Muse of the Month: Tess O'Sullivan

Tess 1# MotM.

Name: Tess O’Sullivan

Occupation: Sports Marketing Agent


“The great thing about my job is the variety and the scope for entrepreneurialism. On an average day I spend my time speaking to the heads of sponsorship at brands that have interest in partnering with a sports personality or platform. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that our clients of athletes and teams are being completely supported and serviced by us, their agents.”


How did you make the dream a reality?

By following my passions and believing in myself. Speaking to everyone you come across is also a great idea, as you never know where it could lead. In my case it lead to an interview that I never thought I’d get.


What is a Stella lesson you have learnt along the way?

1. Treat people how you want to be treated, it’ll get you further in the end and you’ll never have to worry about something coming back to bite you later.

2. Never try to be anyone other than yourself. Just be who you are, appreciate the best in others, and strive to become a better version of yourself with these qualities in mind.


Can you share with us a Stella moment in your career?

Brokering a significant football sponsorship deal when I was an assistant. Having found interest from a brand in a certain market I kept researching opportunities until I found the right one for them. Several hours of tough negotiations later we had a deal that changed my career.


What is your favourite morning ritual?


I love the energy and endorphins you get from exercising before work, it puts me in the best possible frame of mind to make a success of the day. Typically I do aerobic DVD’s at home, as it’s such an easy option compared to the gym.


Favourite song / quote?

Wayne Gretzky


Who is your greatest Muse?

My Mum, for her incredible work ethic and tireless efforts, usually entirely for the benefit of others.


Stella tips?

1. Keep listening but don’t forget to speak up. Men have a natural confidence to speak up about their opinions and are often promoted more readily for doing so. If women can use their natural ability to listen and use it to speak up with better informed opinions we’ll eventually see ‘female management quotas’ become an obsolete notion because we’ll be running the place already. Believe that your opinion counts.

2. Women should never be obstacles to one another. The world is tough enough and we’ll all be stronger if we help each other. Believe that one good deed leads to another and it’ll become true.


Who is an inspiring woman in your tribe?


Melody Hobson, I’ve never heard anyone kick ass with such eloquence and charm like she does.




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