If you are called to connect with the Divine soul you are; in harmony and in touch with the power of your Sexuality, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Soul & Entire Being, living your passion driven purposeful life, then you have arrived right on time.

Welcome to the Stella Sacred Space created entirely for you to reach your inner and higher destination. Offering masterful practice in various healing arts & energy medicine combined with Divine intuition, I will guide your healing process; on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical &/or spiritual level.



Session: 1hr | Exchange $250

Known as spiritual medicine for all illness, (imbalances, prevention, detoxifying and purifying). Reiki is ideal also for stress reduction and to promote healing; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

As a REIKI MASTER / TEACHER of the worlds oldest school of Reiki, I was trained under the lineage of founder and system creator Mikao Usui. I work as a channel for Divine Source / Spirit to flow through my being and into your areas most requiring the healing energy.

Using a combination of;

  • Reiki Precepts
  • Reiki Meditations & Techniques
  • Hands on Healing
  • Reiki Symbols and Mantra
  • *Distant Healing

I combine Reiki with intuition.  While I work on your healing I receive intuitive feedback; visions, symbols, words and insight to share with you after your healing which can further assist with your journey.

*Reiki can be done in person or distant healing, with sessions via Skype.



Session: 1hr | Exchange $250

Combining the power of Reiki with Crystals in one session to amplify your healing. This can assist in many ways, from specifically targeting a personal intention you desire to manifest, to balancing your chakras.

* Using your own crystals which have been cleansed, charged and programmed is desirable.


A session where I guide you into your lower body / into the essence of the bottom three chakras. Within your body, your biology, that you store your biography; your life, in the form of memories on an energetic & emotional level and in your cells on a physical level. You carry ‘memories’ in the form of energy which make up the cells of your body that no longer serve you. This depletes your physical health, and your mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual wellbeing.

Areas that are covered by excavating your lower body include;

Essence of the 1st Chakra. Root – Tribe. Physical grounding. Gaia/Mother Earth. General Creation. “All is One”. Personal responsibility for living. Family bonding. Honour. Support. Loyalty.

Essence of the 2nd Chakra. Sacral – Partnership. Powers connected to integrity, creativity, sexuality (Yoni power), finances. Communion. Physical desires. Work/Career. Sense of personal identity & emotional boundaries. “Honour one another”. Creativity (creation of children or ideas)

Excavating your Yoni and second chakra wounding

Essence of the 3rd Chakra. Solar Plexus – Self-Esteem & Ego. Personal power to the outside world. Ego. Personality. Self-esteem. Confirmation. “Honour Oneself”.

The benefits of Guided Energy Clearing can include

  • Healing from trauma; sexual abuse, loss & death – be it a loved one, an ending of a career, a miscarriage or abortion
  • Healing from worthlessness & inferiority
  • Balancing responsibility for self and others
  • Bringing your power back – getting the control of your life back and cease being ‘controlled’ by others (past and present)
  • Learn you can ‘survive’ on your own & take risks
  • Facing and resolving unfinished business with family, tribe members, current and past beloveds (living and passed over, as well as those no longer in your life)
  • Recovery from physical illness
  • Forgiveness of self & others
  • Self realisation
  • Emotional & energetic excavation (which leads to physical health benefits)
  • Awakening your Divine Feminine & Yoni power
  • Balancing to allow clearing of the lower body to free the pathway to your ‘heartspace’ and better connect with your Divine self, your life purpose and the powers that be to work through and guide you

Session: 1.5 hrs | Exchange $250

Intuitive Energy Medicine


Session: 1.5 hrs | Exchange $250

A powerful follow on from the Guided Chakra Regression or a stand alone healing for those who are ready to retrieve their power, Intuitive Energy Medicine is a science of the soul which takes you deep into yourself on an energetic, emotional and physical level while working with Spirit. Using a hands on technique incorporating Reiki, Tantric breathing, Qi Gong and Shamanic approaches I guide you to tune in, listen and feel into your very being from the inside. I then lead you within and around your internal body temple as we work together to rebalance you thus assisting in the removal of any stagnation that is causing you ‘pain’, ‘fear’ and blockages. By applying medicinal intuition I open to being guided by Source, my intuition and your ‘sharing’ of what you ‘see’ ‘feel’ ‘hear’. Collectively we remove the stagnations from your inner energy centres or chakras and entire field, which no longer serve you, thus assist your healing through an energetic reprogramming to bring you fully into your own power in the now.

