Detox to Empower Your Divine Body Temple

 Juicing, detoxing, cleansing; these practices stem from the ancient human art of ‘fasting’ done throughout the ages …


Especially loved by the Ancient Greeks, this ‘cleansing’ has always been done for either spiritual or physical reasons, or both. Today, nothing is different in this regard. With the change of season from spring to summer, a mid-summer boost, or an overdue detox, juice fasting or ‘juicing’ is an ideal way to enhance mental clarity, increase your energy, feel lighter and brighter and empower your Divine body temple. Juicing gives your body an opportunity to let go of the stagnant foods left in your system and equally the stagnant energy and emotions that come with living in a highly masculine; productivity seeking, success driven, ‘doing’ world.

Honouring this practice, I choose to fast for 12-15 hours once or twice a week and at times for 1 whole day a week. Hydrating my body temple by sipping teas, spa water (such as basil, chia seed, lime infused filtered water) or watery soups while going about my day with extra ease. Though when it comes to the warmer months my body inside and out loves a 3-5 day juice cleanse. This is something  I like to commit to twice a year so I wanted to share with you how you too can go about your next juicy cleanse for Divine Empowerment…


My check list for the ideal juice to cleanse with;


Cold pressed

Locally sourced ingredients

Made with love and gratitude

Tastes delish

Offers variety

Delivered to my door (by a man in a suit!)


*(At the time of doing this cleanse) Home Juice, Melbourne ticked all my boxes. So for the next 3 days I sip their delicious, cold pressed juices.


Pre Cleanse

I’m dairy and meat free, processed sugar, additives, preservatives and gluten free in general so I didn’t have to cut anything specific out of my diet  – besides no cheeky champagne leading up to the cleanse! If you have any of the above in your diet, as well as caffeine, cigarettes etc. you will want to ease off them a week prior so the cleanse can work even more magic and you wont feel as slammed. Easing in and easing out of any detox is far more beneficial to you and your Divine body temple then throwing yourself in with no preparation.


Food & The Chakras

The 7 internal chakras or energy wheels of the body also correlate to food and the vibrational quality of that food;

Chakra One – Meat & Proteins

Chakra Two – Liquids

Chakra Three – Starches

Chakra Four – Vegetables

Chakra Five – Fruits

Chakras Six & Seven – Fasting

No chakra is more important than another. We seek to have our chakras spinning in alignment in an open and clear manner to allow energy to flow through, between and from them. However, over stimulation of one particular food group can throw them off balance and with that your body, mind and overall wellbeing. When it comes to a juice detox the ‘cleanse’ ideally starts prior to your juicing when you first take out of your general eating regime the meats & proteins, starches, liquids (not including water), followed by the dense form of the vegetables and fruits. Leaving the liquid form to act like the powerful ‘water’ element to come in and wash away all that no longer serves to clean, clear and refresh the body temple for a new season or phase of wellbeing. The ultimate here being a period of fasting to allow the body to reset entirely.



Likewise exercise is another pre-cleanse factor. Currently I do yoga six days a week and ride or walk to get around daily so I’m feeling pretty fit to start with. You may want to combine your detox with some extra exercise a couple of weeks before to boost your immune system and your energy levels which will also motivate your juicy journey. During juicing days I choose to take a pause from yoga at my much loved local studio and instead opt for a mini personal practice along with The 5 Tibetan Rites and my usual Qui Gong grounding exercises each morning to gently stretch, connect and ease myself into the day.

Home Juice 1

Juice cleanse day 1 

Ready to go at 7.30AM I am a tad hungry before I start but am on top of having water water water whenever I want it or feel a dash sleepy. I space the juices out every 2 hours or so with Healing Alkaline Waters in between and my filtered water on top of that. There is always a bottle or glass of something on the go at my desk or with me! Feeling tired around 6.00PM so it’s ideal to have the 1 mylk allocated for that day – Unicorn Mylk today – which is magical heaven in a bottle! By 8.00PM I happily have my last green juice, shower and go to bed with a book which I manage five pages of before I sleep around 9.30PM.

*Please note it is totally normal to be going to the bathroom more than usual today and the coming couple of days. Your body is ‘evacuating’ all the stagnant foods left from your previous meals and is being flushed out with the cleansing juices and water you are consuming. So keep up the Healing Alkaline Waters and your own clean water or herbal non-caffeinated teas throughout this process to hydrate and work with the cleanse.



Juice cleanse day 2 

At 7.30AM I wake feeling more energised after a solid, sound sleep. Definitely more trips to the bathroom throughout the day for a release of the rest of stored foods and whatever my body is happy to let go of. I have a productive and creative morning in at S*M HQ then book in for a late afternoon float to infuse my body with extra magnesium and allow myself to relax even more into the cleanse process. Knowing this will also help my sleep tonight. The body feels good, my mind is slower and I am enjoying the experience of taking my later afternoons and evenings as more of gentle work time, with the mornings till early afternoon feeling the most energetic and easier to do what I set out to achieve.



