Divine Empowerment from Within

Are You Ready To Awaken ?

Do you have a burning desire to live an empowered life of passion and purpose?
To be Divinely Empowered; in harmony and in touch with the power of your Heart, Mind, Spirit & Soul connection and that which is greater than you?

You’re a passionate, purpose drive soul yearning to push your edge, take that next paradigm shifting leap, and live your truth with integrity, while maintaining balance, peace, duel strength of your masculine and feminine self and Divine power.

You desire to feel nourished and full of love; for your self, the Divine and your tribe, and to exhale with an inner calm that comes from perfect trust and surrender in the unfolding of your life journey.

But life doesn’t always go according to plan.

You find yourself stuck; confused by the obstacles, overwhelmed, tired of fear and of not having the tools you need in reach to go from where you are to where you most desire to be and beyond.

You crave Divine guidance to breakthrough the stagnation, soulful support to ignite the courage and warrior wisdom to awaken the brightest most brilliant version of you that longs to be unleashed … 

This is where I come in.

I’m Elise Carr, M.A. the woman behind Stella Muse and I’m here to guide you to create and live a life you love from the inside out. I’m here to dive deep with you and awaken your most authentic and empowered self; the MIRACLE you are here to be, and the MIRACLES you are here to manifest.

But what you should know before you read any further is that your MIRACLE, which comes from living your highest potential, emerges through life circumstances and events. These events demand more of you than you think possible at the time. These life events do not make you what you are; they are an invitation calling you, asking your to journey and reveal what you truly are to yourself. And it is in these deeply challenging times that you need to merge the power of the Divine with the power of your spirit and your character. This is the alchemy that awakens and unleashes your highest potential, and this is what I guide Stella Souls just like you to awaken to.

STELLA WARRIOR - Have you ever wanted to learn how to ...

  • Feel empowered – not give away power and be a ‘victim’
  • Honour your path, while being guided by a Spiritual Director
  • Live your most nourished life of passion and purpose beyond what you currently are
  • Live a Tantric life – weaving your sacred sexuality with spirituality, for your self and to share with your partner to awaken consciousness
  • Be a Feminine leader, embodying your sensuality & sexuality through the power of the Divine Feminine
  • Speak your truth, having the courage and strength to say “YES” or “NO” and nothing in between
  • Awaken and empower your Yoni/sexual energy and Divine Feminine self
  • Have an unwavering belief in yourself, your truth and honour your integrity in all you say and do
  • Have radiant self-esteem and personal honour which leads to self-love and love for all
  • Stop searching and seeking outside and turn within
  • Listen to your body, and honour what it asks of you
  • Heal yourself with nourishing food, exercise, spirit fuel and inner wisdom
  • Extract the gifts, wisdom, opportunities and benefits from difficult experiences
  • Centre and ground within your deepest power and sense of self
  • Choose courage and love over fear, every time
  • Meditate to gain calm, heightened intuition and clarity
  • Align with your core values and get comfy rocking your life path
  • Listen deeply to your spirit and soul
  • Be a channel for Divine communication, guidance and insight
  • Co-operate and sync with Divine Flow
  • Tap into your intuition and tune into your heart, yoni, mind connection
  • Live life from your most divine, authentic self, by Awakening the Warrior Within
  • Bring your most desired dream -your greatest MIRACLE, greater than you can even conceive at this very moment- to life

If you said YES! to any of these then you are in the right place. As your spiritual director, coach and mentor I will guide, encourage, inspire, assist and support you through a bespoke, personalised, holistic and Divinely Empowering approach to your life of Warrior heart strength, wellness, integrity, passion driven purpose and DIVINE LOVE.

About Me

I’m a sacred Sexuality & Spiritual Director, Divine Life Empowerment Mentor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Writer, Speaker, Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master, Model, Artist and Divine Feminine Trailblazer!

With unwavering enthusiasm, fierce dedication and spirited insight, I guide inspirational souls on a purpose driven, passion filled mission, away from fear and dissatisfaction, and into courageous love; living life as their most authentic, nourished, Divinely Empowered selves. I’m the guide to awaken their inner Divine Empowerment who has taken the off road in heels and blissful bare feet gathering a fabulous bag of spirited mastery, nourishing, soulful expertise and inspiring, hard won life lessons and skills to share and light your way.

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My Approach

By combining my master skills, Divine wisdom and knowledge, with intuition, Divine guidance and unwavering dedication and persistence, I don’t work by any book or as a typical coach. I work from the intuition of the yoni, the wisdom of the heart and through the power of Divine Source, one on one with you.

