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Embodying Love & Light

Tantra weaves together sacred sexuality, spirituality & soul to awaken your consciousness. You will better know yourself, embodying Love & Light.

Tantra is a way of life. The actual word Tantra means to weave to expand and unify consciousness. It is the 'weaving' and merging together of sacred sexuality with spirituality, toward consciousness, soul and Spirit that makes this practice a path that one can travel for a lifetime. Constantly evolving and deepening moving from body focus to heart, and from heart to higher mind. The depth and infinite expansion of this inner and outer evolution is one I have committed to and am honoured to teach.

Beyond the Kama Sutra and sexual positions that are often associated with but are not, Tantra, this journey invites you to fully embody spiritual ecstasy and transcendence. There is no focus on mere desire and orgasm. Climax that usually signifies the end of love making instead can be alchemised into a higher conscious state. The sensation you would usually only feel in your genitals can rise to your heart allowing you to connect deeper with yourself and/or with your beloved through heart awakenings. You can then experience that energy and the sensation of expansion to the top of your body, your crown, to experience something the lower animal nature of the 'sex impulse' and sexual desires can never give.

 Tantric practice – it is a continual warming and cooling, rising and plateau of energy, of darkness and light. You may enjoy some of my short practical videos on Tantra, HERE. 

When we look at physical Tantra merging with heart and consciousness like this we can see it is only a starting point of all that is, of energy; learning to connect with, move and control it. It is a weaving together to form oneness and unity while expanding and raising your consciousness. It is pure and Divine, a practice far beyond ‘sex’ and the genitals that has the capacity to bring you from the Sacred Sexual to Spiritual Union. The highest path of this conscious connection is an entire way of life, for it is life.  

One-on-one Tantra sessions are individually tailored to all levels and stages of the Tantric path. Free of judgment, I will meet you where you are at, each session, to guide you deeper into yourself and along your path.


As a certified practitioner of  Kaula and Misha Tantra and a devoted student of the Esoteric / Occult mysteries who has trained with Tantra Masters, authentic White Tigress women, Qi Gong Masters, Medical Intuitives, Shaman, Embodiment workers, Yogis and Occultists I offer a rich immersion into the Tantric way – explored in a powerfully charged, sacred space of complete Light and Love.

I offer a journey to INTIMACY with self, your beloved and the Divine Source or Higher Consciousness. This is a journey that goes beyond the body and deep into your very core. By the weaving together of sacred sexuality and spirituality to awaken your consciousness you will better know yourself as soul, grow closer to your soul and your truth while embodying love & light. You can also learn:

  • The art of being the WITNESS and to be witnessed in your highest divinity and light. Being truly seen and to see your beloved truly.
  • Use PASSION in your life, relationship with self and your beloved as a springboard to HEART
  • Awaken and deepen INTIMACY with yourself and your beloved
  • Learn tools & techniques for pure, more fulfilling, loving and joyful LOVEMAKING for raising consciousness and deepening selfless love
  • Create HARMONY & BALANCE within yourself and your relationship with your beloved
  • Learn Sacred Sexuality rituals & mindfulness practices
  • Begin or enrichen your Tantric lifestyle & personal TRANSFORMATION
  • Explore Subtle Energy Yoga
  • Explore energy distribution through the energy centres in the body

Sessions are conducted in person or via Skype in a fully clothed manner with NO genital touch.


As a woman on the Tantric path a session can include how to;