The benefits of Intuitive Energy Medicine can include

  • Healing from trauma; sexual abuse, loss & death – be it a loved one, an ending of a career, a miscarriage or abortion, end of a relationship.
  • Connecting with your own soul and spirit guides / angels / light beings for guidance
  • Learning to tap into, listen and work with your own body on energetic, emotional and physical levels
  • Healing from spiritual crisis
  • Letting go of anxious & depressive tendencies
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Energy shifting and clearing
  • ‘Birthing’ to release what no longer serves & ‘birthing’ to welcome what you bring into the world
  • Calling your Soul, Spirit and power back – getting the control of your life back and cease being ‘controlled’ by others (past and present)
  • Healing from worthlessness, inferiority, jealousy, lack of ‘enough’
  • Balancing responsibility for self and others
  • Learning you can ‘survive’ on your own & take risks
  • Facing and resolving unfinished business with family, tribe members, current and past beloveds (living and passed over, as well as those no longer in your life)
  • Recovery from physical illness
  • Forgiveness of self & others
  • Self realisation
  • Emotional & energetic excavation (which leads to physical health benefits)
  • Awakening your Divine Feminine & Yoni power
  • Balance your inner Feminine & Masculine for inner harmony
  • Reawakening your intuition
  • Honouring your true self
  • Balancing the chakras to better free the pathway from your root and yoni to your ‘heartspace’ / heart chakra and better connect with your mind/3rd eye and Divine self; your life purpose and the powers that be to work through and guide you



The chakra’s of the body are 7 energy wheels located from the root to the top / crown of the head. Connected to different parts of your life externally and internally on physical, emotional and energetic levels they are the power centres of the body that function optimally for you when they are in alignment and in harmony. Rebalancing the essence of the spaced these wheels inhabit is a modality of the healing arts which assists with you being the healthiest, most clear and empowered version of self. Part of this session is a guided rebalancing of each of your seven internal centres either energetically or with physical touch by massaging each point, then a specific focus on the areas your body is in most need of balancing. The session also includes an afterglow coaching consult which may include; grounding, exploring what came up for you during the rebalance, what you need in the moment and practical tools to implement to assist you achieving your goals moving forward.

Session: 1.5 hrs | Exchange $250



Your life is signed a purpose prior to  your incarnation. You may not comprehend the magnitude of your significance in the tapestry of this world, but the mystical fact that you are deeply woven into the fabric of life gives a profound meaning to the ‘power of choice’ and to every choice you make.

A Sacred Contract is your ‘soul document’ of life assignments encoded in your psyche and soul in the symbolic language of archetypes. Archetype is a language you speak every day. When you meet someone you ‘feel’ ‘think’ or ‘say’, “That guy is such a computer nerd”, “That woman is such a Goddess.” These descriptions are archetypes, and like the multifaceted diamond that you are, you too embody an assortment of archetypes that you live out from day to day as you fulfil your sacred contracts in this lifetime.

Having an understanding of your core personal archetypes casts the bright light of day onto your unique sacred contracts. Knowing your core archetypes allows you to make more empowered choices and take empowered action steps in your life. From career and romantic relationships, to life changes, finances, travel and your biggest, pressing, personal questions you seek insight and guidance on, an Archetype Chart and Sacred Contract consultation can clearly reveal what you desire most to know.

How would you life change by knowing your Sacred Contract?

When you identify your archetypal pattern you understand the source and nature of your feelings and passions

You see the difference between an option and a Sacred Contract

The gift of knowing thyself – by seeking out your personal profile with a clear direct route of 12 archetypal patterns and the myths of power that they represent will read like a journal you had no idea you had written.

*Why 12 Archetypes? There are countless archetypal patters that can govern your life, however, your basic Sacred Contract chart is composed of 12 Archetypes as they have the greatest influence over your day to day life, including your; relationships, career, finances, fear patterns, creativity and personal development

An authentic, healthy self esteem – It is not ‘self-love’ that is the greatest power within you, but ‘self worth’ and ‘self esteem’. From self esteem, self love can grown. With a sense of who you are and by honouring your true self, loving others will come easier and more naturally. You will learn that the course of your life – your destiny – is not in the hands of any other, nor will you depend on or seek their approval. Your destiny is part of a grand plan. And you, as each of us do, long to walk the path of destiny and meet the right people along the way. By making courageous choices in your life and discovering your Sacred Contracts you can walk this destined path with a deep inner knowing of who you are, why you are here, and how best to be of service to this earth as you shine your light bright.


