway place unrecognisable as earth.

3. Big Life Changes
The passing of a loved one or tribe member, the end of a relationships, the ‘abortion’ of a plan, the ‘loss’ or ‘ending’ of something you were invested in on any level. These life changes are key catalysts to shift your path deeper in to self-discovery. This third phase shakes you to your core. Often creating a form of breakdown to allow Divine Light to penetrate through your cracks and commence the breakthrough. You want to be gentle with yourself here especially; loving kindness, compassion, non-judgment and humility from within while taking time you need to work your way toward the light.

4. Curiosity to Explore
Like a siren calling you, or your inner voice of your highest self, there will be a driving desire to explore life in ways you may have not looked into prior. Be it metaphysical, esoteric, mysticism or shamanism, healing, consciousness development, psychology or spiritual practices and ancient civilisations. Honour this calling; research, read, immerse your mind and body, spirit and soul in any way you are drawn which can nourish your curiosity and exploration. *Please know there is such a thing as over stimulation (of the energy centres within and around you) even with something wonderful – too much of a good thing is not ideal. So keep your awareness sharp and when you feel tired or your body is saying it’s time to stop with a practice, reading a book etc. listen and take action. It is also important to give yourself time to absorb, process, and apply what you are choosing to weave into your life.

5. Personal Awareness
The next phase is the awakening of an inner wisdom. Richer awareness that you have higher perception than you previously thought. You have more ability to tap into your psychic nature, sharper emotional intelligence, feeling like your vibration is shifting, that you are becoming aware of these changes within you and how you want to welcome more.

6. The Desire for Guidance
Each of the previous five stages have lead you onto a path you now long to commit to and honour. Both in its shadow and light form (for you cannot have day without night). You resonate with a deep knowing that this is something you cannot ignore or turn back around from. You now seek guidance from a clear channel light bearer who can shine upon your path and offer you the non-judgmental, loving kindness, compassion and wisdom of masterful experience and insight to direct you as you walk deeper and deeper still into your core, peeling back the layers that no longer serve as you go.

Where to from here…

Enjoy your ever evolving journey. Sit with which stage you are at and ask “What is the best next move for me to make?”

Perhaps you need to retreat and go within, spend time with nature, immerse in books on topics that call to you, or seek a guide to assist you along your path. Where to from here is your choice.

With Love, Elise / S*M


P.S. You can also tune into my interview with Dr. G from House Calls as we explore taking you from your Brilliance to awakening your Genius along your path of self discovery and development.



  1. tjasa on November 13, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Dearest Elise,

    you are unbelivable! This resonates so much… While watching the video, I had a feeling you are reading my mind and my soul like an open book. It helps so much to hear all these emotions being normal stages on a path into something deeper, because at times it really feels like depression. Thank you so much for sharing <3 xoxo

    • stellamuse on November 15, 2016 at 3:49 am

      Love that this resonates with you Tjasa. We often need reminders along the path to ensure we keep staying true to our highest self. You’ve got this. Keep honouring your TRUTH. With Love, Elise / S*M

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