Modern Love: Self, Lover & Soul

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Do you feel loved? Deeply held, seen, heard, cherished, filled and fulfilled by love; with yourself? In a relationship with a beloved? By friendships, family, a mentor, teacher or guide? How about with Your own soul? Spirit / God / Source / Divinity?

Most people I work with are longing. They are hungry and wanting to fill a void. They feel, sense and know something integral to be missing.

Today I want to help you cultivate, experience, explore and deepen your;

Love with Self. Love with a current or future lover or beloved and, Love with All That is – from Soul to Spirit.

Together, We Also Explore

  • Looking for Love in all the wrong places; physically, emotionally & mentally
  • The Love Language we are lacking
  • Greek Love Wisdom – Eros, Philia, Agape & Storge
  • Modern Love for the Self;
  • -Boundaries & Discernment)
  • -Honouring “Yes” & “No”
  • -Rituals & Sacred Alone time
  • -Self Worth
  • Modern Love for Lovers;
  • -What is the real reason for relationships?
  • -The dance of giving, receiving and sharing
  • -BE-ing & DO-ing
  • -Quality Time, Intimacy & Space
  • -To FEEL Love
  • -Communication, honesty and seeking professional guidance / help
  • -Overcoming the fear of losing the Self in relationship
  • -Becoming MORE as a couple
  • Modern Love for the Soul;
  • -Connection of YOU to the larger Cosmos
  • -Higher kingdoms of nature
  • -Consciousness
  • -Transcendence – beyond body, emotions and mind
  • -The Process of Awakening & Becoming

Stella Excerpt

“You should become MORE through your relationship. Where you end up in a higher place. Contribute, amplify & complement each other.”

Takeaway Gem

“Be OK with yourself and who you are (while wanting to improve things): Love and accept that part of you that is Divine; your soul. This is the seed of self-worth.”

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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