Navigating Anxiety

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Fear, worry, nervousness, panic … Anxiety is not something that is easily talked about for many. Yet more and more people are finding everyday life harder to manage and want to find answers.

Be it fleeting anxious moments, frequent sensations of angst for the world we live in or, panic attacks when all gets too much to bear, anxiety doesn’t have to be a mystery.

I’ve been particularly drawn to research, study and explore how we can better understand where anxiety comes from, what triggers it, and how it can be navigated, as there is a noticeable rise in clients and those in and around my world who are struggling with anxiety and the apprehension and fear (sometimes of the unknown) that can simply come along the Path.

What I do notice when I explore people’s behaviours, personality, mental, physical or emotional patterns when it comes to anxiety is they are ending up in the same spot over and over again. I’m talking about patterns here of some form on some level, which continually brings you cycling back into the dark places anxiety creates. This can look different for each person of course. For some people the uncontrollable emotions of anxiety can be amplified by the ending of one job and starting a new career, the entire world change of new parenthood, body changes with age, pressure to perform be that physically, sexually, emotionally or intellectually, your most intimate relationship being able to last the evolution of life, and of course the pressure that is often put upon you by yourself. Just to name a few.


Let’s take a look at how to break down the process of Anxiety and walk this path together to Navigate the darkness it brings.

Together, We Also explore

  • Anxiety starts with Fear
  • The science and esoteric truth behind Fear & Anxiety
  • Your Fear
  • Taking on Fear of others
  • World Fear
  • Dealing with Fear
  • Reducing Emotional (Astral) emotions
  • What to keep in mind when seeking professional help & guidance
  • Exploring alternative means of overcoming fear & anxiety; Talking, Self-Esteem building, Skill set development, rationality, creative thinking
  • Getting to the Core of your anxiety
  • More help moving forward

Stella Excerpt from today’s Podcast

“I want you to develop a sense of security – however that looks for you. That is key.

Can you get rid of fear entirely? No, you can’t. But you can potentially calm down the emotional / thus astral part of it flowing out of control and taking over your moment, experience, day, life.”


Takeaway Gem

“Because, here’s the thing I want you to know, and really sit with right now – what if the thing you’re really afraid of is not what you really think?

You might have some BIG joy work to do on this one right here.”

You are here to shine. Never doubt that. Until next time, take wonderful care of you.

With Love, Elise / S*M


  1. Deserea on July 20, 2018 at 12:27 am

    A wonderful and powerful podcast. Great depth and a pleasure to listen to. I appreciate and take on your advice with love XX

    • stellamuse on July 23, 2018 at 3:47 am

      Thank you for your heart filled words, Deserea. I’m so glad the podcast speaks to you and you resonate with the love-wisdom of its offering. With Love, Elise / S*M

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