3 Levels of Sexuality

Your inner Goddess and God is your life force, your sexual energy, directly connected to your sexuality.

In this video I will explain to you the 3 main levels of your sexuality; Human, Spiritual and Divine.


Your Human sexuality level is the basic animalistic instinct or ego level. It is connected to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra’s which can burn very hot with emotions and sexual energy. They operate on desire and attraction by seeking fulfilment outside of yourself. Human level sexuality asks the question “what will you do for me?” With no heart connection, fear comes in. And the ego self thinks it will be satisfied by new desire or a new conquest. Hence for example; loveless sex, strings of one night stands, or inability to commit.


When you move to a Spiritual level the heart is open and a spiritual desire is there to understand more. You won’t repeat old patterns as you now need more than a sexual desire, more than a sexy body and a brief encounter with passion. You need communication, the thought and feeling of “I care about this other person” may likely come to you. There is a choice of sacrifice; to evolve and witness some of each other’s pain and healing. Through this relationship you can evolve into a higher level of consciousness as you work through your pain body. Soul work comes in here. Where people come together to heal by doing work together, a willingness, and conscious commitment to listen and evolve with an open heart. Slow down means to hear with your heart. The sexuality means staying in the heart while connecting, wanting to love and understand unity consciousness. The other person is an extension of yourself. They are Divine as are you. You desire and choose to honour that in yourself and in them.


The Divine level is unity consciousness of sexuality, beyond the physical realm. The raising of the orgasmic level of the lower body to a new sexual energy, then a new place of heart and mind oneness. This is pure integrity with no fear. In connecting with another at this level you are honouring of each other’s path, with unconditional love. The ego centres are now centred, harmonised, balanced. Lower entities are scared of this; you won’t be attracting the dark as much as you will be attracting the light. Angelic realms and even those of higher states of consciousness can sense this energy you are connecting with. Allowing you to be one with That which is greater than you.

Evolving to this Divine level of sexuality is part of the Tantric path. Weaving together the sacred sexuality and spirituality to raise consciousness and reach a connection with the Divine / Universe / Goddess & God / All That Is, (however you term it).

This is choosing a path of Divine light. This is choosing a path of higher consciousness. It requires a commitment on your behalf to stay true to the path, honouring your souls calling to reunite with that which you are. Which is Divine love and light.

Enjoy the sacred journey.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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