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Do you have a burning desire to live an empowered life of passion and purpose? To be Divinely Empowered; in harmony and in touch with the power of your Heart, Mind, Spirit & Soul connection and that which is greater than you?


Raising Consciousness and Embodying Love & Light Through Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality. From Kaula, Mishra and Samaya Tantra, to Esoteric Buddhist Tantra the depth of your journey is boundless.


Offering masterful practice in various healing arts & energy medicine combined with Divine intuition, I will guide your healing process; on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical &/or spiritual level.

Tantric Myths Busted & How to Really Maintain a ‘Tantric Lifestyle’

I have been asked on many occasions “how do you maintain a ‘Tantric lifestyle’ amongst work and life commitments?” This is a brilliant question which I wanted to get real with by demystify for you some of what Tantra isn’t so you can begin to get a better grasp on what it is. A Tantric lifestyle is ‘work’…

Permission to Enter – Why Your Yoni is Official Invite Only!

  Hold your horses! No one just ploughs in unannounced or uninvited! There is an etiquette to entering and while it may seem like being overly polite, awkward, or unnecessary it is essential in sacred lovemaking and owning your innate power as a Divinely Empowered Woman (and Man!).     Yoni, Yoni Everywhere! If you aren’t…

Transform Your Relationship From Love/Hate to Spiritual Practice

Ever caught yourself saying you’re in a love/hate relationship? Do you believe it is possible to both hate and Love someone? I’ve come across this concept and heard many people speak of it and relate to what they think it means. So, let’s debunk this together as I guide you on a journey to deeper understanding the…

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