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Stella’s Bedside Table reviews The Enlightened Sex Manual: Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover, by David Deida

Regarded as the best sex manual in print for everybody; from the enlightened to the unenlightened.




Good artists are skilled, but great artists convey an immense depth of feeling through their expertise. The same goes for the art of sex, writes David Deida.


The Enlightened Sex Manual  is broken down into four parts:


Here you will learn a variety of energy techniques including how to;

Use your breath to arouse and relax your genitals

Magnify and circulate your healing energy

Be ‘love’ in the midst of sexual energy

Use your tongue like a circuit breaker and your eyes to direct energy




Here Deida shares his intimate stories to narrate the essential nature of Energy Flow – building it, moving it, sharing it.

How you must open to love in order to feel that true power is not muscular but energetic.

‘Bypass ejaculations for greater pleasure’ gets a a detailed 30 plus pages … plenty of insight to put into practice there!

Understanding the three types of female orgasms: clitoral, vaginal & cervical and how to surrender into the bliss of enjoying each!

Choose when and how to orgasm.

If a man gets lost in his own sensations, a woman can’t trust him. If a man is bulldozing toward ejaculation, a woman can’t trust him. If a man is afraid to take the sexual lead, or if he leads without remaining exquisitely sensitive to her needs, a woman can’t trust him. She won’t be able to let go completely and allow unbridled energy to rip through her corpuscles and sinews, opening her to God knows where.




Deida encourages you to learn the techniques which best serve to magnify energy and open the offering of love in your relationship.

Don’t do something just to get your partner’s approval. Do it because it serves to open your bodies to love. While your sexual energies are aroused, practice to unguard your heart, gently but persistently, especially when you notice yourself closing down. In erotic play learn to enjoy the force of masculine presence and the power of feminine radiance.

Try  playful biting, slapping and pinching to move stagnant energy! (These techniques are acts of erotic love – they are not used to hurt your lover). As you learn to feel your partner’s energy with greater sensitivity you will intuitively know when and how to move (Deida’s manual will give you the instructions as to how.)



Sexual Energy Exercises

Learning to breathe sexual energy in a circle will become your new secret weapon in sustaining a tantric sex practice.

Deida will guide your exploration and technique building of; breathing genital energy up, breathing energy down the front, sealing your pelvic floor (so you don’t leak out all that delicious magnified energy) and lock energy in your soft parts (these include your throat and belly area).




For women and men, singles and couples of every sexual orientation, The Enlightened Sex Manual serves up a complete guide for sustaining “whole-body recognition of love’s light” in the wild play of sexuality. Get your hands on this book and dive in. There is no greater investment in a relationship – with self and another – than reaching the highest unity of love through tantric sex. You will awaken to a whole new world.


May our sex always flower as an offering of love’s light – David Deida






Happy Full Moon in Cancer, StellaTribe … how about celebrating with some playful, erotic and love filled Enlightened Sex.



Play safe, feel beyond your own body, sensations and emotions, unite and get tantric.



With Love S*M


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