7 Mystical Truths for Travelling the Sacred Path


When you are committed to walking a conscious and Sacred path, of choosing love, truth and wisdom over EVERYTHING, you begin to ‘see’ from the mind’s eye. You begin living in alignment with the Mystical Truths.

You know that there is only going forward, no going back; to who you were when you were younger, last year, or yesterday. (While regression and soul retrieval work etc to bring your power back into the here and now is entirely possible, what we are exploring here is your mind making conscious choices in alignment with the present.)

This is when you begin to awaken to Divine paradox, to the truth and wisdom of your grace filled survival bag. A sacred bag of mystical wisdom that is within you which you have known all along but have been unaware of.

You may be thinking, “this sounds well and good but how do I get from where I am now to deeper awareness in the here and now; where my soul hungers to be?”

I invite you now to remember how to travel the path in harmony with Divine paradox and flow with the synchro-destiny and ‘irony’ of life. Let me guide you with some insights your soul and spirit know well but your present self needs reminding of;


  1. Your own ego is your most unrelenting challenger. That’s right, YOUR ego, not someone else’s. Take note of how it works, how it thinks and talks and manipulates then choose to not listen to it. It knows nothing of Truth only of fear, which you do not choose. You choose Truth, Love, Wisdom…


  1. What appears to be chaos happening ‘to you’, ‘around you’, or in your world is a blessing in disguises. A gift that will reveal itself in time. Have the inner fortitude and patience to take a step back and let the madness settle so you can welcome the gift in. Trust me on this, it will come if you are genuinely open to receive in the way it appears before you.


  1. One clear soul is more powerful than a chaotic group of people. Be the clear soul!


  1. Humility is your SuperPower! Chanel it, use it. The flip side is humiliation, your greatest weakness. You have already felt humiliation in your life, you do not need to choose this path again. Be the hero/ine of your life and take the humble road instead.


  1. What is freaking scary and frightening is the Sacred path, the right path to take. What looks comfy and safe is your fear talking. Choose the sacred path, the route to growth!


  1. The big stuff is actually small, the small stuff is actually big. Think about this. You have many reference points you can refer to along your journey so far. You are refining your perception here and getting clearer and clearer still in how your respond as opposed to react to situations / others / self.


  1. Working in harmony with the Universe / Source through meditation and Grace influences all of life. Trying to control and dominate a person or situation only destroys you. (Connecting with ‘Grace’ need not be ‘religious’. It is a mystical, spiritual act. A practice to communicate with that which is greater than you while opening to the guidance offered.)

7 Mystical Truths for Travelling the Sacred Path

Re-read these 7 Mystical Truths, let them wash over you. They may seem logical or frustrating, complex or wise, that is irrelevant. The aim here is to use them as a springboard to reprogram your mind. To allow the mystical to weave its way deeper and deeper into your everyday so you consciously relearn what is Truth and change your reality inside and thus outside, to the world you see.


When these truths become your go to truths, you will feel a shift; in how you think, respond and act. You can empower yourself by awakening from within when you choose to commit to this path. And what an empowered soul you shall be when you choose so over and over and over again.


Enjoy the journey, may it be a mystical one.

With Love, Elise / S*M


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