Tantra, Kundalini & The Jade Egg: from Sacred to Sexual Fast Food


Is This the ‘Sexual Fast Food’ Movement?…


…When Tantra became Tantric sex, endless pleasure & multiple orgasm, instead of a conscious way of life integrating sacred sexuality and spirituality to weave together and raise consciousness and become one with all.


…When Kundalini awakening became seen and taught as intentional activation of sexual energy centres and over stimulation of the nervous system to create ‘heightened sexual energy’ ’body shakes’ and ‘third eye quivers’ instead of being deeply understood as a potentially dangerous journey not to be played with until one is fully purified and ready – while training vigilantly 1:1 under the guidance of an authentic Master.


…When the Jade Egg became a ‘crystal sex toy’ made of any stone encouraged to be used as often as possible for orgasmic joy instead of the original, ancient tool made only of authentic green jade used consciously for sacred practice to balance the inner feminine pole (of yoni and heart), heal and empower, and used no more than a couple of times a week* – so as not to overstimulate the sex centres. (*Not encouraged to be used during moon time / menstruation and pregnancy when there is already plenty of stimulation of the sex centres taking place. Neither encouraged for those who have an addiction to sex or self-pleasure).


These are only some of the radically sexualised and glamourised ways of stripping the sacred bare and they are a direct reflection of the values we see in society today. Where the shiny, feel good, quick fix, instant gratification (called the path of least resistance) is not only easier, it looks sexier and more erotic and, of course, it’s the way to go as everyone is doing it, claiming it’s magical effects and Tweeting about it.


Not so is the authentic sacred way; the path of your soul and Spirit.


Whether or not you are aware of the misuse and inauthentic practice of sacred sexuality and spirituality happening more than ever today, you can perhaps relate to times, when even with all your honest and good intention, you may not have made the best choice, shared truth, communicated authentically in your life and along your conscious striving path.

There may even be times when your work or self was seen in a light you never intended: I’ve had this experience many a time, such as being labelled a ‘Tantric Sex Expert’ or ‘Tantric Goddess’ in an interview when I never claim to be so. Or, having my articles on how to spend a sacred night in alone retitled to ‘the most luxurious masturbation guide to ever exist’.  It was in these moments that I saw my perception and that of the mainstream more vastly different than ever before – despite my best efforts to inspire it to be otherwise. Once again the sacred was swapped for ‘Sexual Fast Food’ as I now call it. As the mainstream place importance on catchy click bait headlines and alluring spins on my words, even the way my hair was in my bio photo was of more interest than the sacred message I wanted to share.

You may relate on personal and professional levels with your choices or experiences you have had. It is from this view point that you later discover the opportunity to correct your ways, ‘atone’ for those choices, so you learn and do not repeat either doing, teaching or saying what you did in that way, or putting yourself in a position for your work or self to be misunderstood and wrongly interpreted.

When you can see what is going on, that perhaps you are being pulled into the ‘Sexual Fast Food Movement’ because it looks good, feels good, gains followers, money, attention, or whatever it is you are gaining from this, you begin to see with more clarity. You begin to see through the illusions that once appealed to you, now no longer satisfy.

If you aren’t there yet let this be a little bit of light to just share a fresh perspective. Because if you are truly on a path of consciousness a knowing will eventually stir in your very core, in your heart and soul that this is not authentic.  You may start to question if you even fully know or understand what it is you are doing, supporting, teaching or advocating…


Thus, this begs the invitation of discernment; using wisdom and insight to choose what is right for you and what is true, while also asking yourself some big questions;

Is this the path I want to take?

How does doing this help me become a better version of myself?

How does it assist along my path of evolution for my body, heart, mind and soul?


I have stopped and asked myself countless times if something is in alignment with me before acting upon a thought, feeling or desire; be it a relationship, an event, a way of practicing, something I’m sharing or teaching, and especially who I choose to learn from and train with.

This often inspired a kind of deeper questioning.


Some of which you too may want to ask yourself;

Am I doing this for the right reasons?

What are my reasons?

Is this authentic? How do I know it is?

Is this truth?

Is this my truth and am I following my heart?

Am I being swayed and influenced by others close to me or what I see around me?

Is this harming myself and/or others, and/or has it the potential to do so?

How will this serve my growth and others if they are involved?

Why am I doing this?

What is the integrity of the person/teacher I am learning from?

What are their credentials and how do I know their wisdom and knowledge is authentic?



Walking along the Spiritual path, striving to be in alignment with your integrity and who you choose to be means you will be tested time and time again. This is part of the cycles of life. It is not an overnight process or necessarily an easy one. It will likely make you uncomfortable, confused, frustrated, sad or angry even if you are yet to use your mind to control your emotions and emotional connection to these glamourous parts of the world and your life that you are deeply attached to. (Even take note of how you feel as you read this article.)


You begin to look not only within at yourself but also around you in your environment. Who you mix with, who you invite into your physical life and online spaces, places you go, retreats you sign up to, offers and invitations you accept, TV and magazines and social media you consume. The more you can see the clear distinction between glamour (ego or personality) and illusion; of the sacred being promoted, packaged and sold, instead of authentic, heart filled, soulful and Spirit connected offerings, teachings and guidance.  So what do you choose?


