Flourish Through Adversity: No Mud, No Lotus

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How do you get to living from that place where you radiate as the Lotus you are here to be, when you’re feeling stuck in the mud of adversity; be that challenge, change or crisis?

If you pay attention you can sense, hear, learn and know that the mud serves and nourishes you. It can help awaken, teach you compassion and turn knowledge and lived experience into wisdom.

So, let’s look at some ways you can Flourish Through Adversity by embracing the opportune mud along the Way.

Together, We Also Explore

  • The Eastern story of the Lotus in the Mud
  • Understanding the Relationship – The lotus needs the mud
  • Adaptation & The art of Indifference
  • Cycles of Crisis, Tension & Breakthrough
  • Detachment & Being the Witness
  • Observation – The key to transforming
  • Taking Responsibility – with questions to Muse on
  • Helping One Another
  • Moving closer to Your Truth
  • Self-Reflection Questions

Stella Excerpt

“You are the Lotus, wherever your focus along the way at any given point your highest self is also striving to radiate your perfume and turn your head, heart and Soul unified toward the sun, to shine forth no matter what adversity you may have withstood or are currently experiencing at this seemingly unprecedented time.”

Takeaway Gem

“Eventually we learn without the darkness, there is no light. Without winter there is no summer, without Shakti there is no Shiva, no Feminine without masculine. So there simply can be no lotus without the mud. The little and grand challenges. The changes and growing pains we go through over seasons and years. The crisis’ we experience. Be them internally and silently in our own deep feeling and thinking, in our relationship with others we keep striving to compassionately and kindly love. And just as much as collectively, as a humanity in this overly selfish modern world we find ourselves living out life. 

To resist the mud is to resist life. Progress. Growth. Evolution and, inevitable death before rebirth and renewed life can bloom.”

to finding your Way, through the mud.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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