SVELTE KITCHEN The Christmas Special. Healthy Trifle & Stella's Festive Balls


Deck the halls with Stella’s Festive Balls this holiday season!



Click below to watch Svelte Kitchen’s debut episode with Sarah, From Dining With Sarah, and yours truly from StellaMuse preparing Healthy Trifle & Stella’s Festive Balls.





This is a festive take on traditional raw blissballs. With a couple of extra superfoods, some festive LOVE, and a dash of top shelf tipple.





6 chopped medjool dates – pitted

2 cups organic almond meal

1 cup of shredded  organic coconut (and some extra organic desiccated coconut to roll your Stella Festive Balls in to finish off!)

¾ cup of raw cacao powder (to mix it up do 2/3 raw cacao and 1/3 carob – or all carob if you desire!)

½ cup of Agave nectar or raw Jarrah honey

½ cup organic coconut oil

1 tsp Himalayan salt

1 tsp organic vanilla powder or organic extract

1-2 tbs / 1 shot of rum or brandy – OPTIONAL

1 tbs spoon ground pistachios

2 tbs goji berries







Combine ingredients with a spatula initially then thoroughly with your beautiful and clean bare hands. You can use a mixer if you desire but they are perfectly fabulous done purely by hand.

Make golf size balls. You should make approximately 15.

Roll your Stella Festive Balls in either raw cacao, carob powder and coconut – doing 5 balls of each is nice for a decorative presentation.

Chill them for 30 mins in the freezer.


Stella's Balls 2#


Serve on a stunning plater and if you can resist let them sit for a couple of minutes to defrost slightly or you may be biting into some very hard balls!

Perfect for pre or post meal treats and best of all they can last a month in the freezer … though let’s be honest, they’ll be lucky to last until Christmas!

Enjoy lovingly devouring Stella’s Festive Balls!


Stella's Balls


Stay tuned for the next episode of Svelte Kitchen. Until next time pop over to Dining With Sarah to check out some other fabulous festive recipe ideas and, keep it Svelte!


What Svelte desserts are you preparing this festive season, StellaTribe?


Wishing you a magical, Svelte Christmas filled with love, laughter, nourishing foods, happiness and perfect health.


With Love, S*M.



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  1. Svelte Kitchen Episode 2 | DiningwithSarah on December 25, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    It’s still Christmas time and if you wanted to get your Svelte Cook on, StellaMuse’s ‘Stella Festive Balls’ and my ‘Trifle-Light&Easy’ are demonstrated right here;

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