Muse of the Month: Natalie Baldock


Always follow your heart. Practice wellness and mindfulness as a way to find purpose and passion.




Name: Natalie Baldock

Occupation:  Australian Real Food Advocate & Speaker,  owner of The Naked Word




Can you walk us through a day in the life of your fabulous self:

Wake with my beautiful family – all cuddles and love

10 minutes of mindfulness/meditation – connect to source

Eat a wholefood breakfast – one that is rich in high density and nutrient rich properties / drink loads of clean water

Send my son to school, then find time to be in the sun and move (exercise), usually yoga or walking through the National Park

Meet with clients / friends (always around food, organic wholefood feasts) coaching on the 10 x Principle’s to health & happiness, sharing how to create a magical life

Evenings are always my creative time. I find myself reading, researching, creating new & exciting education programs. I love all the primary food messages such as: Breath, Water, Sunlight, Movement, Wholefoods, Relationships, Passion, Earthing, Sleep and Gratitude as the basis for all my research. I love personal development and devouring information on how we can have better connections with self & one another.

As a Speaker I am travelling most months and love connecting with people all over Australia and globally. I would find myself 3 nights a week speaking on this message that I am so passionate about.

My story is one of a long term of suffering with Candida and turning a numb life into one filled with passion & purpose. This makes up many of my clients too.





How would you describe yourself in three words?

Passionate, Driven & Courageous


What makes you come alive?

Seeing others shine with self-actualisation. Speaking the truth on food and helping people simplify life.


What makes you feel vulnerable?

Loving deeply and opening myself up for the World to see, yet I do it everyday. We all know that connection of the powerful, beautiful kind comes from women sharing vulnerabilities. When you do this in relationships or in coaching, it makes for magical connections.


How does your work reflect you?         

I live and breathe food. I talk what has worked for me, always remembering that Bio-Individuality is key. There is no one dietary system that works for a whole population. It’s a journey and that’s how it reflects in my clients (as I help them go on this beautiful journey).





What is your latest project?

I have almost completed my first book called In God’s Garden about the simple daily rituals around health and happiness. It is a tribute to my beautiful Granny, Effie Iris Williams and a tribute to my son, Taj. I share my story of a mediocre life leaping into a magical one, all the while making reference to a wise and wonderful woman who raised a family with servant hearts.






How did you make the dream a reality?

Small steps. Seeing myself successful even before it happens. Jumping in and saying YES. And having daily practices in my heath, especially eating amazing organic whole foods that raise my vibration and connect me to my purpose and passion.






Can you share a Stella lesson along the way?

Knowing that along the way there will be those who doubt you and that’s ok. It is their ‘stuff’, not yours! In life there are always polarities and by this I mean, where you have doubt look around in your friendship circle or family unit and see where you have love and support. Life always presents polarities.


What was a Stella moment of your career?

It’s now!! This book is a 7 year project coming to fruition. I have always wanted to align with Louise Hay’s Publishing House and its finally happening!


Do you have a favourite weekend ritual?

Waking with my beautiful boys and making our way to the farmers markets. We love being around organic food and the people that grow it.






What is your go to inspirational song?

Happy, by Pharrell Williams.





Who is your greatest Muse and why?

It has always been my Granny, Effie Iris Williams. It’s her ways that have inspired me to lead this life of fulfilment.


What Stella tips would you like to share from your journey so far?

Research and educating yourself is key. Always learning. Wisdom is confidence and power.






What encouragement would you give your aspiring younger self with the experience you have now?

Do what you love and then a life filled with passion is granted.


What can’t you live without?

My boys. My family. My friends. Food. Travel. Books.





The Naked Word




Bali Retreat Fri 2 – Wed 7 January, 2015



  1. Deserea Bush on September 2, 2014 at 8:01 am

    Thank you Stella for enlightening the tribe with the fabulous Natalie Baldock

    • StellaMuse on October 7, 2014 at 9:03 am

      Always a pleasure! Glad you enjoyed the piece. XOX

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