Your private one on one session will:

Unveil your personal 12 Archetypes

Have them interpreted – identified, defined and explained in depth

Have the Archetypal Symbols analysed in relation to your life and their application in your current and future journey


Sessions 2 hrs

Exchange  $350.00


12 Month Sacred Archetype Wheel 

This is your 12 month map of your personal Destiny. A journey that takes you from fate and ego through the rebirth of your highest potential to your true self, your destined self in every aspect of your life from you personality to your health, career, relationships and spirituality etc.

*In order to complete this wheel you must already have your personal 12 archetypes as outlined above

Sessions 2-3hrs

Exchange  $600.00

Thank you so much for being my guiding angel and taking me back into my divine feminine power with the Guided Energy Clearing and Crystal Reiki Healing you did on me.

After attending your workshop and being in awe of your amazing feminine energy, I instinctively knew I needed to come and see you so you could help me unleash my feminine power which I had suppressed for many years.

Your Guided Energy Clearing helped me to uncover the unloved parts of myself and negative emotional memories I had unconsciously stored in my lower chakras. This was truly a profound and powerful experience that allowed me to release the blockages that were holding me back and preventing me from stepping into my Divine Feminine side.

At the follow up Crystal Reiki Healing session, I experienced the most amazing feeling of love from your healing energy that left me feeling peaceful, calm and full of love. The day after the session, I felt a real internal shift that I believe allowed me to ‘unshackle’ my Divine Feminine side and step into my full power.

Since working with you, I have been able to OWN my Divine Feminine side and embrace my fullness which has opened me up to a whole new way of BEING.

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift and knowledge of the Divine Feminine with me!

Love and light

Mandy H., Perth AU

“Following my session with you on forgiving the masculine, I wanted to say a huge thank you for your effort and guidance. I feel as though a lot of the negativity and sadness I have carried throughout my life has begun to lift and allow space for more positivity and love.”

Kelly V., Perth AU

“What an amazing experience! From just one Energy Clearing session, I came away with so many ideas of what needs my attention and with the tools to move forward in the right direction. A lot came up when guided by Elise’s beautiful voice. Talking about it afterwards, I was really able to fully understand and integrate.”

Jamie R., New York US

“The work I did with you was seriously life changing! I have the energy and drive to do a lot of the things I had avoided for a long time. I’ve found myself on a path that has seen me get a proper diagnosis for my mental health ‘struggles’, which led to treatment that actually worked, which led to me looking after myself and loving myself more than I have in a decade. It brought up a lot about my dad who I was able to forgive and feel so much better for it! Thank you, you’re wonderful!”

Sophie W., London UK

“Undertaking my Guided Energy Clearing was one of the most challenging things I have done. With Elise’s guidance, I journeyed into my subconscious and very vividly re-encountered a person who caused me great pain, and was able to ‘take back my power’. When I awoke I was visibly emotional; and having someone there who knew exactly what you were feeling is a great comfort. Undergoing this cleansing was the last ‘push’ I needed to cast off the grief and sadness that was holding me back from being so much happier, more joyful and more grateful in everyday life. As I have waded out from that ‘sludge’ of my past, I move more excitedly towards discovering my calling and deeper happiness in my work and my friendships and relationships.

What this healing has given me on the deepest level is an understanding of the saying: ‘All great journeys start with a single step’ – the first step for me, was my cleansing with this Guided Energy Clearing. I have become more resilient, less anxious, more patient and more optimistic since doing so. The first step takes courage, and I needed the push to take a step back onto my right path. I am wholly gracious to have had this awakening and evolutionary experience with Elise / StellaMuse.”

Anna B., Perth AU

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing session. I went through a traumatic experience feeling directionless and deep loss. Having never tried Reiki, and feeling these emotions, it became my last straw to try and change my focus and get my life back on track. Your intuitive reading after the session were words that were not only warming but also very helpful in understanding that of lot of what I feel and what I portray comes from deep inside and sometimes all I need is a bit of a push to reconnect to my spirit and soul, and to know what to do. I definitely recommend Reiki to anyone who is willing to think outside the box and try something that may change your perception about how much control you actually have over your feelings/thoughts and emotions.”

Juliana D. Perth AU

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