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Psychological & Spiritual Council for Women, Men & Couples. Seamlessly blending modern Psychological Sciences of the West with the Ageless Wisdom & Spirituality of the East.

 Video sessions also available globally.

Have you ever found yourself repeating old patterns and out dated habits? They keep you standing at the same disconnected crossroads; confused by the obstacles in your way, overwhelmed by all there is to do and be, while feeling alone in healing from trauma, heartache or pain. You're tired of fear or the unknown and of not having the wisdom, knowledge or practices you need to go from where you are in this darkness of the world to the Light of a new day.

Have you already looked for the answers in all different places? Searching to know who you truly are, why you’re here and how to find purpose along the way. But nothing offers you the substance, the truth, love-wisdom and innate beauty that captivates you and brings the change you’re longing for.

Are there are still days when you feel overcome with sadness or anger, frustration or disappointment? Days of being stuck; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. When the depth of these emotions erupts like a volcano then swallows you like a tidal wave, you’re reminded you don’t want to live a life like this. That there must be more. But how?

Is there a yearning within you to find your way? To get through this time and cross from one side to the other, to expand, clear, heal and move above and beyond where you are right now in every area of your life.

Can you hear the gentle whisper of your Soul? If you will only listen it longs for you to take that next step onto the Conscious Path.  This part of you is ready for Sacred Guidance. To breakthrough old ways of living with spiritual psychological support to ignite the will of your mind. Love filled council to lead you with courageous heart through the darkness. And, The Ageless Wisdom teachings to illuminate and awaken the most conscious and joyous version of you …

Are you ready to know how to ...

  • Gain a depth of clarity in your life to learn who you truly are
  • Have Psychological & Spiritual discussion & guidance on where you are, where you choose to be in life and how to navigate the way there
  • Cultivate true love and harmony in your most intimate relationship/marriage
  • Navigate and heal relationship pain, trauma or challenges
  • Learn to come from your place of Truth – not give your power away
  • Learn to peel back and let go of 'illusions' and 'glamours' holding your life and spiritual growth captive
  • Explore your unique qualities and essence to truly radiate & magnetise
  • Honour your Path, while being guided by a spiritual teacher
  • Explore a Tantric life – weaving your sacred sexuality with spirituality and soul, for yourself and, to share with your current or future partner. All to awaken unified consciousness
  • Be a leader and selfless server  – merging love of heart with wisdom of mind 
  • Stop searching and seeking outside and instead seek within
  • Work through Spiritual Crisis / Dark Nights of the Soul and be guided back to Light, rebirthed
  • Learn how to Embody Integrity, Discernment & Conscious choices
  • Extract the gifts, wisdom, opportunities and benefits from difficult experiences once you learn to also heal
  • Centre and ground within your deepest power and sense of self
  • Make conscious choices of love & wisdom over frustration, anger and fear
  • Cultivate a daily personal practice for life
  • Meditate to connect to Soul and higher impulses
  • Resilience - learn to flow with the ever changing seasons of life
  • Bring your life purpose -your greatest gift of service to life, to contribute to the good of all
  • Speak your truth with heart, having the courage and strength to say “YES” or “NO” 
  • Heal and Awaken your Body-Heart-Mind connection

If you said YES! to any of these, I'm here to light your way through a spiritual-psychological approach to your renewed life.

About Me

The blending of what I offer you is Like Psychology for the Soul –a balance of Western Science and Eastern Wisdom, honouring your physical / sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual layers; what has brought you to where you are today and what needs healing, releasing and guidance - all in alignment with your highest plan of fulfilment.

As a Guide of the Sacred Spiritual & Psychological I also combine my skills as an Integrative Coach, Dedicated Student of The Ageless Eastern Wisdom & Esoteric Mysteries, Writer, Speaker, Tantra practitioner Reiki Master. And host of 'Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse' podcast.

With extensive knowledge, unwavering presence, Love, fierce dedication and spirited insight, I guide those ready away from trauma, old patterns, addictions, cycles, illusion & suffering and into a life of Truth, Love~Wisdom and authentic Beauty. Healing, Balancing and Harmonising the physical body, emotions and heart with the clarity of mind. Guiding you further along a more genuine life Path and deeper into knowing Yourself, as Soul. To live a life of Substance, Purpose and Service.

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My Approach


"Her method of counselling is unrivalled -  she creates a safe and sacred container for individuals to thrive and connect. It is obvious she truly cares about her clients and is highly trained and well-equipped to serve in this space. Each individual feels heard and understood, and it often feels as though she is reaching into our hearts and voicing the words we feel too afraid to speak, but are so necessary for healing."

