Breaking Up with Toxic Relationships 

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Podcast Explanation

You may not always want to admit it, but you are likely aware if you have been in a toxic relationship at some point along the way. Be that with a romantic partner, a friend, family member or colleague. Perhaps, you’re in one now.

There are all different ways relationships can be toxic; be them physically / sexually, emotionally, verbally, mentally or spiritually toxic. Often, one area affects another.

It is not only important to be able to acknowledge if you are experiencing or in a toxic relationship of any kind. But equally important to be aware if you have a pattern of choosing or attracting these kinds of relationships. And/or if you are choosing to stay in a toxic relationship. If you are experiencing a toxic relationship, then knowing how to get the help and guidance you need, to take the right action toward the outcome of the greatest good is also essential. I’m here to guide you through this today.

Together, We Also Explore

  • Toxic relationships all look different
  • Getting Honest & Truthful with yourself and answering the Big questions
  • You can’t change anybody else…
  • Every story is unique
  • Not everyone can change – Crystallisation and its two key forms
  • Waiting for crumbs and hints of Light in the toxic darkness
  • What to do if you are in a toxic relationship
  • Making Choices & Taking Action;
  • Detached Empathy
  • Clear, Firm, Boundaries
  • Self-care
  • Time and Space

Scenario’s for different relationships;

  • If this is a romantic relationship
  • If it is someone in your family
  • If it is a friendship
  • If it is a colleague or work relationship


  • Reaching the painful & beautiful point of Truth
  • Seeking further Guidance

Stella Excerpt

You might want to take a moment here to ask yourself;

Am I in a toxic relationship?

If so, what part or how is it toxic for me?

Is this a pattern of mine or is this a first encounter?

Do I need guidance, help or support?

In order to help yourself first and foremost you need to be honest and truthful. Taking a good look at the relationship or relationships you are in and seeing how you are with them. Is there work that can be done? Are you the one trying to make it happen or make it work? Is it time you both sought help? Or is your highest, conscious-self telling you that you need to make a decision, a change or leave.

Takeaway Gem

For there to be change in a relationship, either both of you choose to commit to change and continue to work on the relationship, or you change. As you cannot make anyone change who doesn’t want to or can’t.

If you are in a toxic relationship of any nature, please know there is guidance, help and support available wherever you are. You are welcome to reach out to me via the contact page or email or find the right, trusted, professional support for you.

If you are in danger or harm please also know you do not have to navigate this alone. Reach out, even to a trusted loved one to help you, and seek the support you need.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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