Change your Mindset, Raise Your Vibe, Love Your Life: by Amelia Harvey

It’s wonderful to share with you a special post by the sweet and soulful Amelia Harvey. I have a vibe this Stella young woman’s approach to life will be a source of inspiration for you; full of heartfelt, practical wisdom and infused with real passion. Enjoy StellaTribers.


With Love, Elise / S*M


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Change your mindset, raise your vibe, love your life

I’ve got to say, it’s great to be here on StellaMuse. I’ll kick off by introducing myself. I’m Amelia – and I’m a Holistic Health and Life Coach. Here in Perth, I run The Soul Sister Sessions, a transformative life and health coaching program that brings young women together and gives them tools and strategies to leap out of that rut and into the life they dream of.

Something that’s struck me lately as I work with my beautiful clients is just how often we forget just how much power we have over how we feel. Without thinking, we allow out external situation to dictate every emotion and judgement. It becomes so automatic; I’m betting you’re reading that sentence thinking “Well, what else would dictate how I feel?” The truth is, the power is all yours and how you feel has nothing to do with the job you have, the house you live in, the shape of your body, or your relationship status. It has to do with your mindset and the energy you bring to your days. And that means you can start making life-altering shifts starting right-bloody-now! Yay!




Today I want to let you in on this super easy way to deeply transform your life. I want to show you how to shift your mindset, raise your vibe, and start living and feeling how you want to feel.

And don’t worry; it’s not going to be hard work. It my sound a little strange coming from a coach but I don’t believe in willpower. I also don’t believe in deprivation, restriction, and discipline. Not as tools for lasting change (or a happy life!) anyway.

I wholeheartedly believe that change can be easy, effortless, and freeing. I believe it’s all about opening up to your desires, as opposed to ‘working’ towards them. No more pushing, working, or slugging it out. And the best part is you don’t even need to wait for external changes to start effortlessly living the life you desire. You can start today, because these game-changing shifts are all internal.

Here’s how you can start finding that flow and make your desires your reality today:




  1. Question your mindset and beliefs

Become acutely aware that your perceptions shape your reality. Find doing the dishes a hassle? That’s your perception. Maybe you get stressed driving in traffic? It’s your thoughts that are creating that stress. Perhaps you hate your job? That’s a subjective judgement.

Do you see what I’m saying here? Most of the things you ‘hate’ doing are pains-in-the-behind because you have decided they are. Take a closer look and you’ll see that inherently, these things are not negative at all. Take the power back and consciously catch yourself out making these negative judgements.


  1. Find a way to do it with love

Now that you’ve caught the negative judgement or perception, you can turn it around. What is great about what you’re doing? The dishes become a chance to take pride in doing a task well. That traffic becomes and opportunity to listen to an album or podcast you love, a chance to remain present and calm despite a challenging situation. Your job might be a chance to connect with new people, complete tasks with finesse, or provide financial stability while you work towards pursuing your passions. Take pride in everything you do and you’ll be doing it with love.


  1. Make a shift on a metaphysical level

This is by far the most important shift you can make and it’s really at the core of effortlessly making your desires a reality. Here’s how to do it:

Become aware of how you feel when you do something you love. How do you feel in your body? In your heart space? Do you feel connected, alive, inspired, in-the-moment, effortless? Or maybe it’s a feeling you can’t put a label to, and that’s fine as well!

Consciously embody that loving feeling for every task – big or small. Do the dishes, drive to the shops, and do your work with that love radiating from you. Bring that feeling of love to all of your interactions whether you’re hanging out with your lover or just saying thanks to the waitress at dinner. When you find yourself rushing through a task you (tell yourself you) don’t enjoy, or see your mind wandering to something you’d rather be doing, bring it back to embodying that feeling of love.




With a little imagination this shift is so easy it feels effortless. It also feels awesome. When I started bringing a whole lot of love to everything I was doing, the shift was immediate. I started enjoying staying present as I drove around, running errands (something which used to feel like a real hassle). I started taking pride in washing the dishes and hanging out clothes to dry instead of begrudging the fact I had to do these chores. I went through my emails with love and precision. Completely naturally, I became more focused on the task at hand, rather than trying to do five things at once. Because I’m doing it with love. (And it feels great to give my full attention to something I love.)

If you implement this little strategy, you’ll notice that you finish every day feeling fulfilled and happy – whether you’ve been working at your dream job or pottering around the house.


So, StellaWarrior, start now! Grab your journal and write down all those things you aren’t doing with as much love as you could be. Empower yourself by bringing awareness to your mindset, beliefs, and energy and make those beautiful shifts. Because when you start doing everything with love, you will love everything you do.


Xx Amelia


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Amelia Harvey is a heart-fuelled Holistic Health and Life Coach, writer, speaker, yogini, recipe creator, and author of the DIY cleanse eBooks Juicy Health Overhaul and The Gentle Winter Detox

With overflowing passion, soul-stirring intuition, and a whole lotta love she guides inspired young women to make simple yet life-altering changes through her one-on-one coaching and in-the flesh group coaching program – The Soul Sister Sessions – to find the ease, peace, and radiant health they crave. Her mission is to show women how to create a life they truly love by connecting to their hearts and releasing everything that’s holding them back to effortlessly nourish themselves on every level – body, mind, and spirit.

She believes in the power of fresh perspectives, openhearted vulnerability, trusting intuition, and eating plenty of greens.


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