Balancing BEing & DOing in Relationships

~Harmonising The Dance of The Lover & The Beloved~

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Balancing the two axis of DOing and BEing can greatly impact your daily life, your consciousness & spiritual path and, all your relationships. Especially intimate relationships. A union I call of The Lover and The Beloved. The one who is more inclined to give love and the one who is more inclined to receive love. Whether you are currently in an intimate relationship or not this exploration can just as easily be an opportunity to reflect, better understand and learn from previous relationships or prepare for future relationships as well.Together,

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Stella Excerpt

From a Feminine and Masculine perspective, the masculine of the two should gain great joy in simply seeing the joy of the feminine. Something to keep in mind. The feminine after all is the receptacle of life force, energy, bliss, love. The masculine is the provider, the giving force…”  

Takeaway Gem

“By helping each other you are not only evolving as an individual, you are working on relating with another and thus it will help you relate to all others and the world. Whether this relationship is the one for a life time or one for this time right now, it is an investment that will benefit both of you for life.”

To Sacred Unions of Love.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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