~ Courtney J. - Journalist 

Combining the Ageless Wisdom of the East, yogic science, spiritual, psychological and practical modern knowledge, with Soul, love and unwavering dedication, I don’t work by any book or as a typical guide, psychologist or counsellor. I work from the impulse of the soul in harmony with mind and heart. One on one with you and your highest purpose.

I know how to assist you in illuminating the dark nights that visit everyone’s life. I also sense and unearth your points of energetic stagnation and what traumas, fears, illusions and glamours of your personality are holding you back from being where you are most pulled and needed to be. Guiding you to meet these, confront them, work through, heal and rise above by diving deep within.

We work together to fulfil highest desires. But beyond that, we work at unlearning what doesn't serve. Letting go of what you have outgrown to awaken your unique essence, your soul quality that makes you unlike any other. So you can live and radiate from your most authentic place. So you can grow from here, and share your light with all those you love and serve.

This approach is a soul enriching, core shaking, powerful journey within, which ripples out to your entire life. It can be a vulnerable, hauntingly beautiful, therapeutic and transcendental experience of liberation and unity. From profound ‘Ah ha’ moments, realisations, to breakthroughs that transform from a personality/ego level to an energetic level of higher vibration.

This is your opportunity to transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

This life changing shift invites you to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and beyond. The choice is yours, if you are ready to evolve for the greater good I am here to guide you there.

1:1 Sacred Guidance

StellaMuse Sacred Guidance and Mentorship is a unique combination of Spirit & Science. Of integrative, transformative skills, intuitive guidance, esoteric wisdom, practical tools and  personalised master mentoring to create deep, lasting change from the inside out.

Together, we will work closely each session as you gain the high vibrational support, practical knowledge, wisdom and guidance you seek to break through the illusions, patterns, cycles, and heal pain and traumas to know who and what you really are; the Soul you are here to be.

Your journey here is not about quick fixes, or unrealistic expectations and changes. You don’t need to find yourself. You are not lost. You do not need to put yourself back together again. You are not broken. You are a divine, brilliant, luminous soul who will begin to unlearn what no longer serves in order to relearn and awaken; sense, see, hear, taste and feel who you were born to be, embrace the stage of your journey now and travel on boldly into the paradigm shifting future your heart, mind and soul longs for. You will begin to heal yourself and transform any limitations in new and illuminating ways so you can live in harmony with your true calling.

Our collaboration is unique and individual to you because YOU are beautifully unique. Each one on one session we share is personally created just for you and your current focus, curiosities, challenges, fears, stagnations, heart stirrings and soul impulses. Together we will work on what your heart felt aspirations and conscious longings are. Untangle and dissect them for you to better know yourself. See yourself. Let go of what is holding you back - the illusions, glamours, past pain, future worries, and personality 'wants' - so you can clear the way for your real purpose here. Find joy in exploring, experimenting and living.

Parts of this journey are achievable steps and outcomes I will guide you to achieve. Many parts of the awakening from within are self governed. Directed greatly by each and every conscious choice you begin making for yourself with my support. This 'joywork' requires you to own your life and the journey you are on. You are the Creator & Master of your Destiny. 

Each session is different. Whatever you wish us to cover, from life path plans to unlocking self-esteem, self-belief and self-love, to relationship challenges or making brave and bold new steps in your already successful career, changing careers and owning your truth, to moving through dark nights of the soul, grief, trauma and disillusionment with the world, where you are and who you feel you are stuck being. Your initial focus may be body, heart or mind, relationships, your sacred and soul connection, or the mysteries of life.

The journey we share is utterly inspired by you. What you put in; how prepared you are to show up and willingly, honestly surrender to the process with an open heart and mind will amplify the power of our work together.

Through 1:1 Sacred Guidance, you can

Clear the emotional stagnation holding you back 
Acknowledge stored emotions and explore them to heal. Then, release the emotions that no longer serve. Forgive yourself and others. Take back your power to make way for lightness, clarity, self awareness, acceptance, peace, love and liberation. No longer suffering the same patterns that have held you back for too long.

Move from your limiting beliefs, fear, stories and false truths that keep you stuck
Transforming the way you see yourself. What you believe is possible and true. Shifting these old, stagnant beliefs, illusions and glamours will shift your perspective, your heart, your energy and your life. Freeing you to embrace real Truth, Love & Wisdom.

