Spiritual Bypassing & Spiritual Materialism

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What you can look out for if you are falling into either Spiritual Materialism or especially Spiritual Bypass of avoiding the real work on the Spiritual Path. If you can see yourself or perhaps those you care about clinging to the shine and glitz of the pseudo-spiritual circus while not actually committing to being ‘Witness’; not meditating and studying the wisdom and truth teachings, nor embodying the authentic Path that calls. All this avoidance or pleasure seeking isn’t authentically committing to Spirituality as a way of life, no matter how much we dress it up in spiritual drag. So let’s explore what to avoid, what to be aware of and what to muse on to get on track.


Together, We Also Explore

  • The origin and meaning of Spiritual Bypassing
  • The origin and meaning of Spiritual Materialism
  • Modern Psychology’s perspective of the Self and the Ego
  • Esoteric psychology’s interpretation of ‘personality’
  • The Maya, glamours & illusions that cloud us
  • An exploration of Spiritual Bypassing and Spiritual Materialism in the form of;


The Spiritual Groupie & Storyteller

The Guru Trip

Saint in Waiting

Romanticising the East

“Borrowing the Light”


Spiritual High

Immediate Breakthroughs & Transformation, Today!

Tantrums of the Inner Child

Self-Improvement Wanderlust

Spiritual Shopping Sprees

There’s No Ego in Spiritualised

Desires of Magic & Mysticism

The Powerful Personality


  • Not the What but the How is what to look for
  • Looking at your blind spots
  • What are your motivations – deeper thinking and questioning
  • ‘Busy-Lazy’ – modern day avoidance
  • Choice – avoidance or doing the work


Stella Excerpt

Constant filling our days with doing to not acknowledge what is really going on is like the modern version of laziness. It’s busy-lazy or active-lazy. Where your spiritual or professional schedule is full and you’re so BUSY DOING, DOING, DOING – but what exactly are you doing? And where is it taking you? Are you any closer to knowing yourself? To connecting with what you really are? To seeing clearly? To making the right changes and evolving?


Takeaway Gem

“…the spiritual Path is big work. It is dedication and daily showing up to not only do the work but then apply what you learn to make conscious changes. Essentially to evolve so you can eventually light the way for others in whatever form that may take, while simultaneously continue your inner work for continual growth.”

The first line of the Tao Te Ch’ing can be translated to read; “the Tao is that which is Nameless…” or “the Tao is that which cannot be named…”. What you are seeking, let’s say ultimately, it’s Enlightenment, this is just a wisp of sage smoke. Spiritual materialism is your personality, your lower animal nature trying with all its might to clutch that smoke. Perhaps instead you can let the smoke just pass and sit in the discomfort of what lies within and ultimately needs processing and healing before you can find harmony in the duality of the Path and the true work it requires if enlightenment or joy, bliss or truth, love-wisdom and beauty is indeed what you seek as you journey ever upward and inward to know thyself as Soul.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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