Full Moon in Taurus & Scorpio shares centre stage!

Breathe deep, find your stillness, remember the peace that comes form connecting to the raw earth mother.
The Taurus Full Moon is here Thursday 6th in the Northern Hemisphere and Friday 7th in the Southern.This is a time of pulsing, sensual Feminine power, a time to tap into how you feel about yourself. As Taurus is ruled by feminine Venus you are in a Stella place to pull to you what you desire with your beauty and grace and leave the rest behind.You may be drawn to ask: ‘How do I experience my self worth?’
You may feel like contemplating: ‘What do I hold dearest, what do I value most in life; my beloved & loved ones, my career and passions, my tribe, the earth and elements, my creations’ … and how do they each contribute to the aesthetic beauty around you?

While this is a Taurus Full Moon it is Scorpio who takes centre stage of our spectacular show tonight. You may be seeing members of your tribe who did not embrace the lessons and suggestions of Saturn (having been in Scorpio since October 2012) to put responsibility, discipline and mature patience into play, so now, since the realms of Scorpio’s are power, sexuality, death and transformation, as well as the shamanic and shadow worlds, you and they my be experiencing how fundamental the surrender to the Divine is for our survival…

The ‘attachment’ of Taurus and the ‘death’ of Scorpio are here to show you that in order to evolve you must surrender now, (embrace the power of the Divine Feminine as she is surrender in motion), open your eyes and see with perfect clarity what is holding you back, what is draining the power of your self worth, what is diminishing your ability to show up as your Divine, radiant, brilliant self.

The earthy ground of Taurus supports your letting go. Ground yourself into her soil and release all and everything that has been holding you back. Let it ‘die’ so you can rise, re-born, more powerful and brilliant than ever before.

Happy Full Moon my dear StellaTribe.

Tell me, how are you celebrating tonight?

With Love, Elise / S*M



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