Tantra – Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality

Tantra –Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality

An ancient way of life that has been around for thousands of years. Tantra is the practice of blending ALL that is, including sexuality with spirituality.

The teachings of Tantra weave together a holistic approach to relationships and sexuality. Sacred sex is an art that extends far beyond sexual positions and euphoric orgasms; that is like only dipping one toe into the ocean that is Tantra.

True sacred sex is a Divine way to connect deep with yourself and your beloved on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Practicing Tantra builds the intimacy and connection of your relationship.

When practiced correctly Tantra merges giving and receiving through communication, acceptance, nurturing, closeness, trust, pleasure and love.

The very word ‘Tantra’ means to weave, to expand consciousness. Learning and practicing Tantra thus means you are able to explore and feel joy, pleasure, freedom and Divine love in your own sexuality and spirituality first and foremost. Then use it to connect with your partner and the world.

There are countless benefits of living a Tantric life that you may not even know, such as stopping PMS & controlling your period or moon cycle for women, and stopping premature ejaculation for men, you can even learn to have a full body orgasm by moving sexual energy through your entire body …and so much more as you begin syncing to a harmonious relationship with your body.

Tantra can rejuvenate your body temple from the inside out, and that is only part of the reason why I am personally committed to living and teaching the way of the Tantric path.

I want to share with you now a foundation exercise you can practice if the Tantric way of life is calling you;

It is as simple as starting with keeping your tongue up!

It sounds crazy but what I mean is placing your tongue on the ridge just behind your teeth. To find this position that is most comfortable for you simply say the word “LULL” and where your tongue rests on completion of the word is exactly where you need to hold it.

This position is known as Kechari Mudra and assists your breath to cycle around your body, gathering life force energy (also known as Chi or Prana) instead of expelling it.

This is one of two positions we create to cycle the energy around our body. For now, besides when you speak, do your best to rest your tongue here at different times, in meditation and mindfulness practices.

If the Tantric path is calling you and you want to dive deeper into your own practice I welcome you to Click HERE for details and to book TANTRA sessions with me.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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