Gift Yourself A Sacred Tantric Relationship & Life

The fusion of intuition and logic, of being and doing, of night and day, yin and yang – this is true sexual and spiritual harmony. At the core of the ancient sacred sexual practice itself is the doctrine of spiritual ecstasy and transcendence through LOVE. In its purest form, a sacred Tantric relationship contains the magical potential for sexual alchemy.

As body, heart and mind exchange the potent, divine energies of love, a weaving and blending together occurs which enable you and your beloved to rise above any difficulties or conflicts. Here, your love is transformative. Each of you giving a precious gift to the other in a circle of continual exchange.

True harmony; the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies, is one of the key spiritual pursuits of Tantra (this can include true sexual harmony). Potentially you can be all to each other; friend, sibling, parent, lover, inspiration and guide.

A relationship built on love and from love encourages ever lasting commitment to this consciousness. Strong enough to grow through many phases. As you have evolved past previous mistakes and learned lessons from other relationships in your past.

You are both now at a place of openness, surrender, readiness of a different kind of experience. You are both wiling to welcome a more balanced approach to love. Choosing to accept the gift that a Sacred Tantric relationship longs to offer you.

Whether you are in a current relationship with a beloved, you are and always will be first and foremost in the most important relationship of all; that being with yourself. Investing in your own sacred sexual / spiritual journey has the power to awaken and weave all that is you together, to raise your own consciousness.

Start your practice with self or your beloved today with these videos;









If these videos & this path speak to you;

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May your journey aspire toward the purity of Divine Love.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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