Heal & Empower Yourself With Medical Intuition


Your intuition is a subtle, constant current of energy that flows through you. This is how your body communicates with you; to keep you informed of how you could lose or are losing your power and where in your body you are losing it from. I want to guide you through an intuitive exercise in a moment then explore with you how using your intuition as a form of medicine can change your life energetically, emotionally and physically – as retaining your personal power has the ability to heal and prevent dis-ease and imbalance arising in your life; in the present while also clearing what ‘traumas’ you have been carrying with you from the past.


To make this esoteric, energy speak more tangible let’s do an exercise together right now to tap into your intuition;

Take a moment

Be still

Become aware of your body as you are now

Take a deep inhale, allowing our belly to expand like a Buddha

Then a slowly exhale letting your belly button retract towards your spine

Repeat this deep in hale and slow exhale two more times


Now ask yourself; “where am I out of balance?”

Pause with this question. Invite the answer to come to you and refrain from judgment.

Listen to your authentic self, that immediate voice of clarity in your very being that comes from wisdom. Not the judgmental manipulation of the ego. We want you to let your inner self, your intuition, speak to you.


Take note of what comes to you and in what form; be it a vision, a word, a sentence, a feeling or sensation etc. You are taking note of your intuition and the intuitive hits your body and highest self are giving you.


If being still, silent and receptive enough to receive your answer is challenging let me help you with some springboard questions to dive deeper into yourself with;

Am I not eating right? – You will know this by how your body feels in general.

Am I in a relationship which is causing stress? – If so you should be sensing this imbalance pulling from your stomach, lower back, sex organs first, (it may even extend into the heart space; place of unconditional love and forgiveness, and throat; place of communication and self-expression.)



Tapping Into Your ‘Solar’ Power

I want you to begin to join the dot that the sensations or energy you are feeling is very much alive in your body. These sensations are from present and past experiences. Sensations or energy that is evoked in the here and now as you go through an event and that which you have held in your body as muscle memory (be that in your mind or any part of your body).


This power we are talking about comes from your ‘solar’ / yourself in your lower gut or in chakra speak your solar plexus, the 3rd chakra. If you are feeling it here, you will feel off balance. Thus every decision you make, how you process, how you interact in your world, everything will be off balance. All is connected to your solar plexus, including your intuitive system, which is wired to this. It also connects deeply with your sense of self; self worth, self esteem, belief in self.


Learning how this energy imbalance then presents itself as emotional and physical imbalance connection is part of understanding how your body talks to you. This is part of self medical intuition. This is working with energy, choice and consequence and understanding how your personal choices and the consequences of them effect your biology, your Divine body temple. Essentially your biography; your day to day life choices, effects your biology; your body inside and out.

This is nothing to do with religion or spiritual practice this is about you developing your innate skills. Advancing your functional design in the energetic realm will allow you to better understand who you are and how you can function optimally as your most Divinely empowered self, once you connect the dot that everything comes back to energy. Everything.


After all you are an energetic creature; connected to the global internet of energy communication which connects all of us. How do you know this to be true? Think of when someone you know walks in the door, you can sense or ‘know’ if something is off. They need not say a word or even perhaps look at you. That is part of your intuition and part of how you both are plugged into the global internet of energy communication. You are able to ‘read’ them energetically by sensing their energy body. Likewise you can deeper and strengthen your ability to do this for yourself, reading your own energy body.


I am sharing this with as I want to empower you to learn how to maintain your energy and not give it away. That training yourself to ‘read’ your own body in this way can and will assist in stopping your power loss on a day to day basis. This can change your life; past, present and future. As you can learn how to even go back into past experiences or traumas and retrieve the power that you have given away to the event or person/s involved. *I take clients through this during the Guided Chakra Regressions I offer and will explain further below.




Becoming Aware

Learning to pay attention to your intuition / inner voice / highest self takes personal courage and fortitude. You have to have the courage and fortitude to be conscious and more aware of receiving each intuitive hit as opposed to ignoring or dismissing it and suppressing your highest wisdom. You then need to take action on your intuitive hits, or it will be you who lives with the consequences. Being an aware person, with free will, is a choice you have in this lifetime. It is a choice of loving yourself or resenting yourself – resenting your choices, opting to blame your parents, lovers, friends, children, someone else. When at the end of the day it is you who needs to take control of your life, your choices, your body. While you may refer to and use your past, no one in your past will pay the price biologically that you will.



Making Empowered, Intuitive Choices

The most empowered move you can make now is to act through conscious choices and decisions on a daily basis. Empowered, conscious, choices that are in alignment with your integrity, with your truth with the person you choose to be.


As an empowerment coach and sacred sexuality and spirituality director this is the work I have committed to; to guide people through awakening to this power within so they can choose to take back their power from experiences and other people and live fulfilled, empowered lives in the here and now. For many of us this is in relationship to other people. More often than not it is connected to romantic, sexual or manipulative power struggles – all of which connect to issues and dis-ease within genitals, lower digestive system, lower back etc. on physical, emotional and thus energetic levels. It is in learning to use your intuition as a form of medicine to retain and store your personal power, as opposed to giving it away to others and events, that you are able to prevent dis-ease and imbalance in your life.


This energy medicine work can be as simple as connecting with your body yourself, tuning in and asking “where in my body am I losing my power?” “Who am I giving my power away to?” Then deciding to take it back. This may look like a process of emotional release, of physically distancing yourself from a person or making a drastic life change.  Though what is really called for her however is the process of forgiveness – of their soul and of yours. This is not excusing what may have ‘happened to you’. Horrific, painful experiences and events occur. People have the capacity to be cruel, and pain bodies can be wounded on every level. But, unless you are willing to no longer carry your wound (anger, resentment, desire for revenge, judgment, abandonment, abuse etc) around with you like a giant sack of hot coals, which only burns your power up, these past and current traumas will continue to take your power away. Your will continue to feel a sense pain that will manifest energetically, emotionally and physically in your body, not their’s. Sit with this truth. No matter what role in the story you played it is only you who can release yourself from the pain, from the trauma, from the dis-ease and choose to empower yourself moving forward. Every choice you make is either creating your fate (how life is just playing out for me and this is it) or your destiny (that siren who calls to you and draws you spirit to take the journey it most longs to). The choice may not be easy. Listening to your intuition and taking action may not be easy. But, it will allow you to step fully into the life your spirit, soul, mind, heart and body is wanting more than anything. Essentially you are giving yourself a gift. The gift of empowerment and thus your freedom from continuing to carry trauma.


If you want to live as consciously as you can, if you want to harness your personal power and live as the Divinely Empowered soul you are here to be, in touch with your innate wisdom of intuition, then now is the time to take the next step and tune in. Become your own medical intuitive and heal your own pain body to heal your entire biology and allow yourself to thrive. It all starts with you, and I am here to guide you along this path if it calls.


With Love, Elise / S*M

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