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Do you have an unshakable calling to live an awakened life of expansion, joy, purpose and service? Unified and in harmony with the power of your Body, Heart, Mind, Soul & Spirit connection to that which is greater than you?


Raising Consciousness and Embodying Love & Light Through Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul. Meeting you exactly where you are; be it initial stages or further advancing your currently rich path. Explore the depth of Tantra, where your journey is boundless.


Various healing arts & energy medicine combined with Divine intuition, I will guide your healing process; on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual & Soul level.

RISE OF THE FEMININE – From Suppression & Abuse To Radiant Essence

    I had a beautifully authentic conversation with a fellow conscious soul this morning, as she interviewed me for her show from across the globe (Head to StellaMuse Facebook to tune in!). But what was clear for both of us as we wrapped up was that the FEMININE is no longer willing to stay…

Material Happiness Has 3 Levels, What’s Your’s?

  The Pursuit of Enlightenment, Temporary Pleasure or Escapism; You may bounce fleetingly from one to another, be prisoner to a life stuck in the stage of illusion or be a devoted server of that which is greater. Wherever you may think you are or desire to be, let’s explore the 3 levels of material…

To Yoni Massage, Or Not To Yoni Massage?

  To yoni massage or not to yoni massage, THAT is the question… on many women’s lips.   After losing count of the ladies who have reached out to me asking about my thoughts on yoni massage; Have I done it? Do I advocate it? “My friend / guru / someone I’ve met has learned…

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