Boundaries On the Conscious Path

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You have something booked in you really want to do for you today. Fabulous! You even carved out a couple of hours for yourself to do it. Amazing! But then someone ‘special’ calls and they ask if you can do something for them, at the same time….Eeeeek!

What do you do?

Is your default response; “ok, yeah, I can do that. I’ll be there.”?

Even though every part of your being is saying “NOOOOOO…”?!

Unless it is dire straits, and your intuition tells you THIS IS SERIOUS, the reality of this scenario is a ‘power play’. Many times in a day you are neglecting yourself body, heart, mind, soul and Spirit because you aren’t working in alignment with your boundaries. You are giving your power away.

What I’m talking to you about here is your opportunity at any given moment to make a conscious choice of; Yes or No. A choice which honours your integrity, your truth and your entire being.

What You and I Also Dive Into

  • Giving your power away
  • Integrity, Truth & the Power to say Yesor No
  • Ego & Personality aside to work with Heart
  • Inner Masculine Feminine Balance
  • How to flex those Boundary Muscles!
  • Creating Harmony & Healthy Balance
  • From Self Respect comes Self Love
  • Working with Boundaries may bring up Fear; losing relationships, friendships etc. – but you’ve got this
  • Creating Boundaries for personal and professional settings to Thrive in High Frequency


Stella Excerpt from Today’s Podcast

“If you have scheduled something in that is important to you then you have the choice to honour yourself and say no. How you say no, however, is up to you and your discernment (being in alignment with your integrity of course!).”


Takeaway Gem to Muse On

  • Do I have boundaries?
  • If so, how strong are they?
  • If not, what scenarios are my greatest challenges and am I open to put boundaries in place today?
  • If I get real and honest with myself, do my current boundaries need a dust off and a reboot for me to really live from a place of Empowerment from Within?

Articles Mentioned

Come, let’s leave the mud of the village and climb to the top of the mountain to sit inside your temple and shine forth the Love & Light.

With Love, Elise / S*M

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