Standing witness to your personal life story I ask the BIG questions that inspire self-reflection. As a Spiritual Director I know how to assist you in illuminating the dark night passages that visit everyone’s life somewhere along the line. I also sense and unearth your points of energetic stagnation and what fears are holding you back. Guiding you to meet these head on, to confront, clear and heal them by diving deep within. We work together to fulfil your goals, dreams and manifest your MIRACLES beyond what you can even imagine right now.

This approach is a soul enriching, core shaking, powerful, juicy journey within. It is a liberating process of profound ‘Ah ha’ moments, realisations, and breakthroughs that transform from an energetic level. In turn, this mighty shift can change you mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually and beyond… the choice is yours.

One on One Coaching

StellaMuse Coaching is a unique combination of holistic, transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance, practical tools and bespoke, personalised master mentoring to create deep, lasting change from the inside out.

Together, we will work closely each session as you gain the high flame support, practical knowledge and guidance you seek to break through, tap into your most authentic self and Awaken the Divine Warrior of Heart Within.

The journey of a Stella Warrior is not about quick fixes, or unrealistic expectations and changes. You don’t need to find yourself. You are not lost. You do not need to put yourself back together again. You are not broken. You are a powerful, divine, brilliant soul who will begin to unlearn in order to awaken; sense, see, hear, taste and feel who you were born to be, who you are, embrace the stage of your journey you are at now and leap boldly into the juicy, paradigm shifting future your heart and soul longs for. You will begin to heal yourself and transform any limitations in a new and empowered way so you can manifest what you truly desire of yourself and for your life.

Our collaboration is unique and individual to you because you are so beautifully unique. Each one on one session we share is personally created just for you and your current goals, fears, stagnations, and core desires. Together we will work on what your heart felt aspirations and dreams are and break them down to achievable ACTION steps and outcomes, which I will guide you to achieve.  

Each session is different, and you can bring to it whatever you wish as we cover topics related to anything from life path plans to unlocking self-esteem, self-belief and self-love, to making brave and bold new steps in your already successful career, changing careers and owning your Yoni and Divine Feminine Power as your own Goddess, God, Guru and Great Divine of the world. Your initial focus may be body and mind, or your spirit and personal power. The journey we share is utterly inspired by you. What you put in; how prepared you are to show up and willingly surrender to the process with an open heart and mind will amplify the magic of our work together.

Through our one on one coaching, you will

Clear emotional stagnation that holds you back from your Divine Warrior power
Delve into stored emotions, to confront them. Release emotions that serve no purpose. Forgive yourself and others and take back your power to bring you lightness, inner peace and abundant love.

Move from your limiting beliefs, fear, stories and false truths that keep you stuck – moving from Victim to to Hero/ine of your own life
Transforming the way you see yourself, what you believe is possible and true. Shifting these old, stagnant beliefs will shift your perspective, your heart, your energy and your life.

Dive deep within to know and feel who you really are
As we strip away the layers of fear you will awaken to the realisation that all you ever need is within you. From reconnecting with your essence to radiating your authentic self, you will learn to come from loving kindness and compassion for yourself and others.

Take bolder, more powerful action steps to experience radical shifts
Through your Stella Warrior journey you will realise the steps that are right for you based on what and where your heart and intuition guide you. From this space, action steps feel more liberating, fun and give you a feeling of self empowerment as you take the lead role of your own life.

Align, connect and sync with your heart so your words, actions and decisions are in line with your authentic self and your Divine destiny
As you learn to focus less on your head and more from your heart and intuition, I will guide you towards awakening your crystal clear clarity on what you desire and need, and how you can bring that to you.

 Understand that food is medicine and you are what you eat & drink
The power of plants can transform your life as you use them to fuel and nourish your body from the inside out … and that is only the beginning.

Understand the power of every word, thought, feeling and action
Your words, thoughts, feelings and actions from the smallest to the grandest create your reality and ripple out into the collective consciousness. Learn to harness this power for the greater good.

Embrace movement, meditation and exercise as joy and an investment in self
As you awaken to your body as a temple, the investment in self through movement, meditation, prayer and exercise opens a new element to your Warrior self; one of self love, connection with self and Divine Source, and the added benefits of a healthy, trim and toned body.

