7 Mystical Truths for Travelling the Sacred Path in Crazy Times.

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When you are committed to walking a conscious path, of choosing love over fear even in the most challenging, crazy and chaotic, unfamiliar and uncertain times, you begin to ‘see’ from the mind’s eye. You begin to sense and eventually know that there is only going forward, no going back; to who you were when you were younger, last year, or yesterday. That what was normal before is no longer. You begin to awaken to Divine paradox, to the truth and wisdom of your spirit filled survival bag, we might say. To the sacred that is within you which you have known all along but have been unaware of – lets’ call this your Soul.

So how do you get from where you are now – perhaps feeling fear, worry and uncertainty – to deeper awareness in the here and now? To where your highest self, your soul, patiently waits for you to be? How do you travel the Path in harmony and flow with the duality of this life?

Let’s explore 7 Mystical and insightful truths your soul knows well but your present self, let’s call it your personality or lower nature, needs reminding of;

Together, We Also Explore

  • Your own personality is your most unrelenting challenger; body, emotions and mind.
  • Your personality nature knows nothing of Truth…
  • What appears to be chaos happening ‘to you’, ‘around you’, or in your world is a blessing of the teachings in disguise – seeing the gift
  • Buddha’s Four Noble Truths – suffering and fear
  • Working with the energy of Desire
  • One clear soul is more powerful than a chaotic group of people…
  • Chaos and crisis upon the Path are inevitable
  • Humility is your Super Power!
  • What is freaking scary and frightening is the Sacred path…
  • What is big is actually small, what is small is actually big – dramatising and minimising
  • Working in harmony with the Universe / Source / God – prayer, meditation, mindfulness
  • The Law of Group Progress & the Law of Elevation
  • Group unity and togetherness

Stella Excerpt

“As you may have heard me say, we are here after all to give and receive, to give again. When we do this as a group, as a unified ever expanding group of clear souls we will be traveling the Path together to help all.”

Takeaway Gem

“I ask you now; When you are challenged, how do you behave? Do your thoughts become stressful, negative or worrisome? Do your emotions impact and influence your entire day? Do you have less energy or motivation? Are you part of the chaos of a group (sometimes called the ‘collective consciousness’ in regards to greater humanity) or, are you joining fellow clear souls to being calmer in the storm, a bearer of light and server of love? One way will drain you, one way will uplift, inspire, motivate and awaken you.”

May we unite as a lighted group to serve each other and the world.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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