Be open to let got of what no longer serves; the 'illusions' & 'glamours'
By cutting away and letting the illusions and glamours of your personality die off your feelings of overwhelm, doubt, fear, worry, regret, shame and unworthiness can shift to a deeper knowing and wisdom. This is learning the art of living on the top of the mountain in your temple; above the chaos and emotional drama of the village in the mud below - where most people live their lives. Living with less and less illusions and glamours creates more space  for you to open up within and welcome new possibilities of truth, love, joy, beauty, wisdom and knowledge. Clearing the inner and outer glamours you once lived by and instead allow the love of your truth and service to be of highest importance and thus shine through you, to the world.

Dive deep within to know and feel who you really are
As we strip away the layers of ego/personality that keep you detached from your unique essence and qualities you will awaken to the realisation that the door to all you need is within you. From reconnecting with your essence to radiating your authentic self, you will learn to come from loving kindness and compassion for yourself and others. Rising above old default patterns and habits to instead make wiser, calmer, more conscious choices of discernment. For your greater good and the good of all.

Take conscious, more aligned action steps to experience radical shifts
Through your personal journey you will realise the steps that are right for you. Based on what and where your heart, mind, Soul impulses and higher self guide you. From this space, action steps feel more liberating, joyful and give you a feeling of self empowerment. Through this self awareness you learn how to take greater responsibility for your actions and choices, for your every word and thought.

Align, connect and sync your words, actions and decisions with your authentic self and your Divine destiny
As you learn to focus less on your lower nature 'wants' and 'needs'; those desires and never ending cravings of 'things' and 'stuff' that can't ever be satisfied, and instead bring more awareness, focus and energy to align heart, mind and soul. I can then guide you toward awakening your crystal clear clarity. On what your unique gift is, and together we can explore how you can bring that to the world to light the way for those you choose to serve.

Understand that food is medicine and you are what you eat & drink
The power of plants can transform your life as you use them to fuel, heal, harmonise and nourish your body from the inside out … and that is only the beginning.

Understand the power of every word, thought, feeling and action
Your words, thoughts, feelings and actions from the smallest to the grandest create your reality and ripple out into the collective consciousness. Learn to harness this power for the greater good. It is Occult law that where attention goes, energy flows.

Embrace movement, mindfulness, contemplation and meditation as joy and an investment in your spiritual growth to ultimately contribute and serve
You will awaken to the realisation that you body is a temple. But also merely a vehicle to house your divine Soul. And an instrument to radiate forth the light of your Soul. Then the investment in self from movement to meditation opens new doors to your journey within; one of love, connection with self and Divine Source, and the added benefits of a healthy, fit and toned body, a heart open to radiate loving kindness, and sharper, clearer mind to be used as an instrument for change and difference in the world. Essentially love, light and power to move through you and out into all humanity.

Tap into your intuition and nurture your relationship with your inner guiding flame of heart - your Master Buddha within.
You can always ask for guidance. In fact you are always being guided even when you don’t realise it. The issue is getting back in touch with your guiding flame; by creating the silence and stillness to listen and the space and time for it to come through. Discovering how joyful it is to hear your own inner wisdom will open you to new levels of love, encouragement, direction, vision and support.

Some of what we can work through together...

  • Walking a more genuine Spiritual Path - learning the Way of Light, or Esoterically 'The Razor Edge'.
  • Relationship, pre-marital & marital guidance for harmony, love, joy, intimacy and deeper connection
  • Overcoming Anxiety, Fear & Depression for Inner Harmony
  • Breaking & Overcoming  Addictions
  • Breaking Patterns & Cycles - Reveal your default reactions and actions which no longer serve. Learn how to break the grasp of these cycles to create new patterns
  • Forgiveness & Acceptance
  • Your Soul & your Personality: Their duality and the integration of these two being a key spiritual aim of life
  • Exploring your personal qualities & unique essence
  • Transforming primal desires & wants into higher conscious heart/mind/soul desires
  • The ways of the Heart (Mystic) and the Mind (Occultist / Esotericist)
  • Love - from primal/emotional, to selfless service
  • Surrender, Patience & Spiritual Poise
  • Seeing and releasing 'illusions'  & 'glamours' that veil and cloud your truth
  • Soul Leadership in the Modern World, Purpose & Trailblazing as a New World Server
  • Embodiment – Of self; from sexuality to soul, integrity and your truth
  • Body-Heart-Mind-Spirit Connection. Evolving to a higher place of integrated physical, emotional and mental self to move closer to Soul
  • Divine Feminine – Awakening the most subtle, essence of your femininity within, through daily mindfulness, contemplation and meditation practices
  • Balancing Feminine 'being' & Masculine 'doing' energies within yourself, your relationships and professional life
  • and a lifetimes' exploration of more...


