Stella’s Top 9 Stress Busters

Out with the stress and in with the zen … self-love style!




1. Stop the Chatter in Your Head

One of the most effective ways to stop the noise of our ‘non-stop’ minds is breath work and meditation. Find a few minutes, or better still, set 20 minutes aside morning and night to sit, be still, silent and just breathe.





2. Be Grateful

Practise gratitude in the present tense, not the future tense. You can start your morning with a gratitude list, pick out moments throughout the day you are already grateful for, or in bed as you unwind … before you know it you will see the benefit of gratitude in each experience.




3. Embrace Nature

Soak up some sunshine, lay in a park, go for a swim, walk barefoot on the earth. Wherever you are drawn to, go there and let Mother Nature shift your perspective, clear your mind, refresh and recharge your soul.





4. Let Go

We have a ‘need’ to take responsibility for others. Well actually, we don’t. Allow others to grow organically in their own way. Give them this opportunity and they will take charge of their own life. This allows you to refocus on the beauty of your own life (which you may have lost sight of while swimming in the world of someone else.)

Imagine holding a rock tightly in one hand all day long! Now imagine letting it just rest in the palm of your hand … feels a little different doesn’t it. Let go, let the energy flow, let everyone be, and let in the LOVE!





5. Believe

Believe in yourself and your ability to create the desired changes in your life to live with joy, in peace and harmony. A little trick is to take a moment in front of a mirror, make eye contact and tell yourself with a smile exactly what you heart tells you. Whatever resinates with you and where you are at that very moment … perhaps something like;


I am doing my best.

I am perfect love.

I am calm.





6. Switch Off

There comes a time in the day when you should shut the computer down, switch the phone off or pop it on silent and disconnect so you can reconnect. Even if this is during your quiet still time / meditation as well as during sleep, that is a great start.





7. Connect with a Loved One

We are not islands! Connecting with others for a chat, a meal, or just hanging out is a wonderful way to de-stress and give yourself (and each other!) a boost of happiness.





8. Rehydrate

Clean water, young coconut water, caffeine free organic tea …

Stepping away from the task you are focusing on to hydrate gives your mind a break and refuels your body with a vital source. A quick refresh can make all the difference.





9. Baby Steps

Regular small steps make changes. By changing your thoughts, and your attachments to what no longer serves your growth, you can free your self mentally, emotionally and physically. Freedom is joy, and you control your joy, so make a commitment to yourself and your wellbeing, and take it one step at a time.




What is your favourite way to de-stress and amp up the self-love StellaTribe?


With Love, S*M


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