Modern Woman: A Self Love Story

A Day of Nurture, Nourishment and Navigating LOVE, as a Modern Woman


*Chapter 1 - The Morning - Nurturing Yogic Flow for Self Expression with Rose Louey 

(yoga class and pranayama included)

A grounding sweet and rooted flow, close to the earth. We will focus on juicy lateral side bends, hip openers and floor postures designed to release tension in the lower body.  This first Chapter of your day works to stretch and strengthen whilst taking time for you to move with a sense of tenderness and intimacy toward your body. (no standing postures involved).


*Chapter 2 - Mid Morning & Lunch - Nourishing with Living, Raw Foods with Yoko Inoue of Shoku Iku 

(organic lunch included) 

Choosing foods that nourish our body is an expression of love towards ourselves. We will discuss some heart opening herbs and foods that are included in the meals and how we can incorporate into our lifestyle. As we enjoy an organic, plant based and living food grazing platter for lunch. 


*Chapter 3 - The Afternoon - Navigating Love in the Modern World; Self, Lover & Soul with Elise Carr – StellaMuse 

(guided meditation included)

Together we will increase, feel and learn to know how to experience deeper Love; with your relationship to yourself, your current or future lover/beloved and creating the love connection to something greater; call that Soul, Source, God, Universe or beyond. A practical every-day approach with wisdom for life including group discussion in a safe and sacred space as we sip organic Love potion elixirs. 



You will also receive FREE GIFTS;
💕 *A bespoke morning yoga practice print out.
💕 *A secret LOVE recipe to prepare in the kitchen.
💕 *An audio 'Higher Love' guided visualisation.
💕 *A copy of Elise's book 10 VEILS.



Date – Sunday, March 8th, 2020

TIME - 10AM - 4PM

Where – The Tree of Life Integral, 3 Denmark St. Kew





Your Facilitators

Rose Louey –  Artist & Yoga Teacher: Rose Louey is an Artist. Her Fine Art and Dancing background have led her to find similar ways of self expression through creative movement that are both sensitive and intimate. 

Yoko Inoue – Owner and chef of organic and raw food cafe, Shoku Iku. Having a background of macrobiotic, holistic nutrition and Traditional Japanese Medicine, Yoko’s mission is to spread the healing power and wisdom of tonic botanicals and whole living foods.

Elise Carr – StellaMuse: Like Psychology for the Soul. Elise blends the Eastern Wisdom with Western Psychological Sciences. A heart, mind, soul approach to life, love and everything in between.





What People Are Saying

About Working With Elise

"It is obvious she truly cares and is highly trained and well-equipped to serve in this space. Each individual feels heard and understood, and it often feels as though she is reaching into our hearts and voicing the words we feel too afraid to speak, but are so necessary for healing. 

Many will benefit from Elise's soul-centred approach. It can be a vulnerable, deeply beautiful, therapeutic and transcendental experience for any to undergo, and well worth it."

~ Courtney J. | Journalist. Melbourne, AU

"I can't express enough gratitude for the insights and the healing that our sessions have provided me. Thank you, and bless you, for being such a clear channel, and such a fiercely committed cultivator of sacred healing wisdom. Kudos, gratitude and love to you."

~ James A. | Doctor. Melbourne, AU

"I feel so blessed to have found Elise. She is a true goddess with grace, and intelligence. You see the pure devotion and love when she holds space. From the time I have spent with her I have seen how quickly I have grown and am still growing, to be the person I am meant to be here on this journey. I can’t thank Elise enough." 

~ Jessica S.  | Social Worker. Melbourne, AU



Every day is a day for gifting LOVE & LIGHT.

Gift yourself or your beloved something from the heart, a unique personalised experience, tailored to you/them;

From deepening the intimacy and connection of your relationship with self and/or as a couple or awakening your TRUE self on your unique path

Choose something with Soul & book a

Sacred GuidanceHealing or Tantra session today.

To purchase gift vouchers personalised to your loved one contact Elise HERE.


What Souls Are Saying About
StellaMuse Events

“My Yoni, or maybe it’s my brain, is still buzzing with so much gratitude for this evening. Every woman needs to experience the gift that is a ‘Goddess Circle’ with you!! Thank you for holding space with me and so many others – let the healing, empowering, forgiving, accepting and gratitude begin for me and everyone else!”

