Awakening Tantric Consciousness: From Sexuality to Soul Love

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Sex can be just a ‘feel good’ experience or it can be a selfless gift. Like trying to create a baby through love or becoming deeply connected and conscious with your beloved…

If you are honest, what it is you want from this, from a Tantric path? Is it just pleasure? Or making someone feel deep love and connection? Merging of beings? Higher states of love and consciousness? One way is animal nature driven and selfish, the other way is aspiring to divinity, to Tantra. This duality is part of the world we live in and thus it is part of Tantra.

Day and night, masculine and feminine, summer and winter, hot and cold, yang and yin. It is in seeing the duality for what it is and understanding we have both qualities within us. We also have a choice as to which we may favour and how we want to express ourselves and live our lives.

Buddha spoke of The Middle Way – where we are in the world but not of the world. Instead of being stuck in the lower space of too much animal nature, as this is not divine, we learn to raise our desires higher. To desire of heart/love, of mind/wisdom, of consciousness, of a weaving of all that is to reach pure love of pure Soul. As Soul can love and unify with everything, when it does you know great joy. In this episode above we learn to Awaken Tantric Consciousness: from Sexuality to Soul Love…

Together, We Also Explore

The Path from;

-Primal / Physical animal desire

-‘Astral’ or Emotions desires (manipulative)

-Romantic love


-Sacred Love and committing to the way of the Soul

Why true union does not reach fulfilment between two lovers

GUIDED VISUALISATION: Union with Soul & Cosmos Ascension

Conscious questions to Muse on and contemplate;

  • Where am I in my relationship? (With self or a beloved)
  • How do I want to be in my current or future relationship?
  • Am I mainly pleasure focused, selfish, primal/animal?
  • Am I selfless in my giving, coming from heart, seeking higher conscious connections in the right places?
  • Am I consistent or do I fluctuate between these primal and higher states depending on how I feel?

Stella Excerpt

“Most of what we see in the world – from social media and pop culture to the pseudo spiritual world of quick fixes and feel good pleasures speaks to our desire nature and animal impulses – we like what we like, when we like it and, we want it to feel good. As often as possible.  But this would be like wishing to live in eternal summers and daylight. It does not embody the duality of all that is. Neither does it embody conscious evolution let alone the laws of the universe.”

Takeaway Gem

“Sex can be divine, but it is not automatically divine. We have to make it so by consciously creating it to be that way. We can work at this over time. But we need to be honest about what is pleasure and what is union with the cosmos.”

May you find your way to the Light of Divinity on the Tantric path of sacred love.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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