Full Moon in Cancer: Heal, Cleanse, Expand.

With this January Full Moon, the first of the New Year, making a trine with Chiron, the wounded healer, you are poised to invoke emotional healing and clearing.


Emotions are rising to the surface January 4th/5th creating a theme of nourishing flow and expression. Moving through this time will assure liberation will greet you on the other side. Ride this wave of change and embrace it, finding your balance amidst these high tides is pivotal for your soul evolution and to kick start 2015 off in cosmic Stella style.

You may have serious realisations around this time (2-3 days leading up to and up to 5 days following the full moon). These ah ha moments will be felt inside and outside of your Divine self and connect to your home and family/tribe, relationships, personal life, career and life purpose.

The intensity you feel is the inner knowing that change has arrived. A great time of shift is here to transform your life and release all that no longer serves.


Ask yourself and the Divine powers that be this full moon

Divine Moon Mother, give me clarity on where I am holding on and where I need to let go, of what and whom must I let go of to step into this new paradigm?


Cancer has a soft spot for holding on to outdated and emotionally draining past issues, memories, relationships and unions. NOW is the time to seek Cancers psychic intuition and moon magic to conjure the inner strength and power to let go of all your emotional attachments to the past, that are only halting your progress.

You can do this by calling on Sirius, as the January Cancer full moon is conjunct with this powerful fixed star. With Sirius’ connection to higher consciousness – seek the best way and the right steps to take in order to evolve and grow at this time. Sirius also has the power to make the tedious and mundane sacred; being the fixed star that bridges worlds, it is a force to connect with this full moon night.


Speak to Sirius

Dear Sirius, bestow upon me your higher consciousness and wisdom, and guide me to take right steps and actions to progress upon my path.

I am open to receive your insight, wisdom and guidance in any and all forms, I am. Thank you.


 Not only do you have the power of Sirius, but also;

The Moon opposite Pluto and the Sun = deep transformative energies are around. The shadow of which can bring up power and controlling issues within relationships so be aware of this.

Pluto is best used to focus on self-empowerment and self-transformation. Do not give away your power, now is time to go within and create the balance and harmony you need inside yourself. Own your own duality, own your own feminine and masculine, your yin and yang power, and seek that control over your own Divine self, not over others.

Uranus on the South Node allows you to be released from past karmic patterns. This may also pop up in shadow form as a desire to medicate with drugs, alcohol, sex, internet etc in pursuit of ignoring this call to action and thus self-sabotage. Seek your inner Stella Warrior power here and forge through this desire to instead honour your souls deepest yearning of transformation.

If this causes anger and rage to fire up within you, tap into your wisdom and that of Cancer – a dear water sign, and cool your heals by the ocean, sea side, in a bath or shower and drink plenty of clean water and organic caffeine free teas. Do not make rash decisions, jump on peoples words or fuel any fires with quick reactions. Instead, take your time, be the moon maiden and flow with grace, charm, feminine sensuality, and poise. Respond in good time, do not react.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is in a harmony trine with this full moon, a mix that bubbles up as your personal deep potential for emotional healing, clearing and expansion. This is no time to deny what comes up, allow those bubbles to rise to the surface and confront them. Decide in your own time what is best to do, how best to take action and then do so. To deny this and shut it down will halt your own healing, and ultimate expansion.



Key aspects that will also come out to play this full moon are;


Mysticism & spirituality 

Heightened psychic abilities 

A pull to connect with mystics, oracles and prophets, or to awaken that archetype within yourself

Impulse and restlessness – face this and choose cool, calm, Cancer moon power to deal with that which arises instead

Desire to take on more than we can handle – less biting more than you can chew and more seeking the harmony of middle ground. It will be a challenge to steer clear of heightened extremes, but you, Dear StellaTriber, have what it takes to triumph

Karmic past will raise its head for you to deal with in order to grow and continue moving forward along your path


The pull of the dark shadows of your past will be pulling at you from every direction, it is your mission to dive deep within yourself, and awaken your inner flame of courage, strength, and Divine Love to release them once and for all and to choose, with perfect trust and knowing, a new path, a different action, and a revised thought and belief system. What has carried you this far is done with, now it is time to set the magic for the year and begin a Stella journey along a new path.


Happy Full Moon in Cancer my dear beautiful Souls, may you bask in her light and embrace the abundance on offer for 2015.


With Love, Elise / S*M











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