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Do you have a burning desire to live an empowered life of passion and purpose? To be Divinely Empowered; in harmony and in touch with the power of your Heart, Mind, Spirit & Soul connection and that which is greater than you?


Raising Consciousness and Embodying Love & Light Through Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality. Meeting you exactly where you are; be it initial stages or further advancing your currently rich path. Explore the depth of Tantra, where your journey is boundless.


Offering masterful practice in various healing arts & energy medicine combined with Divine intuition, I will guide your healing process; on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical &/or spiritual level.

Conscious Sexuality Series: Sexology, Tantra, The Sacred & More

    Welcome to the Conscious Sexuality Series  with Elise Carr M.A & Dr. Valeria Chuba   Merging our expertise of clinical sexology, Tantra, relationship and empowerment coaching, the healing arts and the sacred, Dr. Chuba and I bring you a six part deep dive exploration into;   1. Conscious Sexuality 2. Tantra for 1: Self…

Supreme Spiritual Contact & Blessings – Wesak Full Moon of May

    Great spiritual forces are more available to us than ever before. All around the world we are coming together in small and large groups to improve the human condition.   As we awaken to the realisation that we are part of this luminous web of life, the segregation through sex/gender, class, religion and…

‘Borrowing Light’ – How to Stop Taking & Start Creating

  This may not be a term you are familiar with but it is a concept your inner self knows well. It is a moral you were likely taught when you were young and deep down you always know when you have crossed the invisible line.   ‘Borrowed Light’ Is illuminating yourself with light from…

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