  • Awaken your unique essence and feminine nature from within
  • Learn your power ultimately comes through heart, in connection to your being
  • Understand the ‘yoni’ (more than your vagina) and the power of this creative portal. Including how connect breathe with the yoni! 
  • Learn the sacred ancient art of The White Tigress: breast massage and yoni ritual –  taught fully clothed – to balance your body temple inside and out, balance your inner feminine energy, reprogram your moon cycle and more.
  • Learn the authentic, ancient power of practicing with the jade egg; how to care for, use and benefit from this sacred practice
  • Understand how to explore, raise and cultivate different energy in your body
  • Learn the different types of orgasms you can experience
  • Learn the 'Complete Breath' & Tantric breathing
  •  Explore what may be causing stagnation in your body, emotional and energetic self which disrupts your ability to receive loving masculine energy; sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually and in your daily life.
  • Reawaken your connection to your Feminine self and explore your 'joy'.
  • Awaken your yoni-heart-mind-soul connection; through freeing the Divine Feminine portal of receptivity, your yoni – via healing the trauma held within the astral/energy of your yoni (womb) space. Sacred womb mediation and/or other HEALING sessions can also greatly assist with this.
  • Learn the foundation and philosophy of Tantra
  • Learn how to ground yourself, set boundaries and honour your truth
  • Understand, explore and balance your inner masculine and feminine sexual energies/poles for Inner Sacred Union
  • Be guided through 'being', raising the desire nature of sexual energy, and cultivating life force
  • Work with your period /moon cycles to lessen PMS, pain, irregularity etc
  • Learn the sacred art of Lingam massage – on props –
  • Be guided through healing, cleansing, balancing, empowering mindful practices

I am passionate about guiding women to awaken their most authentic selves from within. This often calls for clearing the path of obstacles that stand in your way and, letting go of the 'personality' and ego attachments that can hold you back. That is why Tantric sessions can be an integral component along your Sacred Guidance journey. Especially if you require assistance with;

Trauma, fear, shame or guilt around sexuality and your body, body image issues / detachment from your physical body, difficulty with orgasm / receiving and heart connection, irregular menstruation or moon cycles. And also; have a hunger for more, wanting to know who you are as a woman, as a soul, and your truth.

* I DO NOT OFFER: yoni touch or hands on genital massage. Sessions are conducted fully clothed in a sacred, safe environment.


As a man on the Tantric path a session can include how to;

  • Understand the essence and the philosophy of Tantra and living a Tantric life
  • Learn the Complete Breath & Tantric breathing
  • Be guided through 'being', raising the desire nature of sexual energy, and cultivating life force
  • Reconnect to your sensual self, free from external stimulus
  • Learn how to ground yourself
  • Understand how to cultivate different types of energy in your body
  • Step up your unwavering and powerful Divine Masculine self
  • Reconnect with your current/future beloved with unwavering presence
  • Create and hold sacred space for yourself and your beloved
  • Learn to see your beloved for their unique beauty - beyond the body
  • Be guided through healing, cleansing, balancing and empowering practices
  • Understand, explore and balance your inner masculine and feminine sexual energies/poles for Sacred Union within
  • Cleanse and clear old conditions and traumas that prevent you from celebrating your manhood and embracing life as a man 
  • Explore what it means to be a man for your self and, as a lover and partner

Sessions can assist and support men with; erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty with orgasm, difficulty with connecting from heart and consciousness, moving beyond standard orgasm to mastering orgasm without ejaculation, letting go of ego driven mindset and awaken to heart and consciousness being in the drivers seat of your highest sexual and spiritual fulfilment.

* I DO NOT OFFER lingam touch or hands on genital massage. Sessions are conducted fully clothed in a sacred, safe environment.


Embark upon a deeper sacred journey together to illuminate your highest relationship and create a whole new depth of unconditional love, intimacy and consciousness. All through Tantric connection, love-making and life. Elements mentioned may be explored for men and women during a couples session as well as;

  • Awaken and deepen your connection through learning deeper levels of intimacy, and exploring any stagnant areas that are blocking this individually and in your union
  • Integrating Sexuality with Spirituality through synchronised breath work
  • Sacred connection techniques
  • Creating and holding sacred space for each other
  • Sacred love making techniques
  • Tantric relationship guidance
  • Learning the art of sensual touch with heart
  • Strengthening communication from a place of non-judgment, deep listening and reverence
  • Learn how to truly see, hear, hold and cherish each other from a place of loving kindness, compassion and humility 
  • Learn to be the calm in the chaos for each other to lean on, as you take this journey as a couple through the ever changing moments and seasons of life


Tantric Sessions are conducted in person or via Skype.


For further details you can also call: +61 401026015 


(Currently between: Melbourne & Perth, Australia)

**Please note sessions are fully clothed and NO genital touch is offered.**

Om Shanti, Elise / S*M

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