Harmlessness: Destroyer of Limitation

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Harmlessness… sounds pretty simple, in its most basic form it can be. But this is no easy feat along the Path.

Some of us interpret Harmlessness as not physically hurting anyone, others as choosing to not eat animals or to not speak cruel words. While all of this can be part of, it is by no means all there is to embody if we are to commit to Harmlessness as a way of life and discover it can indeed be the Destroyer of our Limitation and the key to our Liberation.


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Stella Excerpt

“If we have imprisoned ourselves in our minds and our bodies by the things we say that should not have been said and did that shouldn’t have been done and thought that shouldn’t have been thought, then is it not possible that the moment you and I stop thinking things about people that we should not think, and stop talking to ourselves the way we do or, having those hurtful thoughts, or those harmful outbursts, one step at a time the words and thoughts and actions that have shackled us and kept us prisoner could be cut and severed for good.”


Takeaway Gem

“Keeping in mind Harmlessness is not weakness or a sentimental loving way of being which only wants harmony, and nothing which can lead to discomfort. NO, that isn’t the case at all. Harmlessness may well feel uncomfortable at times as it is your higher nature actively forcing your lower nature to yield to a greater force.”

Whether you deem yourself a yogi, practice raja yoga or any yoga for that matter it need not matter. This practice of Ahimsa or of non-violence in all aspects of life; from the physical body to the emotions and mind, is something all of us who walk the Path are encouraged to explore, understand and commit to practicing daily. And I sincerely trust you do.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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