Disillusionment with Life: from Illusion to Rebirth

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When the high becomes a low or it’s no longer worth it anymore; relationships – sexual, platonic, familiar, professional, work/career, the dreams you had, the goals you’ve strived to make. When something comes to an end and those emotions you were feeling, the neurotransmitters with their release of dopamine, or those endorphins that elevated you, have dropped. The excitement, love, happiness, elation is nowhere to be seen. Done. Dusted. Packed their bags and left. Is this psychological or spiritual crisis? It can be both. But the letdown of disillusionment does not have to become your new way of life. There is opportunity to shift from illusion through disillusionment to rebirth. I want to share with you how.

Together, We Also Explore

  • We all face disillusionment – at different times
  • The meaning of ‘disillusioned’
  • What goes up must come down – the universal law and science of it all
  • Is this psychological or spiritual crisis?
  • Illusion, Glamour & Maya
  • Idealism V’s Reality
  • Negotiating Perceptions & Alchemising Suffering
  • Self-realisation
  • Tools along the way;
  • Social Media Detox & Reevaluation
  • Breathe, Ground, Earth & Exhale
  • Strike Your Healthy Balance
  • Who is Your ‘Go To Person’ or ‘People’?
  • Move
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Floating or Floatation Therapy
  • Serve Others
  • The Silver Lining
  • Know and Trust
  • Light the way
  • “Know, Express, Reveal, Destroy and Resurrect”

Stella Excerpt

“…to be disillusioned you must have had an illusion, a glamour or Maya, as it is esoterically called. A misconception of reality like a fog that you were looking through or a veil and, you believed or thought that what was on the other side was something it wasn’t. You and everyone else who has ever walked this earth has done the same. Our own misconception leads to our own suffering. The beauty is that it is also an opportunity to self-correct through realisation of greater truth.”

Takeaway Gem

“Navigating the trek from illusion to disillusion then to greater awareness and higher consciousness is like a journey of uphill mountains and down into valleys. Until you find a new pattern of being (thinking new thoughts, feeling all emotions without gripping, wallowing or holding on, and choosing wiser, conscious ways of doing and being). You learn to flow and eventually find greater truth and thus a new rhythm of living. A rhythm of inner harmony and Oneness.”

May you embrace each shattering and revealing of the beliefs, realities, glamours, illusions and Maya that you hold. Instead come to see them as luminous, golden opportunities for more light, love, truth, wisdom and beauty to take their place in your remarkable, ever evolving experience of life.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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