Super Stella Bliss Bombs


Take bliss balls to a whole new level … These Super Stella treats are the bomb!





Super Stella Bliss Bomb

1/4 cup shredded organic coconut

1/2 cup Organic Golden Flaxmeal (can substitute this for LSA mix)

1/2 tsp organic vanilla essence

1 tbsp organic maca powder

1 tbsp organic carob powder

1/2 cup of 100% natural almond spread

6 pitted medjool dates soaked in hot clean water (you want to use the water too)

1 tbsp organic hemp protein powder

2 tbsp organic brown rice syrup

1 tbsp organic chia seeds (black, white or mixed)

10 drops of essential oil peppermint drops

1/2 cup of organic coconut oil (I love Wild Harvest)

1 tbsp organic tahini paste


Super Stella Choc Shell

1 cup organic raw cacao powder

1/2 cup of Jarrah honey (for a pure vegan option you can use organic coconut sugar, Agave syrup or organic brown rice syrup – please note coconut sugar and Agave are very sweet while the brown rice syrup is not as potent, so play with your measurements for your ideal sweetness!)

1/2 cup of organic coconut oil

2 generous pinches of sea or Himalyan salt

(a couple of drops of essential peppermint oil are optional if you want an extra choc minty taste to bite into!)






Super Stella Bliss Bombs

Combine all your dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl

Add vanilla and peppermint

Add organic brown rice syrup, almond spread and tahini then mix with a spatula or fork to get an even consistency

Mush your bowl of dates and water with your beautiful clean bare hands to form a date paste

Add the date paste to your large mixing bowl and continue to combine with your hands

Finally, add your coconut oil and combine throughly to get an even textured Bliss Bomb mixture

Take a golf ball size of mixture and roll it in your hands to create your Super Stella Bliss Bomb

You should make approximately 12 Bombs

Place your Bliss Bombs on a bake paper covered plate and pop them in the freezer while you make the chocolate sauce for the Super Stella Choc Shell





Super Stella Choc Shell

Combine the raw cacao, sweetener of your choice, coconut oil and salt (with optional peppermint oil) into a mixing bowl

Stir continuously until you create a chocolate sauce.




Remove your Bliss Bombs from the freezer and prepare to get choclaty!




Take a fork or a mini spatula and a scoop up generous heap of chocolate sauce

Cover the entire Bliss Bomb as you work from the top and around in a circular motion until you get to the bottom

Cover the bottom best you can and place the Bliss Bomb on the bake paper

Repeat this for each of your Super Stella Bliss Bombs




Pop your divine creations into the freezer for a few hours (if you can’t wait any longer) or for the patient StellaTribers, over night is brilliant for the most rock’in Super Stella Bliss Bombs!




You may find you have some left over chocy sauce, if so it is a great opportunity to PLAY!

I poured the left over mix into a bake paper covered dish and shaped it into a LOVE heart for my Champion.

Everyone loves LOVE, don’t let them fool you into thinking otherwise!




Get totally Blissed our with your delicious Super Stella Bliss Bombs, StellaTribe.


What will you make with your left over chocy sauce?




With Love, S*M




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