I’m inviting you to be real with yourself, to get deeply, authentically raw and real with how you show up in the world; how you promote yourself on social media, the words you write, the activities, talks, presentations, workshops you attend or run, how you speak, how you act, how you think.

You may discover you have been naïve or ignorant, as we all have experienced at some point, and that’s ok. But when you begin to see and realise that what you thought was right, honest and true is now making you question deeper. You can then begin to see it isn’t what you thought it was, you don’t feel whole and nourished by it and, it isn’t a truth to be shared with others.


Forgiveness is the key here. To forgive yourself when you go off the sacred track and loose touch with your truth, heart, soul and Spirit. Then forgive others who may have not realised what they were encouraging, teaching or sharing wasn’t right either.


All of this is a process of learning of who you really are and who you choose to be. The ripple effect of figuring that out; of standing strong in your truth owning it and living it, then leads to how you can be of greatest service.


When you bring more of this awareness into your life you will be encouraged to stop, think and assess each action you are about to take. This is part of ‘being the witness’ – as many mystics and spiritual teachers have shared. This is part of striving to walk a life of presence, consciousness and Light at all times, all of which are part of the sacred.

To start you need to learn through discernment of what is your ‘personality’/’ego’ and what is your soul. To know when your personality is being lead towards the shiny, quick fix, fast food version of sexuality, spirituality and life in general, and when your soul is trying to give you heart filled, clear guidance and wisdom from your highest self / Spirit. This is an art of conscious living that you will have to commit to in order to truly evolve along the spiritual path. It is entirely possible and in reach with your commitment and conscious efforts. It is a matter of time and your conscious choice – a power that you can use for such greatness or destruction.


Reducing the sacred to glamourised, feel good experiences doesn’t bring ‘sexy back’, neither will it nourish, heal or fulfil you as it promises to. Instead it skews your spiritual growth and closes off your heart and soul connection stopping you from shining as the brightest version of you. It also devalues and destroys entire ways of life and ancient practices – which Tantra, Kundalini and the Jade Egg Practice are part of – and puts a ‘Like’ button along with a price tag on it instead. A price tag of dollars and soul. Choosing the fast food version of ‘the sacred’ is not going to give anyone more than a brief fleeting moment of pleasure at the best, an addiction for something that can never be satisfied or, at worst, bring on trauma or dangerous mental, emotional, spiritual and or physical issues.


Instead of allowing the sacred to become a faint echo you may want to sit with how you can support it remaining vibrantly and authentically alive.


What conscious choices can you make to cut through the sparkling illusions and instead shine light to evolve and truly guide?

 A question for you to sit with and Muse on.


Here’s to the sacred. May we choose to honour, respect and promote it in all we do.


With Love, Elise / S*M


  1. cole on March 17, 2017 at 2:58 am

    thank you for writing this 🙂
    when the goal is to sell or get as much attention is possible, the sacred tends to get distorted and hidden away.
    which ultimately seems to be crucial to the rise of the whole sacred living song… to grow illusions so we have something to discern truth from.👈👆👉👇😜
    which makes it sound like there might not be angthing to do. and there most certainly is. while we breathe we get to choose what we want to share and create.
    and it makes me happy that youre pointing out things arent what they seem and giving people tools to look under the veils 🙂
    especially when it comes to media and perceived success.
    because creation in alignment with what we feel, without the influence of expectation around results, is where some of the most beautiful melodies come from 🌊🔥⚡️

    • stellamuse on March 20, 2017 at 3:02 am

      Thank you for sharing, Cole.
      May we keep coming back to truth and Light as we continue to see through the illusory veils!
      With Love, Elise / S*M

  2. Bob on March 22, 2017 at 1:41 am

    I totally agree. I have been trying to learn tantra and semen retention, and also learn to do effective, genuine yoga and meditation. But there are a lot of people–mostly women–interested only in making money off this or making money on a cheap sexual version of all this. How can I get sincere teaching that does not cost a fortune?

    • stellamuse on March 22, 2017 at 5:40 am

      Thank you for sharing, Bob. While there is nothing ‘unspiritual’ charging money as a teacher/guide/practitioner etc. for services – as it is part of the giving and receiving cycle which requires balance – it can be a challenge to find the right person to entrust your learnings with. This is part of the exploration into ‘discernment’ I talk about. You are welcome to explore my Tantra page: https://www.stellamuse.com/tantra/, Bob and connect with me if I can be of assistance along your path. Also know, when you are ready the right teacher will appear. With Love, Elise / S*M

  3. Grey on March 22, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Oh wow, thank you! This has been something so heavily on my mind the last few months and has actually had me in a bit of a holding pattern. As someone who has struggled with an all time libido low for the last 4 or so years, I have been in search of guidance…but after lots of podcasts, blogs, books, and such I have been left more confused about what I’m searching for as it’s all felt too surface despite the fact that most are claiming a deeply spiritual connection to the sacred… I have been trying to put my finger on what’s happening and this article did just that. Now just need to find what that means for me in my journey as I’m feeling my husband’s clock ticking… Any recommendations would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing these messages!

    • stellamuse on March 23, 2017 at 12:14 am

      Dear Grey. I love how what we seek is seeking us and arrives when the time is right. I trust with the lifting of the veil you will now ‘see’ clearer along your journey. If I can be of service feel free to connect via the contact page. With Love, Elise / S*M

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