Sacred Space Meditation


Do You Have A Sacred Space?


We don’t always need to seek to find, sometimes we just need to be still and open.


In a room at home or a special spot in nature you love; the beach, a lake, under a tree, on top of the sand dunes, a cave … somewhere to close your eyes with no agenda or expectation, just to dedicate to the Divine within and let go.


Being in a peaceful state allows inspiration, clarity and guidance to come into your awareness. Calming your mind and body allows you to reconnect with your soul or Divine self.


What To Do

Wear comfortable clothes, and have bare feet to connect to the earth

Find your space

Sit in a comfortable position


Close your eyes

Start to deepen your breath – fully buddha belly inhales, slow long full exhales as your belly button comes closer to spine.

Imagine connecting with the light of your own Divine self; this may be focusing on your heart, your third eye, your breath, a cord of light that runs through you from above – whatever feels right for you.

Allow yourself to be here. When your mind wanders keep coming back to this ‘being’

Soften part of your body that may have become tense; notice your jaw, neck, shoulders, belly, bottom.

Sit in this state for however long feels comfortable for you. It may be even just a few. There is no right or wrong time frame.

When you feel ready slowly begin to move and stretch. You may like to raise your arms up above your head before you slowly crack open your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths, wiggle your toes and stretch further in whichever positions feel good for you and your body.

Sit or walk in your space and enjoy the moment, take in where you are; put your feet in the water, touch the trees, listen to the animals, feel and connect with your space.

Have a glass of clean water and say thank you; to your Divine self and your sacred space.


Stella Tip: Take a journal and pen or something to write down some notes after … you may find yourself inspired.

With Love, S*M.





  1. Deserea Bush on May 14, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Thank you Stella for your inspiring words

    • StellaMuse on May 14, 2014 at 1:14 pm

      Always a pleasure to inspire! Starring Inspiration through and through right here, Deserea. XOX

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