Tap into your intuition and nurture your relationship with your inner guiding flame
You can always ask for guidance. In fact you are always being guided even when you don’t realise it. The issue is getting back in touch with your intuition; by creating the silence and stillness to listen and the space and time for it to come through. Discovering how effortless it is to hear your own inner wisdom will open you to new levels of love, encouragement, inner guidance and support.

Be open to giving and receiving so you can manifest you core desires
By crowding out your feelings of doubt, fear, worry and unworthiness you will allow more space to open up to new possibilities to clear the inner stagnation and instead allow the love of your desires to set off a chain reaction of manifestation.

Core categories you may desire to work through include

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Divine Surrender
  • Forgiveness
  • Miracle Manifesting
  • Divine Leadership & Trailblazing
  • Embodiment – Of self, sensuality, sexuality, integrity and your truth
  • Yoni Power – Learn about your yoni, connection, worship & rituals, energy cycling and channeling, unlocking the creative power house, Yoni – Heart – Mind synchronicity
  • Divine Feminine – Awakening the Divine Feminine within, learning and applying practical tools for every day,
  • Balancing Feminine & Masculine energies within your self and your relationships


6 Month
Stella Warrior Intensive

This fast track Intensive programme is for those Stella Warrior initiates who have the force of their inner flame driving them to push faster and work harder to awaken their inner Warrior. Each week we will connect for a private 60-90 minute session, either in person, via Skype or phone.

You will receive

  • 24, 1:1 weekly sessions with Elise
  • Option to weave in Healing and Tantra into sessions 
  • 11 Keys: The Stella Warrior Journey ebook
  • Immediate sign-up to StellaMuse updates
  • Email access to Elise throughout your program
  • VIP Invitations to upcoming events

6 Month
Stella Warrior Immersion

This Immersion programme is for those Stella Warrior initiates who want to not only dive deep within but sit longer with their HeartStorming and let the flow of their journey unfold more organically as they awaken their inner Divinely Empowered Warrior. Two weeks of each month for six months we will connect for a private 60-90 minute session, either in person, via Skype or phone.

You will receive

  • 12, 1:1 fortnightly sessions with Elise 
  • Option to weave in Healing and Tantra sessions 
  • 11 Keys: The Stella Warrior Journey ebook
  • Immediate sign-up to StellaMuse updates
  • Email access to Elise throughout your program
  • VIP Invitations to upcoming events

In each of these sessions the journey we share is 100% inspired by you.

12 Month
Stella Platinum

Choose your MIRACLE and together we will dive deep.

Are you ready for a relentless quest to go deeper than you have ever imagined you could go? Then let’s dive into your deepest dream and secret fears, deeper than you have ever gone before and unearth the MIRACLE your are and the MIRACLE you most deeply desire to bring to life.

This is a 12 month be-spoke program of Stella mastery. Application is required.

The Flame of a Warrior

The life changing tools and spirited wisdom that you will receive as I guide you along will fuel that flame in your heart. Each stage of your journey you make will be supported. The tools you gain will allow you to take bold, courageous action steps, driven by DIVINE LOVE and PASSION to nourish your body, mind and soul while also unveiling your ultimate life purpose and innate power.

The ever present flame of love is there, patiently waiting within you. It requires nourishment to grow. With the right environment and conditions it will grow into a bright fire to fuel your Stella Warrior path.

While the path of a Warrior is a life long journey of growth; self-belief, courage, love, gratitude, commitment to expanding consciousness and action, it is a limitless adventure, and one that you can start enjoying today. All you need to do is be willing to commit to the magic. I’m here to guide you through the mist of uncertainty and darkness of fear, by coaching and mentoring you on what you need and desire most … though part of what you will learn is that you are your own goddess, god, guru & great Divine and everything you need is within. It just so happens that I’m the soul who is here now to assist you.

When you choose love over fear and abundance over anxiety you are trusting your inner wisdom and living in alignment with your highest Stella self. This is where heeding your heart’s desires, finding your life purpose and walking your most nourished, destined, authentic, empowered path with integrity comes from, and I can guide you there.

For when you are rocking your life path and confidently shining your authentic brilliance the journey starts to flow with more and more ease, and you start to awaken on levels your never imagined. Quite simply you begin to transform your entire life.

Sounds fabulous?!

It does, doesn’t it.

So come with me and lets dive deep, deep within you and Awaken your  Divine Empowerment.

One deep conversation has the power to change your life.

If you are ready to change your life, -to step up, show up and do the deep dive high flame work to Awaken your Inner Stella Warrior and manifest MIRACLES- then fill in the form below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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