Tantra – The PC Squeeze


I want to share with you one of the foundation exercises of Tantra called the PC Squeeze or Tantric Squeeze


This is the lower holding position to keep in energy within the body, called Mula Bundha; ‘Bundha’ meaning ‘lock’.

This position refers to ‘locking’ the PC or pubococcygeus muscle – that hammock like muscle that in women sits between the anus and vagina, and for men between the anus and testicles.

This is an extremely important muscle to workout and keep strong & tight, as it benefits your general health and wellbeing, your sexual practice and has many other benefits including prostate health for men and strengthening of the vaginal walls for women.

You would have squeezed this muscle when you have stopped mid flow while urinating.


So let’s do this together now as I guide you through the Tantric Squeeze or PC Squeeze

  • Get comfy, either standing preferably or sitting
  • Breathe in naturally through your nose and squeeze the PC muscle
  • Exhale through your nose and release the squeeze letting it relax
  • Breathe in and squeeze the PC muscle, exhale and release the squeeze letting it relax.
  • One more time; breathe in and squeeze the PC muscle, exhale and release the squeeze letting it relax.

Practicing this move in repetitions of 20 squeezes, 4 times a day is an excellent way to strengthen the muscle!

And best of all you can do it wherever you are whenever you choose, while you’re in traffic, at your desk, standing outside in the garden, making dinner or laying in bed before you go to sleep at night!



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Enjoy practicing your PC squeezes, let me know if you need any guidance along you Tantric path.


With Love, Elise / S*M


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