“Wow what an amazing afternoon! You created such a dynamic but sacred space and honoured every soul there.”
-Sammy, Yoga teacher, U.S.A

“Ohh I’m still on a high, cranking my after glow! My friend just loved the workshop too (which I knew of course she would!!). You are amazing in your element Elise, such pure empowering energy. I really love how you not only hold the space so beautifully but how you hold each individual so careful and delicately. … I’m ready to be of service much more holistically, the thought of it just lights my soul. Massive energy shift, feels so good to be on purpose again. Isn’t it funny how we build an invisible wall of ‘stuckness’ around ourselves sometimes. Thank you for being such a beautiful guiding light, you inspire me so much Elise on so many levels. I just simply adore you.”

“I attended a gorgeous women’s circle last night led by Elise from StellaMuse. In our Yoni Meditation we called on Goddess Durga who symbolises the Divine forces (positive energy) known as Divine Shakti (feminine energy / power). Elise guided us through handing over our woes and breathing in the golden Divine Goddess Shakti Power she offered to help us through our journey. Wow!”

“Super PROUD of soul-sister Elise Carr for delivering some much-needed, and rarely-talked- about (even among women) information on basic truths of female sexuality, Tantric principles, and body-mind-soul connection. Even though we live in the 21st century – the amount of ignorance and lack of awareness of the potential of female sexuality and femininity is astounding. Women don’t know the many secrets to their own bodies, hearts and minds…which keeps men in the dark too. Time to share the knowledge and love, because we are meant to experience life to the fullest, and it's never too late. Thank you sister! X”

“Such a beautiful night with StellaMuse. Feeling very empowered and connected. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Elise, so wonderful and inspiring xxx.”

“Thank you for a magical and transformational evening, it was so nice to be in a group of girls & share, and hear all your amazing wisdom; you are so strong and powerful and sexy and have given that to all of us, thank you beautiful lady. And thank you for reminding me to be my own Divine Feminine, thank you for sharing your story to help us feel more comfortable with our stories. The Sacred Feminine mediation was truly magical, and created a beautiful ball of energy inside me. Thank you Elise, I am grateful for the day we met.”

“Last night was lovely. My biggest takeaway was the hand mudras. I have used them several times already today. And the ‘jade egg’. I gotta get me one of those. X.”
- Angie 

"I've never heard anyone like that...she should do stand up too - she's wise and funny! She really got me thinking." ~ Costa T. 

"Not like a witch, more a magician!" - Teo B.


What Souls Are Saying About Working With Me

Before Elise came into my life I was trying to live ‘spiritually’ but struggled to find a guide and mentor who I not only believed in, but who had the ability to inspire, educate and move me. I was instantly drawn to Elise’s infectious, authentic personality, heart and wisdom. Being in Elise’s presence alone can often be enough to clear my mind, worry less, appreciate what I have, make the changes I'm called to and, ultimately have love for myself and others. I have truly changed from within because of her.

Sarah Danze

TV Presenter, Model, Actor. Sydney/Melbourne/Perth, AU


Before I started mentoring with Elise I had so many wants and wishes floating about. I was struggling with creating the stepping stones and building blocks to get to the bigger picture. Elise helps me break goals down, strip them back to the basics and find out what really matters at the core. She guides me on my path of self discovery by finding out what my truest heart of hearts is calling for. I am now looking at everything through a very clear perspective. I feel empowered, like I can live out my passions and embody my potential while living in my TRUTH. Working with Elise, I have gained confidence and regained that sacred inner strength, willpower, self belief and connection to Love. I feel I am on my true path.

Paris Fontana

Jewellery Designer. Melbourne, AU


Before I started mentoring and sacred guidance with Elise I was unhealthy in my mind, body and spirit. I lacked in self-esteem, confidence, belief in self. I made my life extremely busy so I didn’t have to slow down and look within at my issues, in order to address them. I become increasingly frustrated with how out of touch I was with my physical, emotional and spiritual self … and even more frustrating; while I identified with the problem I had no idea where to start.

