Esoteric Astrology: From the Moon to the Sun

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 From the Moon to the Sun is about awakening to the truth that it is the Sun we live by and the sun that lights the way. But, as many would share they are still drawn first to the moon – to putting their crystals out to be cleansed or charged, to gather at this time to chant and dance, move and make lists of what to manifest and what to cast away. And let me just say I’ve been there done that too, I did it for years in fact, blissfully none the wiser. But today I ask you, what if our energies are being misguided and wasted on a globe that has no light of its own? What if we are stuck in old ways that we should have long out grown, but are so blindly attracted to the pretty shine and allure of promised moon magic, that we can’t see clearly enough to question and evolve to higher ground?

Together, We Also Explore

  • The mystical and alluring science of astrology
  • A taste of the vast and complex wisdom of esoteric astrology
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on the Moon & Sun
  • The science of the moon
  • The astral body of the moon
  • The true power of full moon phase
  • The opportunity of new moon phase
  • The five days of the new & full moon phases
  • The symbolic ‘influence’ of the moon
  • The Soul & Astrology
  • From the old and commercial ways of the moon to the new ways of the sun
  • The Esoteric Full Moon – an extract

Stella Excerpt

“The moon deals with the physical, so that is your body – which we can call the vehicle of consciousness. Whereas the sun deals with the soul and the various states of consciousness. The soul and consciousness is eternal, incorruptible and not made with hands. Whereas the moon, as the governing one of all that is below the human kingdom, deals with the physical, emotional/astral and mental body of the personality. Your personality, or what we call the lower nature which needs to be brought into control by your highest self. Your soul. So that you aren’t controlled by your body, your emotions or your thoughts.”

Takeaway Gem

“…if the moon deals with your lower nature and the sun with your higher, which are you to focus on? Especially if you want to walk a conscious or spiritual path? Perhaps you already know the answer. But let’s dive deeper…” Come explore a taste of Esoteric Astrology with me.

With Love & Light of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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