Emotional Processing – Permanently Drop That Baggage!


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Imagine living free of any and all emotional turmoil, pain, upset, anger, disappointment, jealousy, sadness and hurt from your childhood till now.

 It is possible.

Most people live in an internal prison of the mind and emotions. Non-stop all day every day. So reactive to the world and thus also so attached to the thoughts and feelings that arise that these thoughts and feelings not only FEEL real, they become who most of us think we are. I’m angry. I’m sad. I want this. I need that. You wake up it starts and it doesn’t stop until you go to bed and even then, it may wake you up in the night…

This is what many of us call “normal” and what most of us don’t realise is actually a self-created prison keeping us from living the life we are here to live.

How do we awaken from this? First, we realise our self in this story. Hello! I’ve been there too!

Alas, you can’t change that moment by going back and replaying it for the rest of your life BUT we can however use those moments as springboards to access the core emotions (pain / upset / regret / trauma whatever it may be for you) attached to that that which we have been carrying round AND then we get to work!

I call this practice ‘Emotional Processing’ think of it like learning how to permanently drop the emotional/mental baggage of your entire life so far and not collect any more moving forward. All by using the power of both eastern and western psychological practices in one artful process that you can use as a go-to whenever required.  

We Dive Into:

  • How you “trained for this!”
  • This IS an opportunity for growth
  • ‘Good Vibes’ only approach NOT the answer
  • Rising above the emotional/mental prison
  • Learning the Art of Emotional Processing: Basic 9 Step Approach
  • Sit & Relax
  • Breathe
  • Awareness & Acknowledgment
  • Accept the Experience
  • Direct Dialogue
  • Finding the Root Feeling
  • Feel
  • Witness
  • Transcending Emotions
  • Shift in Consciousness
  • Where to from here?
  • What happens when Emotions come up?

Stella Gem

“Once you can fully sit in that feeling space, in complete acceptance of “this is the feeling” you can then gently begin to shift your perspective this is the ‘reframing’ that Buddhist psychology talks of. This is the path to transcendence – and by that I mean transcendence of emotions controlling you, you are going ‘beyond them’ …”

Stella Takeaway

“This is all part of the Path of self-realisation and thus the Path to integrating your ‘lower nature’ as we call it in Esoteric Psychology (that being your personality, physical, emotional, mental vehicles as I’ve spoken of in other episodes) and lifting all of that to your ‘higher or divine nature’ (we can call that Soul) which we are All here to learn.” Enjoy

With Love, Elise | StellaMuse

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