Healing the Psyche & Emotions from Sexual Trauma

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**PLEASE NOTE THIS PODCAST MENTIONS SEXUAL TRAUMA – there is no description or story – graphic or otherwise -, but the reference alone though for healing intention, may not resonate with you at this time. Honour your truth**

Healing from any trauma is a journey. Like any journey there is more than one path you can take. You need to explore what is right for you, for where you are right now. I’ve been wanting to speak on this topic for some time. In part, as professionally in Sacred Guidance sessions I work to guide, support and help people heal from sexual abuse – in all different forms. While this is often women who come to me, there are men too. There are also those seeking guidance for loved ones who they are trying to support. As even if you have not experienced sexual trauma in some capacity, you likely know someone who has. Another reason is some people aren’t aware there is opportunity to truly heal, even long after the trauma and I want to ensure, that as many people as possible know, that likely indeed complete healing is possible. Finally, I share this as a woman who has been sexually abused in different ways as a child, a teenager and into my mid-twenties. And I see myself, those I have helped, and others as living testament to complete healing of the psyche and emotions and turning what could be held trauma into truth, love-wisdom and ultimate beauty.

Together, We Also Explore

  • Sexual trauma looks different and is experienced differently
  • What is sexual trauma?
  • How do we shift from trauma to healing?
  • Duality of sex, relationships & life
  • How do we overcome trauma?
  • -Beyond just ‘Empowerment’ & ‘Forgiveness’
  • -Process and Release ~ by feeling it at the same time
  • -Awareness ~ habits, patterns, addictions & coping mechanisms
  • -Emotionally ~ draining the emotion / astral component of memories
  • -Mental state or Psychologically ~ a shift in perception
  • Practical ways to start;
  • -Felt, grieved, released
  • -Building new experiences
  • -ALL is healing
  • Seeking professional guidance
  • Healing can NEVER be disempowering
  • Light is all around you

Stella Excerpt

“To put it simply, pain can be drained of its emotional connection or what we call astral component. This means a memory may remain but the emotion we have attached to it can be let go of. We cannot always eradicate memories, but we can let the emotion we connected with them drain away. Which in turn drains away the power the memory has over us as it can’t affect our emotional state in the present anymore.”

Takeaway Gem

“With a shift in perception how you relate to life, relationships and your sex life can be healed. As you can then realise and truly understand that you are more than the that experience/experiences.”

If you are in need of Sacred Guidance or someone you know is, please reach out to myself – elise@stellamuse.com or, a trusted practitioner, to gain the personalised 1:1 support and council you need.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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