Stella Body Butter


100% organic body butter that’s so good you could eat it, only after you’ve covered your entire body tip to toe!





Cacao Coconut Stella Body Butter – exotic and sexy

1 1/2 cups of raw cacao butter

3/4  cup of organic cold pressed coconut oil

1/2 cup organic cold pressed sweet almond oil


Hemp Geranium Stella Body Butter – earthy and floral

1 1/2 cups of raw cacao butter

3/4  cup of organic cold pressed coconut oil

1/2 cup organic cold pressed hemp seed oil

5 drops of 100% pure essential geranium oil




Chop the cacao butter into small pieces.




Using a double boiler technique, combine the cacao butter and coconut butter and melt them down to a liquid.




Carefully remove the glass bowl and add either your sweet almond oil, or, your hemp oil and geranium drops.

Stir thoroughly.




Pour your liquid Stella Body Butter into a sealable glass jar and freeze with the lid off for 1-2 hours.




Nourishing your body with the purest gifts of nature is magical!

Apply Stella Body Butter once or twice daily after a relaxing bath or shower. From tired and sore feet to under your eyes, this truly is a delight for your entire body.




Stella Mention:

May I suggest these as perfect, straight from the heart (and kitchen), Christmas gifts!

Choose a beautiful glass jar, tie a ribbon around it, make a little note of the ingredients and sign it with love!

Doesn’t get more fabulous than that.


Share with the StellaTribe; what is your favourite scented Stella Body Butter?


With Love, S*M



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  1. Elise Carr / StellaMuse talks to ‘Life with Elizabeth Rose’ about Coconut oil: “Certified Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil has a great combination of fatty  acids with medicinal properties. (I also love to use coconut oil in making body scrubs, body butters and even pop it on my face and body straight from the jar to moisturise and as a light sun protector. DIY body butter here is my favourite.”

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