"Her method is unrivalled"

Elise helped my partner and I navigate through some really tough areas of our relationship in the most magical and easeful way. She taught us how to learn to communicate consciously, respectfully and with love, and helped us delve deeper into how we could better all areas of our relationship so we could truly thrive as a pair. Her method of counselling is unrivalled -  she creates a safe and sacred container for both individuals to thrive and connect. It is obvious she truly cares about her clients and is highly trained and well-equipped to serve in this space. Each individual feels heard and understood, and it often feels as though she is reaching into our hearts and voicing the words we feel too afraid to speak, but are so necessary for healing. 

Many will benefit from Elise's soul-centred approach. It can be a vulnerable, deeply beautiful, therapeutic and transcendental experience for any individual or couple to undergo, and well worth it.

Courtney J | Journalist. Melbourne AU

"Amazing, amazing!!"

The most energised, vibrant, full flowing version of myself I have been in a VERY LONG TIME!

So refreshing and gave me such joy. It had been so long since feeling calm, focused, unfazed energy. I am staying present throughout conversations; from a place of love and kindness and in my own energetic boundary, without taking anything onboard from others. Such a shift. Amazing, amazing.

Having also learned the sacred practice of the White Tigress with Elise, I am loving doing it. I feel very centered and super grounded afterwards - especially after the womb/ovary/hara exercises. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me gorgeous goddess!

Allyce Martin | Actress. Australia & Asia wide


"Opened a whole new world"

I was looking for more within myself and wanted to heal trauma that I had experienced which I knew was holding me back from being the best version of me. When I came across Elise, it was and is the best decision I took to work with her through my hurdles. Being in her presence itself is an ultimate uplift. Elise gently and lovingly guided me to come back to my true authentic self, helping me love myself again in the most nurturing way. Elise has also given me the tools to continue with my journey. My path with Elise is not finished as it has opened a whole new world for myself that I am excited to continue with her.

Kylie A | Adelaide, AU

“Major breakthrough…with my Beloved”

Beyond helping me improve my vitality with sleep, nutrition, movement, and meditation, Elise was very quickly able to establish the root cause of my exhaustion by asking pertinent and insightful questions.

That being unprocessed emotions over an issue that I had buried under the carpet. Not acknowledging that you can’t just bury emotions and expect to be unaffected in some way. That she was able to so quickly unearth this was incredibly valuable.

It meant we could spend most of our time exploring this issue and helping me to understand how best to move forward with it.

Following Elise’s advice, I had a major breakthrough following two much-needed conversations with my beloved that have resulted in both of us feeling heard, seen, loved, and actively committed to taking the steps we need to keep moving forward in greater harmony.  

Thank you, Elise - for your magical influence and guidance. I can literally feel the vitality and joy returning to my body, heart, and mind. 

Daisy N | Counsellor. Canberra, AU

"Safe space to talk about my trauma and free myself of the pain and judgement."

Elise gave me the freedom and safe space to talk about my trauma without judgement. She came from a mature, intelligent, respectful place. This gave me the capacity to let go and free myself of the judgement and pain I held for so long. From this space, we were quickly able to work on through negative behavioural patterns I have had with men, respect myself as an individual and, place safe boundaries. As she put it, to stop playing in the kiddie pool and to now be an adult in this world and move to the deep end. I feel so blessed to have found Elise. She is a true goddess with grace, and intelligence. You see the pure devotion and love when she holds space. From the time I have spent with her I have seen how quickly I have grown and am still growing, to be the person I am meant to be here on this journey. I can’t thank Elise enough. 

Jessica S.  | Social Worker. Melbourne, AU

"Clear Channel...of Sacred Healing Wisdom"

I can't express enough gratitude for the insights and the healing that our sessions have provided me. Thank you, and bless you, for being such a clear channel, and such a fiercely committed cultivator of sacred healing wisdom. Kudos, gratitude and love to you.

James A. | Doctor. Melbourne, AU

"The ability to inspire, educate and move me"

Before Elise came into my life I was trying to live ‘spiritually’ but struggled to find a guide and mentor who I not only believed in, but who had the ability to inspire, educate and move me. I was instantly drawn to Elise’s infectious, authentic personality, heart and wisdom. Being in Elise’s presence alone can often be enough to clear my mind, worry less, appreciate what I have and ultimately have love for myself and others. I have truly changed from within because of her.

