RISE OF THE FEMININE – From Suppression & Abuse To Radiant Essence



I had a beautifully authentic conversation with a fellow conscious soul this morning, as she interviewed me for her show from across the globe (Head to StellaMuse Facebook to tune in!). But what was clear for both of us as we wrapped up was that the FEMININE is no longer willing to stay suppressed, nor wanting to have to force itself into a MASCULINE role to be seen, heard, loved, cherished and stand as its own power.


I have a deep love for the capacity of the masculine and men who are willing to stand up and be who and what they are here to be – protectors of the feminine and women to walk this earth freely, radiating the truth, love, wisdom and beauty that is unique to only them. And for the feminine and women here to help open the hearts of the masculine and men so they too can shine.


But in order for this to happen women are today called louder than ever to heal all that has hidden their heart’s jewel away, while being supported to do so. We can’t do this entirely alone. Some of us need a man or the masculine to help create sacred space and be fiercely present to hold us as we cry, to not try fix anything but just be strong enough to put us first in that moment and make us feel safe, protected, seen, heard, loved and honoured – for too many times before others have added to our trauma of pain, abuse, neglect, abandonment, denying our existence beyond their convenience and their ignorant narrow minded view.  I share this as a professional working with women, men, and couples who are navigating this in their inner and outer worlds with my Sacred Guidance or through Tantra and Healing. And, I share this as a woman who has devoted herself to doing this work personally, to ensure I too heal fully so I can be who I am truly here to be while knowing I can walk freely upon this earth protected by the masculine and men, who know who I really am and can love me for that, with no exception, no expectation and no self interest. I do this for my own pursuit of profound soul connection, to ultimately serve greater.


Woman has come through the ages as once being revered for all her qualities and essence, for birthing into this world and beautifying, for life giving and creativity in every way. Until the Goddess was destroyed and pushed so far underground that all forgot there ever was feminine power.  The gods ruled, the men followed, and patriarchy was taken so far that despite women pushing forward through ages, gaining the vote and a rebellious ‘sexual freedom’, women were then forced to swing with the pendulum the complete opposite way and attempt to only embody masculine qualities especially in the workplace to be heard and to have a chance at ‘success’ and ultimate ‘freedom’.


Today, we are seeing that pendulum come closer than ever to a central point of harmony. No more extremes, no more silence or, trying to be something we are not while fighting for what is ours by birthright and as souls on this earth.


Time Magazine calls the Person of the Year for 2017: The Silence Breakers. We no longer choose to be silenced by the patriarchy and the masculine. I say this with reverence to other men who have also been silenced along the way by the patriarchy and their fellow masculine. For it is not only women I am talking about here as I talk of the FEMININE and essentially the lack of heart in harmony with mind which the vast majority of humanity has yet to master.


Some say get angry. Rose McGowan is one woman at the forefront of this push to get angry and speak out with #RoseArmy, being a voice of strength and honouring her truth so together we can rise. Anger is something we as women have suppressed. I spent my entire 20’s believing I never got angry. Only to discover I instead had mastered the art of suppression and a composed exterior for the world. This isn’t healthy, though neither is the projection of anger and resting in this state of amplified emotion. Holding on to anger, bitterness and lack of forgiveness serve no one, lest of all you. Though yes, we want to acknowledge the anger, feel into it, perhaps understand where it is rooted and how we can release it and free ourselves of the persecution that emotions can also inflict on our minds and beings. Anger is only the first layer that often masks the sadness. The deep sadness of the abused feminine that can no longer be ignored. It is here that a wild woman may long to be able to cry in privacy and/or held by a beloved. To let the gates break open and release the ocean of pain she has carried for far too long – pain for herself, her loved ones, ancestors, fellow women and, the collective consciousness of all that is feminine. You may now feel a greater need to explore this. You may be asked to help someone through it with your presence, listening and loving heart. Ultimately, anger and the sadness need to be cleared so your physical and emotional/astral body can be purified. Then you can more easily begin to work with heart and mind working united, while honouring your body, boundaries and entire being.


The time to heal is now. The time to release the pain that you have carried through the matriarchal lines from generation to generation from abuse to abuse. Now is the time to speak, to share, to confront what you have hidden and suppressed within your self, to ask for help, to ask for support, to seek council and guidance from trusted souls, to come together and to go deeper within your very being than you have ever done before. To know who you really are once freed from what has happened to you and what it has left you carrying.