Juice cleanse day 3

I wake feeling extra calm, light and peaceful. I take this as a slow day honouring the process. Resting more, doing less and being more present in the moment. Also particularly loving the activated charcoal in the Black Medicine juice as it works its way through my system. At this point I know there is breakfast if I choose tomorrow but my body tells me it’s happy to continue with alkaline waters and perhaps some tea a little longer.

*By now some benefits you may notice from your cleanse could include;

  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Calmer of mind
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Brighter eyes
  • Release of water retention
  • Weight loss
  • Emotional balancing



Post Juicing Day 4-7

Don’t rush back into food, ease yourself and your body back by introducing foods such as salads, soups, steamed veggies etc.

I spend the first half of the post juicing day sipping apple cider vinegar infused water, cinnamon tea and plain, filtered water before I introduce green salad, tomato and some rice cakes with olive oil for a late lunch. My body is asking for ‘good fats’ so olive oil it is. I would also recommend avocado here. Late lunch is mixed veggies and a spinach quinoa hot pot.  *All food is organic.

Post Cleanse Foods Avoid:

  • Chillies, curry and intense spices
  • Heavy starches such as potato, pastas and breads
  • Processed foods
  • Cacao/Chocolate. (Raw, organic chocolate is my treat of teats but I can say I’m not desiring it, not even after whipping up fresh organic chocolate muffins and having them sit cooling in the kitchen!)
  • Alcohol. One big note is not to grab a glass of alcohol straight after a cleanse. Give yourself ideally a week or so to first introduce back into your eating regime your nourishing foods. Go easy when you do have your first post cleanse alcoholic drink too.
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Stimulants in general for a few days post cleanse too.

Use this time to see if your body even wants to continue eating or drinking certain products you did prior to the cleanse. You may no longer, ‘crave’, ‘need’, ‘desire’ or ‘choose’ to continue having something you thought you couldn’t live without before. All for the benefit of your Divine body temple and eventually your own personal empowerment. The food choices you make need to be in alignment with your integrity, with your entire being. What served you before may not serve you now. Slow down, connect to your higher self and listen to what your inner guidance and Divine body temple is telling you … it may be an enlightening surprise!


Energetic & Emotional Shifts

By day 6 and 7 – a couple of days post juicing – I was also feeling a release of what no longer served me on emotional and energetic levels. I was able to let go of a need for closure from a recent experience and had a new clarity in my mind, my heart, my body and spirit. A real sense of peace was so noticeable to me by the weeks end.

It is normal to feel a range of emotions and energy shifts while juicing; for as you detox the body temple so too do you allow an opportunity for the heart, mind and spirit to cleanse. This is a ‘wholistic’ approach to purification. When you have a clean and clear body you have a cleaner more clear mind. And with clarity comes personal empowerment; the ability to make wiser choices, honour your integrity and have a stronger sense of self belief and self esteem – all of which are the key foundation to self love and a love as a Divinely Empowered soul upon this earth.

If you are feeling an energetic or emotional release from your cleanse you may like to;

  • Write it out in a journal
  • Speak to a beloved, partner, or mentor
  • Be bare foot on the earth to ground
  • Cry
  • Have a shower, bath or be near water to release the emotions
  • Stretch, move, dance to ground and shake it off!


Juicy Suggestions For Your Next Cleanse

  • Start the day with a simple green juice such as Home’s Green Miracle with Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Pineapple, Lime, Spirulina (green-blue algae).
  • Avoid intense exercise, stick to a gentle stretch or yoga on the mat at home to start and end your day.
  • Use this detox of the body temple time to extend into the environment you are in; try no TV or social media. Limit internet to work hours only if need be. Phone only for calling and texting when needed. Pick up a book in the evening instead, run a bath or meditate.
  • Get some fresh air and sunshine; go for an easy walk and spend some time barefoot on the earth to ground and connect.
  • Ladies it’s ideal to do your juice detox when you aren’t on moon time / have your period. Your body is already doing a tremendous amount of work during this phase of your cycle so plan ahead and pick a different phase to get your juice cleanse on!
  • Come the cooler months your body is requiring warmth – so opt for a soup/tea detox instead.
  • Be patient, gentle and come from a place of loving kindness for yourself as you take this juicy journey!


Happy Juicing, Stella Soul!

With Love, Elise / S*M


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  1. Sarah Danze on March 1, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    I loved reading your insight Elise – always motivating me to do more about my health. Reminding me I need to rest was what I needed today, too. Big love X

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