Sarah Hughan | TV Presenter, Model, Actor. Sydney/Perth, AU

"Transformational change"

Wonderful, loving, transformational change. My mind, body, heart and soul are all in alignment and breathing again!

 Brett F. | Perth AU 

"Invaluable...the path of self discovery"

Elise has incredibly good insight. She was able to really see me, and guide me in the right direction. This included several daily practices that she taught me that I now have in my "toolbox" for the rest of my life. I also really appreciated that when a complicated or difficult experience came up during the few months that we worked together, she guided me through it. This helped me to grow from the experience, rather than let it overwhelm me. One of the most helpful things that we did was create an archetype wheel. This really lead me down the path of self discovery, and Elise gave me a framework to work off of long beyond the time that we worked together. 

The practices, lessons, and insight that I learned from working with Elise have been invaluable. The wealth of knowledge continues to deepen my relationship with myself, and helps me feel stronger and more self aware than ever. In turn, other relationships, such as the one with my fiancé, have also deepened. I continue with my daily practice that keeps be grounded and centered. Continuing along with all she has given me has gifted me the insight to think about possible next steps in my career, and what the best fit is for who I really am.  

Elise is just an amazing human being. She is such a delight to work with. She is very gentle and sweet, yet profound and powerful. I feel blessed that our paths crossed, and we were able to work together.

Jamie Reinhardt | Non Profit Developer, California, USA

"Something seemed to shift"

Something seemed to shift slowly during and then after our time together and I'm forever grateful for that!! I feel like a completely different person to what I was back then and I truly believe that your influence was a HUMONGOUS part of it that I won't ever forget!

Hayley Grammenos | Confidence & Body Love Coach. Greece


Your Sacred Guidance Sessions


The life changing knowledge, tools, nurture and spirited wisdom that you receive as I guide you can heal your pains, peel back the layers of your heart, nourish the hunger of your mind & heart and answer the beckoning call of your soul.

Each stage and cycle of your journey will be supported. The guidance you gain and begin to weave into your daily life will allow you to take conscious, courageous action. Driven by PURE LOVE of SOUL and PURPOSE to unify your; body, heart, mind and highest self. While also unveiling your ultimate life purpose and innate power to contribute - how YOU can serve in this world.

The ever present jewel of Love~Wisdom is there, patiently waiting within you. It requires nourishment to grow and flourish with vitality and your unique essence. With the right environment and conditions it will unfurl into a bright blooming lotus in your heart and light your unique Path.

While walking any conscious Path is a life-long journey of growth; self-belief, courage, love, commitment, dedication to expanding consciousness through right action, selfless service and beyond... it is also a limitless adventure. One you can start today.

All you need do is be willing to commit. I’m here to guide you through the mist of uncertainty and darkness of fear. Though part of what you will learn is that everything you seek is accessed from within. It just so happens that I’m shining the light where it can help you most.

When you choose Truth, Love~Wisdom, Beauty and liberation over illusions and glamours, fears and anxiety, you are trusting your inner wisdom and living in alignment with your highest self. This is where heeding your heart’s whispers and minds knowledge with The Ageless Wisdom changes your life. It is while lifting up the to now reveal the Truth that was hidden, that your renewal begins. A new level of consciousness. A transformation from the illusions of the material world to the depth of innate beauty of the spiritual and cosmic. It is by walking here, as your most purified, healed, aligned and conscious self, with integrity, that real opportunities present themselves. And I'm here to guide you there.

For when you are embracing this unique life Path of yours and calmly shining your authentic light, the turning of the spiral starts to flow in cycles more rapid than you have experienced. You start to awaken on levels you never imagined. Quite simply you begin to transform your entire life, from within.

Are you ready to journey with me and come to Know a More Genuine Way? To Know Your TRUE Self?

This is your invitation to come with me as I light your way...

One Sacred conversation has the power to change your life.

Each session I meet you where you are along your journey. Intensive or healing, profound and awe inspiring, guiding, nurturing with the love of soul, laser focus and clarity. From spiritual discussion and exploration, to healing trauma, transitioning and relationship council or spiritual psychological mentoring.

Sacred Guidance sessions are ideal for those curious or already on a Conscious Path, seeking deep personalised mentoring, modern and ancient wisdom, practical skills and knowledge - either as a one off, or as frequently as you choose. We will connect for a private 1:1: 60-120 minute session, either in person, via Skype or phone. Couples sessions are also available.

If you are ready to change your life - to truly know yourself, then please call: +61 (0)401026015 or, simply fill in the form below to apply for a 1-2 hour Sacred Guidance session with me or, to explore becoming a mentor student longer term. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

In Light and Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M.

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