This is not an overnight shift or easy ride. It is like going into the depths of the underworld like Persephone and confronting the dark goddess mother, your own shadow that has been locked away and hidden from the light. Confronting, excavating, feeling, processing, releasing, healing… this is a new way of dedicating your time to work on yourself. It will ripple out then to how you show up in the world. This is about how you choose to raise your voice, raise your children, run your business, make that next decision and shine your light brighter to serve all while honouring your truth for this Rise of the Feminine.


This is why I do what I do, why I speak, why I write and take action (my novel Runway which I’m currently seeking representation for also explores sexual abuse). For too long I was silent, not believed, not supported or held, loved or seen by the masculine. (It was the love of the feminine, especially my mother who I believe kept me alive.) Even when I tried to speak out years later I was told by men who said they loved me that I was not special, I should be over it, don’t hold grudges, live for the now, you want your life to be perfect, toughen up, grow up … and so I did. I put on a brave, strong, empowered face and walked through the world with my head high and my true essence hidden. Still loving but never ever foolish enough to be that vulnerable again, vulnerable enough to let my most sacred part be seen. Though abuse after abuse from childhood to teenage years and into my 20’s carried on until I drew a line on the ground and said no more. While the abuse may have stopped the carrying of the pain, the trauma, the neglect, the lack of support and love was more palpable than ever before the more I worked on myself and my healing.


I realised the ‘divinely empowered woman’ exterior I constructed so perfectly was now stopping my real beauty shining through. It was holding my soul back from being the driving force, because I had created my personality. Through conditioning it had been beaten into submission to portray me as everything from strong, unshakable, resilient and empowered to everyone’s rock and ‘yes’ girl at their convenience when and if they wanted. My crafted personality protected me, my truth, essence, innate wisdom and beauty for so long. But this shell wasn’t me. What the world saw was a version of self I created to make sure I was safe. No matter what happened to my body, what was said to my face or not, whatever my experience or pain nothing could penetrate my essence. That was protected fiercely. So protected I’d hidden it from even myself.  Until I realised through my inner work, through training with my teacher, meditation, study, service and dedicating time every day to go within, heal, peel back and kill off this false version of self, feel what I had stopped myself from feeling and piece the puzzle together that I had the ability to join the dots of disconnection. I was then able to drop the many shields that I had held at the gate of my core. I was able to let myself feel pain I had carried for decades that I believed I was over, healed from and perfectly at peace with. I was able to ask my beloved for what I needed – how I needed to be held, made safe in that embrace, listened to, and at moments just be their entire world so I could begin to drink in and fill up my cup with the love that my soul and heart had be deprived of from the masculine all my life. While I know there is still a layer or so to go and so much more love I must drink in, I’ve never been closer to my truth, my authentic essence as I am writing this today. Sharing this is my way of inviting you to explore how you can serve yourself at this point, whatever it is you need. For I want nothing more than for you to have what your heart and soul needs most from yourself, the masculine and those fortunate enough to see your true essence in all its unique beauty.


There is no weakness in this, that is an illusion the ignorant masculine has lead you and I to believe. The rise of the feminine is here for all, for it comes from the ever plentiful and eternal place of heart, the place that is here to radiate love into the world. That place is within you. And while your heart can love fiercely, no matter what it may have endured, it requires to be loved in return for the balance and harmony of energies to flow freely, giving and receiving. For this is the dance of Shakti and Shiva, of Feminine and Masculine, to be able to merge as one in true sacred union.


Women of the world, the feminine activists, advocates, alliances of the world, are here to rise for the greater good of humanity. You have a choice now; to stay in the illusions and suppression, the outdated modes of belief or, come with me, come with us. For there is no going back.


Here’s to a today and a tomorrow where the RISE OF THE FEMININE is the new wave of feminism and humanism; inclusive of all no matter how you identify, here for the people, here to shine from the individual jewel in each lotus that makes us us. Ultimately merging through the harmony of feminine and masculine uniting as one; one humanity, one love, one soul.


May we radiate and rise together.


With Love, Elise / S*M



  1. Iris on December 7, 2017 at 7:45 pm


    There is no going back.

    • stellamuse on December 11, 2017 at 12:26 am

      Indeed! Thank you, Iris. With Love, Elise / S*M

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