LOVE ~ The Selfless Revolution

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How can we express more love in this world? The magnetic, attractive expression of consciousness that is LOVE.

For many love is not really Love, it is a mix of a desire to be loved and to love, combined with a willingness to do (sometimes anything) to show and evoke this in another, essentially to feel better within oneself. Been here before? While this may ‘feel’ like love, it is called ‘pseudo-love’ as it is a love of sentiment, not a love of Soul.

That is why affection is not Love, it can be a physical or emotional (astral) attempt to demonstrate love – Like trying to communicate something intangible by making it ‘seen’ or ‘felt’ – but it is seldom the selfless love of Soul. Of course, we have bodies and to use them as a means of kindness, compassion and loving expression can be beautiful, but we cannot mistake this for Soul Love when we also desire to gain something, anything.

For there is no obligation from Soul Love. The love of the Soul is free and leaves others free – there is no binding or expectation, no forced reciprocation. SOUL LOVE asks for nothing of the separated self as it is spontaneous and desireless.

It is quite a shift in perception to see that Love is not a sentiment or an emotion, it is not a desire or a selfish inspiration motivating you in your day to day life. LOVE when we talk of the grand overarching glue of all that is, it is The wielding force guiding all and leading the way to integration, unity and inclusiveness. Imagine that! THAT’S LOVE. So, let’s dive into this deeper…

Together, We Also Explore

  • Love is not sentiment or emotion
  • Selflessness
  • Love of the Soul
  • Affection
  • Maya, Glamour, Illusions
  • Attachment
  • Wanting in return
  • The Law of Service
  • Humanity is Striving to Realign with Love
  • Freedom & Peace
  • Inclusiveness, ‘One Love’
  • Beauty – the true meaning
  • Crisis, Tension, Emergence
  • There is No Master or Guru like the Soul


Stella Excerpt

“The opposite of this which has been planted in humanity and kept us away from true love is that of true dark forces; hate, separation and aggression. Pause and think for a moment how these are the dark forces that control humanity. The three great spiritual counterparts that we instead are striving to bring to all human hearts and minds is instead Love, selfless sharing and synthesis.”

Takeaway Gem

“If we listen to the call of our higher nature, our soul, that “still small voice” of conscience we will listen to the master in our heart – that being the Soul. It is this small voice within that gently prompts you to strive and work towards a higher place of greater good, for self and eventually for all. If only you will listen and take action from this sacred place.”

It really is up to you and I and everyone else to find our Way on the Path to Love.

I sincerely trust you do.

With Love, Elise / S*M

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