What I enjoy most about working with Elise is that I feel I can tell her my weaknesses and there will be no judgement. Elise seamlessly encourages me to find the answers within, in order to problem solve and address the issue at hand. She invokes in me the ability to have faith in myself and my capabilities to achieve anything! Elise’s charismatic nature, warm sense of humour and compassionate energy make me feel completely comfortable discussing my personal issues with her.

After working with Elise I can now say I am more attuned with my physical, emotional and spiritual self. I am constantly evolving to a better version of myself in every aspect, largely due to Elise’s unwavering support, wise words of encouragement and skills. Next stage in life for me; managing a holistic wellness centre and studying holistic counselling. I wouldn’t have dreamed of this 5 years ago! Thank you Elise for making me realise my potential.

Asher Erickson

Co-Founder of Freedom Float Centre. Brisbane, AU


I was on the road to finding out who I am and who I choose not to be when I met Elise. My time with her has given me broader knowledge of living a wholistic life in alignment with my spiritual path, as well as a clearer vision of what I choose to achieve in my every day and in the future. She guided me to awaken more of my creativity and apply my unique talents. Elise is always so supportive and insightful. I am calmer, more joyful, aligned and focused after my time with her.

Francesca Rizzeri

Mother, Bowen & Meditation practitioner. Singapore & Australia

I was looking for more within myself and wanted to heal trauma that I had experienced which I knew was holding me back from being the best version of me. When I came across Elise, it was and is the best decision I took to work with her through my hurdles. Being in her presence itself is an ultimate uplift. Elise gently and lovingly guided me to come back to my true authentic self, helping me love myself again in the most nurturing way. Elise has also given me the tools to continue with my journey. My path with Elise is not finished as it has opened a whole new world for me which I am excited to continue with her.

Kylie A

Adelaide AU

Working with Elise was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I learned so many valuable tools to help me be the unique soul that I am. Even though she mentored me from halfway around the world, I felt her connection and presence, which always made me feel safe and comfortable. Elise is a wonderful guiding light and such a pleasure to work with. It truly has been a blessing to work with her.

Jamie Reinhardt

Non Profit Developer, California, USA

I could not be more grateful to have had such a beautiful, inspiring and supportive soul guide me into unknown territory and bring out the best in me.

Something seemed to shift slowly during and then after our time together and I'm forever grateful for that!! I feel like a completely different person to what I was back then and I truly believe that Elise's influence was a HUMONGOUS part of it that I won't ever forget!

Hayley Grammenos

Confidence and Body Love Coach. Perth AU & Corfu, Greece

I’ve worked with Elise for the past couple of years and whenever I am in her presence, I feel like a goddess and that is because she makes you feel this way. Her kind, caring and sexy nature bring out your inner feminine to explosive levels.

I’ve also worked professionally with Elise and she knows her stuff. She is funny and driven, and works wonders on healing and dealing with past traumas.

This Goddess is someone you need to know.

Heidi Anderson

Hit92.9 Breakfast Announcer, Australia

I loved my sessions with Elise. She was able to create a safe and sacred space in which I felt open to sharing everything and receiving all manner of juicy information. I can't wait to learn more from her in the future. For anyone considering contacting her I would absolutely say go for it - you have so much to gain!

Bess Bennett

Midwife & Maternity Care. Adelaide, AU

The most energised, vibrant, full flowing version of myself I have been in a VERY LONG TIME!

So refreshing and gave me such joy. It had been so long since feeling calm, focused, unfazed energy. I am staying present throughout conversations; from a place of love and kindness and in my own energetic boundary, without taking anything onboard from others. Such a shift. Amazing, amazing.

Having also learned the sacred practice of the White Tigress with Elise, I am loving doing it. I feel very centered and super grounded afterwards - especially after the womb/ovary/hara exercises. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, Gorgeous Goddess!

Allyce Martin

Actress. Australia & Asia wide


Like Psychology for the Soul, in a modern world.

Seamlessly blending Western Psychological Sciences with Ageless Eastern Wisdom & Spirituality.


Raising Consciousness and Embodying Love & Light

Through Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul.

Your journey to inner Sacred Union is boundless.


Healing Arts & Energy Medicine

 Healing on Energetic/Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental & Soul levels.

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