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This week we celebrate Body Image & Eating Disorder Awareness Week (BIEDAW), which aims to raise awareness about the serious nature of these issues while also promoting Positive Body Image through celebrating diversity & uniqueness of every body!


As someone who has been in a ‘body’ related industry from the age of four with ballet, then modelling from the age of seven to present, I have a first hand understanding of the power your body can have over you, of the pressure felt from those around you and of course the media.


What I have grown to learn now as a woman of 31 is that I am not my body, nor am I what I do or have for that matter. Your body like mine is the vehicle that houses our Divine soul. You have one body for one lifetime and how you choose to take care if it, nourish it, fuel it, appreciate, love and respect it on a daily basis is what dictates your relationship to your body and thus your life. This is what I share with my clients now too – starting from the inside with your heart and mind connection, that includes your every thought and attitude as well as your actions.


Having worked with some incredible ‘bodies’ in my time only supports the fact that if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself, your body and your mind dis-ease can set in and the power of someone’s comment, an image in a magazine or a mirror can tear you down when in fact you should be seeing your unique beauty. Because no one in the world is like you, was like you and can ever be like you, you are entirely unique and that is beautiful in it self.



So how can you celebrate your unique beauty every day?



My Top 3 Daily BODY TEMPLE LOVE Tips


  1. Nourish & Fuel with clean, ideally organic, healthy plant based foods (greens!) and water. Eating well makes you feel fabulous inside and out. Eating well daily will change your life. (You literally are what you eat – muscles, organs, blood etc are all built from the food you consume.)


  1. Worship your body temple. For me it’s a hot shower or bath and moisturising my body with organic coconut oil or a natural organic and animal friendly moisturiser. Cover your entire body toes to face and say “thank you” to each limb and body part as you gently and lovingly work the oil/cream in! * Why say “thank you” or “I love you”? Because you are truly loving and grateful for all that your body does for you each and every day! Breathing, pumping blood, walking, regenerating, healing – the body is the most amazing machine ever to grace the Earth.


  1. Reconnect by stopping, silencing and stilling your body to turn within. Slow down the mind with meditation, floating, or gentle movement like yoga and reconnect to what you and I truly are; love and light. Creating this sacred space with yourself allows you to reawaken a deep appreciation for all that is, including YOU, you Divine creature you!



Try these simple BODY TEMPLE LOVE tips and let me know how you go.

If body image and living a holistic lifestyle of passion and purpose is something you are seeking assistance with feel free to connect with me HERE.


Sending LOVE to your body and all the bodies – you are all unique, beautiful and Divine every second of the day … just remember that true beauty shines from within and radiates out, that’s what gives you the sparkle.

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With Love, Elise / S*M

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  1. I was inspired to write a blog post & share the vlog below after I was inspired from Stella Muse who shared her own blog on such topics. You can read that blog HERE

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