Parenting with Consciousness ~ From Surviving to Thriving the Early Stages & Beyond.



It’s a temporary time of sacrifice – a breaking open in ways, a breaking down in ways, a birthing and a re-birthing in ways. Particularly for the mother. But for all parents it is a new world of wonderment and undeniable chaos.

Together we explore

  • Limits of the Body
  • What to be aware of to be able to Parent with Consciousness
  • The State of your ‘3 Vehicles’
  • How to assess where you are spent; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally
  • What Support looks like for you
  • Loss of Identity
  • Where to get Emotional, Mental and Physical Top Ups or Benefits
  • The more Psychological Approach
  • Allocating time and resources to Recharge YOU
  • Sacrifice V’s Your Own Personal Time
  • Navigating Crisis
  • Seeing our Partner as “not being (good) enough”
  • WHAT to be Conscious of as Parents
  • No Shame in Asking for Help
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Opportunity to learn Divine Attributes
  • Guidance for the Mama’s
  • Guidance for the Dada’s
  • Parenting with Consciousness as Your Evolution

Stella Excerpt

“My Golden Key for you is to allocate time and resources to doing what recharges YOU – It’s not enough to just be ‘conscious’ or ‘aware’ as a parent. It is about taking action on getting your primary needs met too. Of course, it won’t be to the same degree as before – PB – pre-baby as I call it. But, even a little bit will top you up enough to get through a day, or the week…”

Takeaway Gem

IF you can regulate your needs; physically, emotionally and mentally (even spiritually for those of us walking the path) it will make this time of transition easier. Though not necessarily easy. Finding moments of more ease and calm amid the chaos does help you continue on and slowly rebuild gently with time.”

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | StellaMuse

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