Bodhicitta ~ Guided Practice

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If you have the high desire of experiencing life beyond suffering. If you want to experience freedom from fear and those triggers that set you off and make you sad or mad and stressed – sometimes all of those in a day. If you also want others to feel this too then you are called to Bodhicitta. This isn’t a selfish motive, it is a selfless motive. You are pulled, called, drawn, magnetised and attracted to helping every being on earth to also experience this.  

If you want to wake up, be non-reactive, open and fearless in the face of any challenge for your growth and the growth of all beings, this is a beautiful way to ultimately live life. Whether this is a brand new beginning for you or a deepening of your already existent practice. It is a specific meditation that you may now be called louder than ever to explore. I’m here to guide you through…

Together, We Also Explore

  • What does Bodhicitta mean
  • What is this ‘luminous heart of the Dharma’ we call Bodhicitta
  • Seeking only ‘the good’ & trying to escape ‘the bad’ experiences
  • Pain – how we avoid it, how we can release it
  • Life beyond Suffering…Freedom & Liberation
  • Selfless motive
  • Why I practice Bodhicitta meditation each morning
  • 3 Part GUIDED Bodhicitta Meditation
    • Taking refuge
    • Developing Bodhicitta
    • Dedication
    • Om
  • The Bodhicitta Prayer

Stella Excerpt

“From being afraid, angry, frustrated, worried and feeling the need to protect yourself from feeling any discomfort. This way of life we are all familiar with is based on constantly desiring and getting good feelings and experiences and trying our hardest to escape bad feelings and experiences. But this view of the world only isolates and separates us. It builds walls between our hearts, our minds and, our cultures and countries. Instead Bodhicitta offers you the experience to reach freedom from all of this separation and suffering.”

Takeaway Gem

“We know we feel pain, and if we feel pain, everyone at some point must feel it too. Therefore, in any way we can contribute to relieving this for others, we do.”

May all beings be free from suffering.

With Love & NAMASTE, Elise | S*M

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