Tantra – Expanding Sexual Energy

Tantric breathing is an art that brings energy and vitality to your body, and mind . It also has the ability to alchemise sexual energy from a lower desire place to a higher place through the entire body.

When you alchemise sexual energy and lift this lower desire higher and through your body, you move past the mere experience of ‘sexual gratification orgasm’ and go into a higher consciousness of pleasure, energy and awareness.

It is by focusing on your breath that you stay in the present moment. Learning to ride the waves of pleasure, instead of chasing an orgasm for pleasures sake.

Sex, especially in the Western world, is often seen as a race to the finish line of orgasm and then the event is over. Whereas sacred Tantric sex on the other hand is more like riding a Divine wave on a crystal clear ocean. The sensation and pleasure are endless, time stands still and every cell of your very being is entirely submersed in the moment. Each and every one of your senses is aroused and heightened in ecstasy. 


So how do you alchemise sexual energy?

This is an expansion of energy from the genital centre up towards the heart space and above the mind to consciousness as well as through your entire body. Not only does having sex become making love but you are practicing a form of transcendence to expand your own consciousness by turning sex for pleasure into love making for euphoria or, ideally the pursuit of unity and bliss.

  • Before commencing you want to set your intention, very clearly. Stating to yourself  “I am expanding sexually energy towards my heart space”
  • HOLD THE SQUEEZE and direct and visualise the energy moving up towards your heart and any other part of the body it desires with your inhale. Much like sucking up juice through a straw.
  • Now HOLD the energy here in your heart space and parts of your body you desire for a moment.
  • Then exhale keeping the tip of your tongue connected on your palette, and exhaling the breath through your mouth. Releasing the PC squeeze and cycling the energy.

You can do this breath cycle 2-3 times when you feel the heightened sexual energy rising or an orgasm building close to the point of no return.

Once you have moved the energy towards your heart centre for 2-3  sequences you may like to repeat the breathing, tongue position and PC squeeze exactly the same, but this time expand the energy further out and up to include your entire body. All in the aim of further transcending and expanding your consciousness. Hold the energy here a moment then release it with your breath while visualising a golden light washing over your entire body like a waterfall.

Gentlemen if you find you often ejaculate quickly, pause and pull the energy up like this 3-4 times per sequence before continuing to make love. For those of you who find it more difficult to ejaculate, pull the energy up only once per sequence before continuing to make love.

Riding the wave of Tantric love making by pausing when the energy builds to move it up towards your heart allows your energy to plateau and then encourages it to peak into greater and greater waves of heightened pleasure. We stoke the fire then we cool the fire. Masculine and Feminine exchange.

It will depend on you and your beloved as to how many times you expand and share this energy. On average you may like to commit to 2 – 3 sequences during lovemaking and self-pleasuring.

If / once you choose to reach orgasm, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and hold it here gently for up to 5 minutes as you set an intention, such as; I am allowing orgasmic energy to wash over my body. And anywhere that needs healing. Or, you may simply choose to visualise your entire body temple is being energised and healed by the sexual energy. As this is what expanding sexual energy is ultimately for, a way to rejuvenate and heal your body temple while connecting and weaving together with your beloved and all that is.

Tantra is a lifelong practice. So remember, it is important to dedicate time and focus on practicing these techniques to achieve the desired results.

*Please also note that if at any stage you feel lightheaded or dizzy; stop, sit down and rest. Or, you may want to massage your ear lobes to balance the ‘chi’ back into the meridian centres that govern the major organs of your body temple.

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With Love, Elise | S*M

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    I enjoy educating myself listening to you. You know what you are teaching.

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